Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why Not

So I was looking at blog post because I haven't done that since last week and I came across this at Shadow-war blog and well it looked good so I am doing it too.

1. How long have you been blogging? What made you start? Who inspired you?

Well I started blogging back in May of 2009.  I had been playing WAR for about 5 months at the time and was enjoying it.  Around that time I started to really get involved with the community at warhammer alliance.  I had seen a few blogs and I thought hey I can do this.  I had a lot of free time at work usually so I would do it then.  I wouldn't really say anyone inspired me to do it, it is just something I felt like doing.

2. About how many hours a week would you estimate you spend on your blog?

I would say about 5 hours or so total a week I spend on my blog.  Usually all during work, but there are times at home I do it to like right now.

3. What kind of experience or background do you have with writing?

Zero, none, nada.  I have no background whatsoever.  In fact writing was my worst subject in high school and college.  I never thought I would ever write because I wanted too.  In fact I am sure you all can tell how awful I am at writing with all the grammatical mistakes that I make.

4. Talk about how you come up with blog topics. Where do you get your ideas? What or who inspires you? Where and/or how do your brainstorming?

I come up with my blog ideas through my experiences in real life.  Lately they have been short, but I am working on doing movies and other things as well.  Well actually I do have a movie ready to show you all but it won't load up on here and youtube rejected it because of some copyright issue with the music I guess.  I have other ideas that I am working on.  

5. Do you have any blogging rules or guidelines you follow? Is there anything you will not blog about?

I don't really have anything I won't post about.  I try to keep the blog clean of language and that is about it.  I am thinking about moving to a general blogging site but I am to lazy to do that right now and I probably won't for a while.     Also as you can see there is nothing I won't blog about, like my wing eating challenge.

6. Do you have any sort of a publishing schedule in terms of day of week or topic? Where do you do your writing?

Well I try to post every weekday, when I am at work and weekends it is iffy if and when I do.  I also try and post in the morning.

7. How many drafts of potential blog posts do you have right now? In what medium do you draft your posts? How often do you completely scratch or delete drafts or blog post ideas?

Draft, what is a draft.  I don't even proofread this stuff.  I just type and see what comes out.  I usually try and bust it out in one go but sometimes if it is a longer post I do it in spurts but I don't draft anything, this is all natural. 

8. If you had to leave your blog in your will to another blogger, who would you choose? To ask this in a slightly less morbid way, are there other blogs that you feel are similar to yours in content, style, or voice?

If I had to leave it to someone then it would be Mr. Meh.  The reason being he has funny post and I think it would bring humor to my blog.  I don't think there are any blogs like mine, imo.  I am one of a kind.

9. Has anything surprised you since you started blogging?

I am surprised to see people all the time in game send me tells to help with builds and friend requests.  I think I get at least 3 tells a day with questions regarding the knight.

10. What are your goals or plans for your blog going forward? Any specific goals or plans for your blog in 2010?

Well as I stated earlier I may move to a general gaming blog, but who knows.  I go where the wind takes me.  I would like to see my blog grow some more as well.  I would also like to buy fraps and start doing more movies but money is tight still.  So like I said I will see where the wind takes me.

New Years Resolution

So I have been neglecting you all lately. I am sorry. The reason being is that I usually update the blog when I am at work because I usually have nothing going on there to distract me while at home there are video games to distract me. Well any way I am doing a little update. I finely dinged 75 yay for me. I have been off and on all break because I have been hanging with a lot of friends since they are off too.

Anyway the title says new years resolution so here is mine for the game of Warhammer. I resolve to reach 80 on my knight by February. What are your resolution for Warhammer.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fear the Feathers!!!!

So I logged on this morning before work to do some quick SCs.  You know I wasn't planning on doing really anything in them a few DBs, maybe a 1k renown in each one.  I actually did pretty good, well at least I thought I did.  Lead in damage and DBs in a lot of them.  I was actually happy with my damage hitting over 100k because usually that only happens in a premade with me now since I don't run AoA or basically any AoE.  Anyway it was fun and here are a few SSs from it.  Oh and I am going to be working on another little movie I think, I just wish I had full version of fraps but I am poor.  If anyone would like to donate for it than go right ahead I would be happy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well I was bored and me and a few guild mates decided to go to Gunbad on our mains and try and complete redeye.  They had never completed it and I have so when we got to the last boss they couldn't get in while I could.  So I thought hmm I wonder if I can solo the final boss in Gunbad.  First try I couldn't but then on the second try I knew what to do and I soloed him.  It was fun.

Play Time

I played a freaking ton last night.  I started at 3:30 and didn't stop till 3:30 in the morning, with only a 2 hour break to go sleigh riding with a few girls.  Yea I am a pimp I know.  Anyway I gained probably 25% of a renown rank last night and I was having a blast doing it.

I think last night reminded me why I do like this game.  Fighting destro out in Orvr, getting zerged and then ganking people with our group.  We dominated in SCs which was fun.  We only lost one and that was because people joined late and we were spread out and didn't regroup right away.  Saw a few warlord crest drop and now I am only 26 away from full warlord.  Hopefully we will go to the city soon again and do the palace again and kill those Lords there for the royals there.  Only thing I miss is running AoA because then I get to see my gaudy numbers in SCs.  Oh well I still put up good numbers not like I used to but still breaking 100k most times.

Oh and a WH in our guild Escher is a beast and had 41 DBs in one SC, it was awesome.  It was sad I was second highest with 8.

Monday, December 21, 2009

This Past Weekend

So like I said earlier we got a crap ton of snow.  I would say we got about 2ft of snow.  Which is pretty awesome and pretty dangerous.  Luckily I have a 4x4 Chevy Silverado that I can get around in pretty good.  So I was able to go places.  I didn't play as much WAR as I would have liked this weekend because some friends and I decided to just all stay together for the weekend and just hangout and play in the snow.  It was a blast.  Plus Sunday I had to go home and clear out the driveway at my Mom's house because my Dad was at work.  He works for a power company and he gets called out in big storms like this.

With all the snow and not much playing time I have yet to test out a new build I want to run.  I am trying to find the right medium between weaponskill and strength.  I might give it a shot today.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let It Snow

Woot suppose to be getting 10-14 inches of snow tonight.  I am excited.  Hopefully power won't go out so that I can play WAR all day long Sat. and Sun.  Plus I love the snow and I will probably go do doughnuts in a parking lot.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So like I said yesterday we had our wing eating challenge at Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings).  We had 5 people there 1 more than I thought.  We were hoping for 250 wings between us, so 50 per person.  We got 234 wings down.  2 guys and me finished our 50 while one guy had just 4 left but couldn't do it and another had 12 left.  Granted the guy who had 12 left weighed 140 pounds and is training for the Olympics in the 800 so I thought he did well.  My stomach still hurts right now from all the wings I ate.

Also just to let you know, in that one sitting I had roughly 3600 calories.  That is crazy but I am paying for it right now.  I felt so fat afterward that I just didn't feel like moving at all in fact I still feel that way.

Oh and today is the start of Keg End.  Should be fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wing Challenge

Three other friends and myself are going to Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) tonight and doing a wing eating challenge of our own.  We are going to see how many wings we can eat at one sitting there.  Last time we did this we got 180 between the 4 of us.  Our goal tonight is to get over 200.  Anyway I was wondering if any of my millions of readers out there has ever done an eating challenge with friends or just any other stupid challenge with a bunch of friends that you made up or even that isn't made up but an actual challenge.

Sovereign Weapons

This was posted in my guild vent the other day and I thought I would just give people heads up to take a look at the king drop weapons even if they are not in the game, well at least that is what people are saying.  Have fun looking at it and wishing you had these weapons.

City Stage Dos

So I logged in at 4 am because I couldn't fall back asleep.  So like I said I logged in and when I did a couple other people logged in from our guild as well.  So we then just decided hey lets go to the city and try and get stage 2.  So we get to the city at about 5 or a little later than that and we have 2 instances going on.  So our 12 man got into an instance with destro and we continue to wipe them.  The other instance is empty so they got to farm it as well.  I was able to actually get a purple bag so I got my onslaught gem and was happy about that.  Anyway we flipped to stage 2 with about 3 mins left.

So our 12 man group go to the stage 2 and went to the warlord pq in the Colosseum.  Now remember this group has some of the highest renown players with the highest dps out there.  We would have been able to finish this pq with about 30 mins left so instead we decided to see what we can do in the King instance.  We went in there and started killing the mobs.  Now remember we had 1 fully warded tank and 3 semi warded tanks.  The dps had 1 fully warded and the rest semi and the healers where the same way.  We were able to down 2 lords and I got 2 royal crests thus now I can get my warlord chest and be better.  We had 2 weapons drop for us one was a AM staff which sucked because it was dps, and the other was a sword that wasn't for me.  Anyway a good day for me I think.  Because now I can get my crit up to 36% if I wanted to.  Should be fun.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Morning

So I took today off of work to just catch up on some stuff.  Well I decided to log on to WAR this morning first to my Knight just to mail some stuff over to another character thinking that no one would be on.  Well I was wrong.  There were actually some SCs popping in the morning at 7 am which is amazing.  I am happy about that.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Well since every other blogger is doing one like here, here, and here I guess I should do one, but I am going to be selfish and ask what I actually want on my knight.

Dear Myrmidia

I have severed you well through out this past year that I have been a Knight of the Blazing Sun.  I have defeated many an enemy that would curse and spat at your name.  I have won many battles in your honor.  I have served you well and if it be your will I hope that you grant me these wishes that I ask of you.

I have served you well with the armor and weapons that you have granted me, but it isn't enough.  I can only use a few pieces because the other pieces just don't compare even though they are harder to come by.  I feel that you need to change the armor that only a blessed few get to better represent that they are the ones truly blessed by you on the battlefield.  That they shine above all others.  If it be your will.

Our evil brothers in arms, the Chosen of Tzeentch seem to be able to Ravage anything they touch.  We are there counter part on the battlefield but even when we face off against them with Precision Strikes, it doesn't even seem to phase them.  They just run through us and Ravage our back line.  If it be your will let our Precision Strikes stand up to the onslaught of the Chosen Ravage.

Our brother in arms, the Shadow Warriors, are demoralized and are disappearing my God.  They need help or else they will disappear forever and never be heard from again.  If this happens my Lord we will have lost a great asset in our Army against the Chaos that is coming.  If it be your will let the Shadow Warriors come back stronger than ever.

I thank thee for your time in reading this my God.  If it be your will to grant these wishes that I have ask of you then let it be so.  I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability.  I will honor and glorify your name on the battlefield and destroy any that speak against you.

Your Knight of the Blazing Sun

Changing Specs.

I change my spec as much as a women changes her mind.  Haha I crack my self up.  Anyway I haven't posted anything about what spec and gear setup I am running because I have been changing it up so often that it would be pointless to post it.  Right now with the new patch I am doing an AP drain build with a high crit. build as well. So after I play this for a bit I will post my gear setup but I can tell you it is interesting.

Lets see since I have came back I have changed my spec for RvR I think at least 7 times maybe more.  It is a good thing I have a lot of money to change it.  I am also on the fence about what they did to the liniments.  I kind of like having 5% crit. now but the 60 wounds thing kind of sucks.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

VP Bug Fix

Mythic fixed the VP bug today with the new patch. Here is the link for it.

The City

Ok now since destro got to our city again we had a discussion to either go to LV or go into the city. We decided to hop in the city and hope for a good fight. There was 7 total. 6 from my guild Run Like Hell and 1 more WH we picked up in the city, his name was Allimance I think, not quite sure on the spelling.

Anyway we were in the city and we pretty much dominated destro. I remember one time when right in the beginning our group wasn't paying attention and they came and killed Escher and Emayrn and Rocklein (who reach rr 80). There were 5 of them and we just weren't paying attention except I was able to kill 4 of them and would have had the 5th one also if another healer wouldn't have showed. It was funny because in vent they said Blaze run to the guards in the back, then a few secs later nevermind Blaze just killed them all.

The city was fun, still didn't get my stupid purple bag from it. The one crazy thing was that Escher a WH said he had like 76 kills in the instance which is crazy and that I was like 2nd or 3rd with only 25.

I really should get this addon sometime because I think it would be cool to see all this stuff.

PvP Yesterday

So after my well needed nap yesterday I logged on to WAR for some serious play time. I played for a good 5 or 6 hours yesterday which was fun. Started off doing some SCs by myself since not to many people were on. Then enough people from my guild (Run Like Hell) got on that we formed a group and actually did ORvR. This is the first time since I came back that I was out in the lakes. We first tried to stop Praag from locking by taking a bo. Well by the time we cleared out the destro at the bo and was working on the hero 2 warbands showed up to stop us. So we wiped and the lock Praag. We do some more SCs and I tweak my gear some more to get the best set up (Which I think I do but I will discuss that later).

So they are working on the last keep in reikland and our group shows up to stop them. First it was just us and a few stragglers but then more came. Destro was holding us off for a bit with one or two warbands while the other 2 were taking down the outer door. We wipe the ones holding us off from the keep then head to the keep. They still have more than us there at the keep when we get there so we head inside and do some popping out of the back postern to kill a few then get back in. Well we tried to get back in but since Black Orcs are so freaking huge it is sometimes hard to click the door when they have one blocking it and AoE punting people out.

So destro get the inner door down and wipe us on the bottom floor, sort of. We rez and regroup right out side and go in. We wiped every single destro in that keep and I mean we just annihilated them. After we make sure we clear the destro we get ready for the next attack and tank wall the inner door since both doors are still down. The destro ants start rolling in. We tried to hold them back but we couldn't. They take the keep in Reikland then take the last bo and they are off to the city. I was talking to some of my guild mates who have an addon that shows how many people are attacking and defending and it shows the kills. Destro had 90 some attacking while order had 40 some defending. During that whole keep take Destro killed order 192 times while order killed destro 286. So we did our best but just couldn't hold the zerg at bay. I will post later on what happened in the City.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Playing Time

Well it looks like my plans did cancel tonight so I will be able to play WAR after my nap. This actually makes me happy and I am glad my plans did change. Now I only have to get off of work to go get my nap. Man work is slow.

Still Figuring Things Out

So I am still tweaking what I want to do now. I am thinking now of going for a full blown crit. build on my Knight. I know I know how can I do that well you will just have to wait and see tomorrow when if I remember I will post screenshots of what I am doing, but I think I can get it up to 30% crit. Granted my wounds will take a little hit but it is all good.

On another note I have been exhausted lately and I don't know why. I have played WAR but not as much as I would like. Maybe after work today I will be able to take a nap and be re energized for the night of WAR.

Monday, December 7, 2009


So last night one of our 6 man groups got in a SC very late, and by that I mean we were down 405 to 0. I said in vent lets see if we can come back and win it and by golly we did. When we first got into the SC, I went straight to the other side to stop the part from being run while the rest of the group wiped the destro in front of our camp. After we did that it was just only a matter of time before we started to run the part and just kept on killing the destro. That was an awesome SC. Oh by the way it was serpents passage, I forgot to mention that.

On another not so awesome note I just found out about that VP bug and Mythic needs to fix that big time. I was wondering why they were getting into our city so often and now I know why. That is just stupid and Mythic needs to fix it because the destro are getting big heads from it thinking they are better. Just my thoughts.

Friday, December 4, 2009


So stagger is pretty awesome with a knight. I was in a city instance last night and was just running around by myself when I saw three destro's standing there guarding a flag so I think to myself hmm I wonder if I could take them all down. So I run in and pop heavens fury and started attacking the WE that was there first, I was able to down the WE before the stagger wore off of the other destros. That is when I starting attacking the other WE that was there. I popped my pocket item absorb shield then my rank 1 absorb shield and a couple of pots. I was able to bet the WE and the Choppa that was there. I was actually very impressed with my self with what I had done. Stagger is a very powerful tool that I am just getting used to using.

I also find it funny that destro healers right now ignore me because I haven't played in a while and they see me with a s/s and they think I won't hit that hard and they just sit there and let me beat on them and don't heal them self then they die. Of course I also think it is sad that I hit almost just as hard with my 1-hander than with my 2-hander. Knights need a better 2-hander.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Prodigal Son Returns.

Yes that is right I am back in business in Warhammer. My computer that I built blew up and by that I mean my motherboard went I hate you Blaze and you should go out and do something else instead of playing video games on your computer. Your 360 misses you so why don't you go play that so I did. Also me being poor means I couldn't buy a new mobo just yet. So I played my 360 hung out some with friends and I am working on getting a girlfriend, hopefully that will come to pass.

Anyway so once I got my comp. fixed a few weeks ago I didn't feel like playing any MMO's at all so I didn't. I played Assassin's Creed II and I hunted over Thanksgiving break. Then yesterday at work I logged on to the forums for the first time in a long time and I see a best of thread. So I think to myself him lets see who is the best knight now. As I scroll through I see a lot of destro saying no knight stands out or all the goods one left or there aren't any good ones. This makes me think well I need to fix that.

So I still had my sub. running because I forgot to cancel it in time and I log back on. First thing I did was get my other horse out because I had been kicked from Run Like Hell which I expected because I had been gone for a while. Then I queued up for some SCs. I played like one or two with no one sending me any tells but when I was in the third SC right in the middle boom like 10 different people sent me tells. I was chasing down some SH I think and then just stopped running to type. I stood there for a good min or two just to answer them all and the SH came back and just watched and I guess wondered what was going on. So I get invited back to RLH and run a couple of premades and dominated them both. Of course I dominated too I mean what else do you expect. So I was happy and had fun again, now I just need to do a few tweaks in how I play because stagger will be huge for how we run. No more All out Assault running for me and thus no more 200k SCs either. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Few Minutes

So I logged on WAR for about 45 minutes yesterday. Played a few SCs, got a few tells asking if I was back and such. It was fun. I do miss the quick pvp action that WAR offers over Aion. Still enjoy Aion though and I will keep that as my main game with me logging on to WAR every now and then to just get some quick pvp action.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I think I am going to resub for the new patch. So you may see me on tonight or tomorrow for a bit. I am not stopping Aion because I like it but I wanna check things out here.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Here is the Video.

Well here is the link to youtube for the video I made. Tried loading it on here but it wouldn't for some reason. Hope you like it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Stuff

So I have seen the new armor design for the KotBS and I have to say I like the new look of it. I wish they would have done this in the beginning instead of waiting so long to update it.

I also checked out the patch notes and so far I like what I see. IBs get a buff with there new heal debuff. I know a lot of IBs are happy about this. I kind of wish they wouldn't have made our heavens fury a stagger and just kept it a knockdown but oh well. Also I am glad they moved our aoe root to a rank 3 where it should have been to begin with. I may resub for a month to check out how the no fort system works. We will see, I am enjoying Aion though.

Oh and the video is about done. I should post sometime soon.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Working on a Video

I am working on a video right now. I am hoping it will be awesome.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Night Sweet Prince.

"Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight, sweet Prince.
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest." - Horatio

This is my sign off post right now. My sub ends Monday and I will stop playing around 3 Sunday since that is when I can start playing Aion as my templar. I really did enjoy my run. I started playing the game in December a couple of days after Christmas. Since then I have mainly leveled my knight. My highest alt lvl was 21 which was a WP. I was able to get my knight to almost rr 73 and I still might hit it but I doubt it.

It is bittersweet that I am leaving since this was my first MMO. I hate to leave my first MMO with out hitting the max level but I just can't seem to keep on playing. I would like to come back though if they do fix some things about the endgame and some other tweeks here and there.

I will miss the community of WAR though. From what I have heard about other MMO communities WAR was a very mature community. I have made a lot of friends here and really enjoyed myself.

I am going to keep posting here about once a week about my thoughts on what Mythic is doing with WAR. I am doing this just in case they do fix the game because I might come back.

So this is Blazeric saying "Good night sweet prince."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last night was one of the better nights I have had in a while. Our guild was running a little 8 man group with just 2 healers. We were preventing the lock in Praag for over an hour just hitting Armory than Graveyard, then to the middle bo then Manor than back to Armory. Each time we would take it but then get wiped by like 2 warbands of destro before it would lock. Funny thing is if destro would have just coordinated a little bit more they could have stopped us easily but they didn't. They may have left 1 group at each bo but had like 1 warband camping our WC and 1 warband just roaming.

I know destro was getting pissed at us for what we were doing to them for a hour stopping the lock. I just wonder now what is going to happen to order when we move on. I think it will be interesting to see how order does when the zerg doesn't work any more and they actually have to have some skill instead of just zerging.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I can't run with pug SC groups anymore because order is just a bunch of idiots that only attack tanks and don't hit there backlines. When I run with my guild we dominate and noone can beat us.
On another note my sub runs out next Monday then I am done for now. Guild is moving to Aion until they fix the endgame here and I hope they do because I like the WAR ip. I will post a big goodbye later on this week, it will be epic I hope. I will still post updates every week about my feelings on what Mythic is doing and I hope to be back later on.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Never Say Never

Well it is looking like I will be going over to Aion now. I will still keep this updated as long as I have my sub and will try to post here ever so often because I may come back to WAR once they fix the endgame. I still find enjoyment in the game but a lot of the guild is trying out Aion so I am giving it a try as well. I already cancelled my sub since it runs out the day after Aion comes out. So who knows my last days of WAR maybe coming up but if they do fix the endgame I will come back. I also started another blog about Aion here. I should probably just make a general gaming blog but just don't feel like it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now What

Now with the live event done what is Mythic going to do. I wonder if they are going to announce an expansion soon for warhammer. I hope they do announce an expansion soon it has been one year now.

Now if they do add an expansion what would happen with the gear. I mean on Gorfang no one has fought the king or even seen the king so we haven't go the end game gear yet. Well I guess we can only wait and see.

Friday, September 4, 2009

CC Changes.

Nate Levy has made a post about the CC changes coming up. Here is where it is at. I am happy that they are making so tanks will have the most CC which is how it is suppose to be. Should be exciting to see what happens now.

What is going on.

Yea I am changing up the layout and other things. If there is anything you want me to add just leave a comment and I will try. Also another thing is that if there is anything you want my opinion on just leave a comment too and I will try and get to it. I also updated the blog list.

This is not about WAR.

Well most of this post isn't anyway. So I was out running yesterday (yes a gamer that runs shocking) and I was running up a hill and it got me thinking there is two ways to get up this hill either a steep slope or a gentle slope. I switch it up every now and then but I like going up the steep slope because it is faster and I feel like I get a better work out from it. Anyway just something I was thinking about.

Oh yea I brought back the purple knight. Just so you know.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Makes No Sense

Ok so last night I was on and our Guild Leader decided that hey we are taking a fort. So I was like ok we haven't taken a fort in awhile but Notensack wanted it so we all decided to go after it. So here we are in Caledor and we flip the zone. Now some people in region chat, now lets go to praag and flip that. We said no we are taking the fort. So we head to Fell Landing. Get down the first and second door pretty fast and prepare to go take the fort lord. We head up there and
there is no destro up there. So we take Fell Landing. So our guild leader logs off for a sec to see what the server pop is to see if destro are on. Here is the picture.


I mean destro complain about being outnumbered all the time but this picture shows that destro actually had us out numbered on the server. Now I know there are a lot of new players for destro in the lower tiers but not all of them can be new players. They had to have a lot of 40s on alts. So destro complain about being out numbered but they had more people than us on last night but yet could only muster 8 people for a fort defense.

We then flip CW and were stalled, not due to overwhelming destro but due to destro not queing for SCs. It took a hour and 15 mins for it to lock and by then we were all tired and didn't really feel like going to the city because it was so late.

Here is pictures of our zerg in CW. Now we had a lot of people on in t4 but destro still outnumbered us on the server though.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Tryrhoor over at WAAGH Roots is done blogging well so he says. There are getting to be fewer and fewer blogs out there for Warhammer. With WAAGH Roots maybe gone and Warhammer Blog Times going to the dark side (Aion), my blog roll is getting smaller and smaller. I need to update that sometime but I am lazy.

With these blogs dying out and no one taken there place, well no one I have seen, does this mean that the game is actually dying. I don't know the correspondance (sp?) between blogs and gaming sub. but I hope it isn't a sign. I still enjoy the game and will continue to play it until either it does die or SWTOR comes out or something else might catch my attention. Anyway I will continue on for my 2 readers out there.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Live Event

So I have ran the live event dungeon a few times. It was fun but now it is a grind to get the items. I like the event jewlrey piece that it gives for the event slot. I want to see what the weapon and the jewlrey piece you get is like for the KotBS so I am grinding for that right now. I already got the cloak so yea. It doesn't take us long like 12 mins to complete it plus we can solo tank it and solo heal it so it goes fast.

Monday, August 31, 2009


FIX THE BUGS MYTHIC. I am tired of getting stuck in SCs after they are finished. I am also tired of the buggy TotVL. So just fix the bugs. Still enjoy the game but they really need to fix the bugs before Aion comes out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Server Maintenance

So the servers are going down today for an extended period of time. I am hoping that with this down time for the servers they fix everyone getting stuck on everything. I haven't CTD in a while so they fixed that. Lag has been bad lately but I hope they fix it. Hopefully they fix fort lords not being attackable for us lately.

What I am thinking the main problem is that mythic didn't fix there code enough from patch to patch and that the fixes they did have for each patch come back in with each new patch. I am hoping that since it has taken them so long to fix everything that they actually fixed all the bugs in the code and that none of this will happen again, or at least as bad as it has been.

Well I can wish. Also I hope a new expansion will be announced soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Destro Sucks

Now that I got you attention I am tired of all this bickering about how destro sucks and how all order only knows how to zerg. There are good and bad players on both sides. The games is getting balanced but still not quite there. Each side has some OP classes but order has a 1 or 2 more. A couple classes need some love like SW, BG, and BO. Overall this game is getting better and better and give it time destro will get it together. There are swings in MMOs especially in a RvR game.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Armor Sets OMG mythic is redoing the armor sets for t4 armor. They posted 6 careers and they are still a work in progress. No more divers helm for darkpromise I hope for knights. I just hope I don't lose all my feathers.

New Things on the Horizon

So from what I hear the new server transfers from the Oceanic Servers are coming here to Gorfang. I am thinking this is a good thing especially for destro I hope. Maybe they can get destro to come help defend the forts that we took last night. I will explain that later. But now with these transfers there will be SCs popping all day and night long. I am excited about this because well now when I log on anytime I will be able to have fun. So I say welcome to all the new players and especially welcome to all the destro out there. When you see Run Like Hell coming you better run like hell from us or you will be dead.

Now on to the city push last night. So we go to the Shining Way first. We get there and there is no one there to defend the fort. We take it then. So we head to Butcher's Pass next. We get there and then there were a few destro from Arsenal but that is it. We take another undefended fort again. I am hoping that they let us take these just so they could see what the new city changes are. Now on to the city changes.

Well we get to the city and our usual two man group turned into a full warband because of the change to the stage 2 pq and we were hoping we would flip it to that last night. The extra people we added were from Blitz. So anyway we were able to complete the pq a total of 3 times which I find impressive since we had to get a total of 6000 points for that to happen. The funny thing is when I looked at the VP we never got above 70 vp but when I looked at the point split we were above 70% in each category except SCs but that only counts as 5% of the total VP. So I am thinking that either the VP is messed up right now or it just got extremely harder to get to stage 2.

I think that since each part of the city is instanced that when you either get so many kills or complete the pq so many times it should flip to stage 2 just in your instance. That way if you are good enough you can flip it in your instance and go on to the warlord pq and destro get kicked out but can go to a different instance to fight off order. I would have to think on it more to get the details.

Anyway welcome to the new transfer and now lets WAAAGH!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

City Siege

So this weekend was busy for me and I wasn't able to play much because of some family things I had to do. I got back on Sunday at around 4 est time. I decided to take a nap because it had been a long weekend and I needed sleep. So when I woke up I didn't know if I wanted to log on or not. Well I decided to and I am glad I did. When I logged on we were in the city and I was like holy crap.

So my guild is in an instance and I just start roaming around in different instances to see what was going on. When I got in the instance with my guild we started doing the invader pq. When we completed it I was happy because I got my Invader Helm to complete the set. I was happy and thinking this was a successful siege for me. Then it flipped to stage 2.

We go to the arena pq first. We started it and I thought it wasn't so bad to get through the first 3 stages then the lord spawned. We found out real fast that it is hard to tank that lord. So I just start to kite him around. With him be able to snare and knock him down it was to bad. We completed the pq and I won a purple bag and was stooked. I got my Warlord shield which is awesome. Then we start on the next pq well once we figured out how to do it and it was to late. Oh well it was a good run for me. Maybe next time I will get warlord gear.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Incoming Expansion

Mythic is working on an Expansion for Warhammer Online. Here is the blurb from Slashdot. This is a good thing I believe because it shows that mythic is still dedicated to the game and is willing to put money in to the game. I only hope I reach rr 80 before it comes out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Selling Accounts

So apparently in the past day 2 of the better players on our server have sold there account. I am sad to see them go. One is from Ironfist that transfered over here. He was one of the better WH on this server and the other was a Zealot who was also one of the better healers on this server and he is orginally from Gorfang. It is sad to see them go but it brings of a question. Who in there right mind would buy an account?

Buying accounts is something new to me since this is my first MMO and I never fathomed anyone buying accounts especially for the prices I see them going for. I googled selling warhammer accounts and I see them for sell. I saw one sold for 400$ and another for 300$ that is just crazy and stupid on the buyers part. Hell if that almost makes me want to do it but I am enjoying the game to much. Also if I sold it then I could never come back and the person who bought my account would never live up to my character status since I am amazing (jk).

Now back to the question who would buy an account? In my opinion a lazy idiot who wants everything handed to them. I don't begrudge the people selling them because who knows the circumstances that they needed to sell them for plus a little extra cash is always nice but still who buys them. I mean part of the MMO experience is the ride up to the level cap. Making friends a long the way and joining a guild. You don't experience everything it has to offer if you but a character almost to the maxed out level. Where is you sense of accomplishment if it is just handed to you. Oh well to each his own but I know now when I see these players on the battlefield it just won't be the same because they will never be the same caliber player as the orginial players.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


We are doing this again now. Being more active with it trying to get those weapons since it will make us better in rvr. We are on the 7th boss right now again. Our problem with him is that we have no rdps in this group so it is rough getting past the first phase sometimes. When we do we are good on the 2nd and most of the time on the third phase unless that hero puts down his aoe right where he is standing. Fourth phase we had some troubles but we only got there 3 times because of the stupid 1st phase. Those kiting heros I hate because if the server lags while you are on them or they disrupt or parry your attack then you wipe with only mdps. We were getting better at the end of the night though but it was at 12 am when we were getting good at it. Oh well we will down him tonight and work on the 8th but from what I hear with 2 tanks in the group cross guarding it shouldn't be to hard. Oh and my helm better drop from the 7th boss or else.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All the LOTD Weapons

Here are all LOTD weapons.

New Weapons

So mythic in the infinite wisdom decided to release new weapons for lotd. Here they are. Now these weapons are awesome but you need to get 5 funerary (sp?) mask and some type of paper thing that you get from a gold bag in downing the world boss in lotd. So basically you need to do pve to get the best weapons in the game. Also when you do have a chance to get them there is a chance that a lvl 30 or so character can get it before someone who has played the game to rr 65 or more.

This is also something hard to do since no one on our server has downed the 8th boss yet. Our guild now though is going to get more serious about it sense these weapons are being introduced and we are going to focus doing it more.

Still I wish they would make rvr weapons better. I mean come on I like to pve everyonce in a while but to grind out pve to get the best gear in the games sucks. Especially since if you make one little mistake in TotVL on some bosses then you wipe. Even if the mistake is a bug on mythics end. If mythic fixed the bugs in TotVL and made it a little bit easier than I can see it being done. But as it stands you need to complete the dungeon everytime it is up for a month and a half just to get the belt and gloves. Which is jsut insanely stupid.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaked 1.3.1 Patch Notes.

If you haven't seen it yet go here to Shadow War blog to see the patch notes. It looks promising if it is true. Should be interesting. Not going to post my thoughts until Mythic offically says that it is what is going to happen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


God I am getting tired of just joining SCs solo now because order doesn't seem to attack the healers. I like going solo queing because it is fun for the most part. Well at least last night they weren't. The guild was laughing at me in vent last night because I was getting so pissed in vent. I mean even if they were attacking a healer and we get him down to low health someone would run up and punt him away to safety and he would heal himself before we could get back to him. I swear people need to learn how not to use knockbacks and to attack the healers. Ok venting done just people need to learn how to play. Not everyone but just some of them.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cry Babies.

Order has turned into a bunch of cry babies lately. In TM I have never heard so much crying about people being in the Warcamp. Just get over. Stop being such little babies becasue people don't play the same as you. This infighting between us is not good. Also get over it if you are from Gorfang or Ironfist. We are all on Gorfang now so get over it. Also get over it if you are not the best. Who cares. Now Order stop being a bunch of cry babies and whining of region chat about things. That is all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Am Back.

Just got back from a week of vacation. I am glad to be back a week with the family is a little much sometimes. Especially with 2 little kids running around. I get back and apparently destro has taken two forts while order has taken zero. I still hear order outnumbers destro and now I just laugh at that now. I logged on when I get back yesterday and it showed order med and destro high. Now I know that doesn't mean that we were outnumbered until I logged in and saw just how many destro were on. Ok I hope this is true because I like being the underdog.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tanks in RvR.

This new patch I have to say is interesting. I haven't played much with it this week as real life has gotten in the way, and I won't be able to play any next week since it is vacation time for me. With this new patch though comes with the new CC timers, which makes my tank live longer, well at least I think it does because the few SCs I have played I was focused fired down for some reason I guess it was because I was the only one hitting the healers because everyone else decided to hit the tanks. Oh well that is what I get for pugging it. But with these new CC timers tanks now are just guard bots in rvr. We were the class with the most CC but now we are useless. True Knights and Chosen are still sort of useful because of our Auras, but still tanks aren't very useful now. We never had the burst dps of a mdps and being tank spec in rvr is pointless. Now instead of just taking away some of the CC out of classes that shouldn't have it, they just give them insane immunity timers now which makes our CC basically pointless. Oh well I am just now going to have to pay attention way more to the timers and now healers are going to be even harder for me to take down.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Who Is Better.

This server merge has been interesting to say the least. With this merge each server has to prove who is better. I know I could care less but on the forums that is what it is all about. Everyone is thinking that there server premades are better than the other server premades. I find this funny to say the least. Each server had a different type of premades. I know on Gorfang on order side we don't have anything you would consider the bomb group. Our closest thing was Flags in Space premade that uses 2 SMs and 2 BWs and 2 healers. Know with this server merge comes Blitz bomb group with 1 engy, 1 knight, 2 bws and 2 wps. Destro on Gorfang are having a hard time against it but that is just because they haven't seen it yet. I say give it time.

I know on order for Gorfang we haven't seen that many Sorcs or Melee dps DoKs as Ironfist destro had. Sure we have seen rift groups but they ususally on run with one sorc and one chopps. Now they have the same make up as Blitz's bomb group. I know that destro on Ironfist haven't seen that many rift maguses, but Gorfang Order is so use to seeing them that it isn't that bad.

I say let everyone get use to the new people that just came over and figure out how people play. Besides all I know is that RLH still dominants but it is nice to have more competition.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thoughts.

So since I have hit rr 66 I just can't decide what I want to do with my spec. In the past two days I have easily spent around 100 gold trying out different specs just to see what I want to do. And in the end I am basically the same spec as I was before with just a few tweaks in my renown spending. Oh well it was fun trying out different things. I am sure my guild is tried of hereing about the different specs too.

Last night I also figured out how little I actaully duel when fighting against some of the IF people. It also shows how little geared I am since I am still trying to get my full invader set while the people who I was fighting has the gear. It was fun and a learning experience.

Then there is this patch coming up. Yea lets just nerf all the AoE huh Mythic. Honestly that isn't smart. I mean I can understand nerfing my Heaven's Fury but why the auras. Yea they are way OP huh. I also feel sorry for the SW's. I think Mythic hates you guys. We will see what actually comes through with this patch hopefully SW's won't get screwed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


THIS IS AWESOME, now I know who this game is suppose to be played. I took a half day off of work yesterday just to go play warhammer after the server merge and I have to say I love it now. I gained 110-120k yesterday in renown. There were SCs popping at 11:30 in the afternoon. I have never seen that. RvR all day long in different spots in different zones. The zones were flipping on VP within an hour of being flipped. This was WAR. In CW at one point there was fighting in 3 differnt spots. It was amazing.

SCs were really fun. Hell I broke 370k in one. It was amazing. I was even in my new s/s spec.

Oh and here is a funny picture I took the other day. I died so fast that I died right beside myself. I found it kind of funny.

Monday, July 13, 2009

And They Listened

Server transfers are here. Should be interesting next couple of days. More people to kill. I am glad they are coming to Gorfang because I really didn't feel like changing the name of my blog. More people to kill now. I am excited about this and I hope it all goes well.

For the Love of God

Would the tanks stop using knockbacks on people when they are about dead. Seriously I can't count how many times I have just about killed a healer when some KotBS, IB, or SM runs up and knocks them away. It is one of the most annoying things I have ever encountered. Especially when I see an unskilled Swordmaster run up and knock away countless destro players. Please tanks learn how and when to use knockbacks. Just because it is up doesn't mean you have to use it. I rarely use mine at all unless it is to knock them into the lava in a SC. That is the only time I have ever used it. So tanks don't use knockbacks at all. It is better not use them then to use them and knock them away.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Could It Be True.

So I just got done reading grab bag #20. I skimed through it real fast until I got to the last question with mythics answer. At the end of it it says that there will be server merges. This got me really excited. Could it be our prays have been answered. Could it be they listen to us. Could it be we actually get to play this game like it is meant to be played. I can only hope that this merger happens very soon. When this does happen there will be dancing in the streets of Altdorf at least by me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So Far So Far Good.

So far I have to say I am liking the guild I am right now. RLH is a fun guild and has really sparked my interest in WAR again. It has been fun running premades with them and doing SCs with them and doing dungeon runs with them. I just hope that they think I am doing a good job as well. This is a highly skilled guild and they don't just let anyone join so I hope I am living up to expectations. Either way I am having fun again.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I did Lost Vale last night for the first time in a long time. I have to say tanking Lost Vale is really easy compared to tanking in TotVL. There is no comparsion between the two in difficulty levels. Even after we get TotVL on sort of farm mode it still won't be easy. With Lost Vale you don't have do anything perfect and you can still down the bosses with ease. In TotVL you will need to do some of the bosses perfect everytime and everyone is going to have to be on the ball to be able to beat it.

I also found the perfect setup that I want to run but I need to get to rr 66. I will post it once I get there and when I have everything I want to do. I also need 7 more invader crests to do this as well. Hopefully I will get them as I level up my renown.


Monday, July 6, 2009

TotVL Boss Guide

Well I am bored at work right now and I figure that I will help you all and post a boss guide through the first 7 bosses on the TotVL. We are currently trying to down the 7th boss but here is a guide to the first 7. I will also post on how we are set up group wise. For the group make up, the dps should be single target because most of the encounters are dps races which suck. 2nd off your tanks should dps spec. We are currently running in with two tanks both dps spec, but on boss encounters we just pop on our s/s and are good to go still because the bosses don't hit to hard. I would also like to point out that for your group it is going to be very hard if your group isn't at least above rr 55. Just because of the bonuses you get from renown. We haven't tried it with 1 tank being tank spec but I think that would be doable too. Ok on to the boss guide.

1st Boss: This guy is pretty easy. Don't worry about guard because in this stage which is called sc When you first aggro him make sure both tanks stand in front of him. The reason being is because his frontal cleave is unblockable and it splits the damage between how many people are in front of him. So both tanks will only be taking half amount of damage. So you dps him down 25% then he switches stages. It is random so you need to pay attention. If he switches to Carrion phase he does a whirlwind attack. When he does this just rotate knocking him down. You will need to coordinate them but once he gets up knock him down. Another stage is Scarab phase. This phase is a damage shield phase which does damage on all melee attacks. Your healers should be able to heal through this phase so just dps him down. The last phase that may come up is Asp phase. If this phase pops up all your casters stop attacking him and just run up in melee range and attack him that way. He switches phases every 25% so just pay attention to see which phase he switches too so it isn't that bad.

2nd Boss: You all have done this one before but I will still put down how you do it. Basically just grab 1 piece of treasure to start the boss fight then don't worry about the rest. Tanks go 2 hander and just have a healer kite the lord around the room. He only takes damage when he kneels down. Watch out for the sword spawns and the bow and maces. Just dps him down and the longer it takes to kill him the more sword bows and maces spawn. You will need get him down about 5-7% each time he kneels down.

3rd Boss: I will explain the pq first since we had trouble with it to begin with. Clear the mods in the middle first then the mobs on the outside. Ok now on to the boss fight. If you have 2 tanks have one go 2 hander and the other go s/s. First have all your group spread out to the four different holes in the room. Have the main tank aggro the lord. Once he is aggroed he teleports to one of the different holes. Whoever is closest to him run up and to him and auto attack him so he stops channeling. This channel ticks for around 1200 on everyone so you need to do this fast. Once this happens the main tanks aggros the lord and starts to kite him around the middle of the room. I will explain later why. This guy has an aura kind of like the tomb of the sun boss. When you see a speech bubble pop up above his head and he starts to twirl his staff everyone backs away out of his aura range. If you get hit with it is instant death. It is a golden aura that you can see the range on. He does this periodically. The reason for kiting him is because if you do it right he won't do this aura but once right when he teleports. He teleports every 20% so once he gets close spread out to the holes again and auto attack him so he doesn't channel for to long. He also cast an aliment on your group members periodically that is a damage defuff as well as healing and armor debuff on everyone and they need to be cleansed right away. I would suggest each healer take three and cleanse them. I would suggest one healer cleanse the main tank first then the dps then him self. The other healer cleanse the dps then himself then the off tank. The aliment looks like a golden swarm at the bottom of your feet. Then you burn him down and that is it.

4th Boss: This guy isn't to bad. He has the same aura as the 3rd boss that is basically an insta kill. One tank goes s/s and the other goes 2-hander. Have the main tank tank him on the stairs in the middle of the room. He will periodically teleport someone in to the baths that are in the middle of the room. When that person is in the bath you have to stand on the glyph to let him out. If he gets teleported in a second time the boss gets a damage debuff that needs to be cleansed three times. You need to stop dpsing him until he is cleansed. They are blessing so you tanks can clear them off of him. There are 3 of the blessings on him so once you cleanse them get the guy out of the bath and keep on dpsing him and then get the loot. He also has gives people the same aliment as the last boss.

5th Boss: Now this boss is pretty hard and more than likely you will need to bug him out to beat him. Ok both tanks need to be s/s for this but still need to be dps spec. When you first enter the room you will see a semi circle of 5 bodies. Don't run in them yet because that will start the pq. When you enter into the middle of the room with the two tanks to of the champs rise up. The off tank will need to tank the one on the outside and the main tank the one on the inside. Burn down the one the main tank is on first. After you kill that champ another one spawns right away so have the main tank pick him up and then the dps burns down the one the off tank is on. Once that one is down the off tank picks up the next one that spawns. The dps then burns down the one the main tank is on. After you kill that one the main tank burns down he picks up the last add. The dps has to burn down the add that the main tanks picks up then. Once you burn down the add the main tank is on then you burn down the add the off tank is tanking. While you are burning down the last add the main tank gets close to where the boss is so he can pull him once he spawns. Also one point of advice these guys hit hard and they have a cleave so make sure they aren't facing each other and they have there backs to each other. Ok once you kill the last add the off tank stays where the adds spawn while the main tank is close to the lord. When the lord comes he also has an add that spawns from the ones you just killed. The off tank picks up the add when he spawns and the dps burn him down first. After you burn down that champ everyone focuses on the lord. The lord has the golden aura as well so once that pops up get out. He also has the aliments too so cure those as well. Make sure the main tank tanks him close to the urn that is right behind him from where he spawns at. Once you burn him down everyone then has to focus on the urn there. Basically save all your morales for the urn. To target the urn you have to click on it too. You have to get it down 25% each time, but if you do it 20% you can still do it but you will have to bug it out. After a short period of time it will kick you out and you will have to repeat again with the main tank tanking the lord and the off tank on the champ. Point of advice if you have the aliments and the lord is getting close to being dead make sure you cleanse the dps first. You rinse and repeat this until he is dead. If you are only doing 20% damage to the urn then here is how you bug him out. On the last time and you destroy the urn everyone runs to the window there in the middle. Have one of the tanks taunt him and the everyone jumps out. Once this happens just have your range dps burn him down from underneath him. Everyone stays down there so don't try and go up there. Burn him down then run back up and loot. Good luck with this one he is pretty hard.

6th Boss: This one is easy actually. There are 3 lords in the room. Have your main tank put on his tank gear but still be dps spec. The off tank can still be two hander. Ok with this there are six pillars that pop up around the scorpions. You want your main tank to tank two of these scorpions. They will have a buff on them with how many pillars are up. You can see this buff when you click on them for the two that the main tank is tanking you want no more than buffs on him and for the one the off tank is tanking you want either 1 or 0 on him. How to get the buffs of is too hit a pillar from where the scorpion with an ability to knock it down some then jump on it to knock it down all the way. Once you kill one you start working on another one. Even if you wipe here after killing one he stays dead to you can easily kill the other two. That is it, it isn't to bad.

7th Boss: Ok we are stuck on this boss and it is a hard one at that. Basically once you first enter the room it aggros the lord in the center. It is another dps race like the 5th boss. This one has 4 stages that you have dps the boss down 25% each time. Once the lord is aggroed you get these color spheres around your feet. There is a color scheme that you need to follow to get rid of them. You only have a minute or else you will die. The color scheme is this and you can only do it one at a time. Here is the scheme Red ---> Green then Green ---> Blue then Blue ---> Red then Red ---> Green then Green ---> Blue. Once this is done the person with that had the blue and was last to touch should have a golden aura around him. I will explain the golden aura later. There are also adds that spawn right as you enter the room. With this being the first stage it is also the hardest. These adds are untankable and are called Cousin of the King. They can be knocked down and rooted. He does an AoE if anyone is close that ticked on me for 1800. We had each tank taunt and knock down the mobs first and then kite them around the outside of the room both either going clockwise or counter clockwise. Don't get to far away though because they will cut corners to get to you. You will keep on kiting the mobs until all the colors are gone and the golden aura is spawned on someone. Once this is done you burn down on champ by knocking him down and rooting him. Once you kill one you get the other one. Ok once you kill these mobs everyone gather around the boss golden aura. Ok the person who got the golden aura first has to go in first to the boss. Once he runs in everyone else runs in and dps the boss down. You need to get him down 25% each time. After that you will get teleported out. You will then have to do the color scheme again. The mobs that spawn this time are called brother of the king and are tankable and don't hit very hard. They have a snare though so watch out for that other than that it is easy. So you do the color scheme then burn down the mobs. Set up again and then the person with the golden aura goes in first then everyone else. The third phase the mobs that spawn can be tanked again. The have a ground aoe that you have to watch out for and move out when they put it down and where. These mobs are called Uncle to the king. Do the color scheme again kill the mobs and then dps the lord. On the final phase it is random what mobs appear so the tanks need to pay attention to the names of the mobs. Do the color scheme, kill the mobs the kill the lord. With the colors it seems to rotate between 2 different setups. When we did it, it was mainly everyone got the same color except for a few times. Just do it a couple of times to get the color scheme down then you should get it down pat. Also the as you are running around doing the colors the lord does hit random people at some times. I would suggest the tanks go 2 hander since the mobs don't hit that hard. Well that is as far as we have gotten.

Good luck with everything in there. I will also post about the final encounter too once we get there. This dungeon is very hard and you will get frustrated but keep at it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Changes.

So yesterday there was some big changes happening within our guild. Basically I left my guild as well as most of the leadership has step down from League of Light. League of Light now has a new guild leader as well as new officers basically. This is a big change for the Alliance I was in as well. Because our guild leader was also the leader of the alliance as well. So basically big changes in this alliance and guild.

The reason I left was because I was just tired of running with the big guilds and alliances. I wanted something smaller more group based when all you do is basically run around with the same group time and again. That is what I wanted. I had contemplated quitting the game, but I had just found out that I have it free until August 25th, so it would be a waste to not play and I wanted something new to make the game fun. Hopefully this will work.


Monday, June 29, 2009

So Here I Am.

So Saturday there was this little event set up by both order and destro. We had a royale rumble type brawl going on as well as a 6v6 event going on as well. I had signed up for it and decided to play and see how it goes. I didn't have a 6v6 team but I formed one there with people from my alliance. The royale rumble brawl was a lot of fun. The leader would call who would go in in vent and that person would go in until all 12 people for destro and order were in there. It was the best out of 3 type thing. Order ended up losing the whole thing for that. We won one of them but lost the other two. That was fun but the real fun didn't happen until the 6v6 thing.

The 6v6 event was a ton of fun and probably the must fun I have had in a long while. My team consisted of Me as a dps spec knight, 2 bws, 1 engy, 1 rp, and 1 am. The first team we fought had 2 choppas, 1 chosen, 1 bo, 1 dok, and 1 zealot. I think we won that one in about 1 min or so, it was really fast. The 2nd fight lasted a lot longer. It was my team against 1 dok, 1 shammy, 1 zealot, 1 choppa, 1 chosen, 1 sorc I think. Basically all I did was protect the healers which is what I did, I would knock away people that were close and knock them down. Also when I saw people close together I would use my Rank 2 morale and freeze them there. I was consistently switching my guard to people that were being attack which was fun.

I also logged on Sunday for a good while and did all but 1 of the lairs and started on the TotVL. The lairs are fun and the pocket item that you can get from there which I got is insanely good. 3500 absorb for 20s is awesome. I also got a good shield for my dps spec s/s which is what I am running now. I only have 19 less strength then when I am running my dps spec 2 hander and I have a lot more survivability. I don't even have the best 1-hander for doing this either.

I may start playing more now because it is getting kind of fun again. Also it helps to have it free until August 25 because of recruit a friend so I might as well not waste it.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I logged on yesterday for the first time in a week or so. When I logged on destro had Land of the Dead locked and we were working towards getting it back. I have to say that was the most boring time I have ever had trying to lock the zone to get to the Land of the Dead.

Once we locked praag we were able to get to the land of the dead. So I went in and checked out land of the dead with my alliance warband. We got in and we go right for there warcamp to take it over. I have to say that was fun.

Once we do clear there warcamp we start doing some pqs. The pqs were interesting and they were fun. I have to say LotD is a fun time but in my opinion it kills RvR especially on our small server. So after playing LotD in my opinion we need to have a server merge now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What To Do.

So here I am wondering what to do now. I am excited about the Land of the Dead and I have downloaded the patcher early off of Mythics website. But as I am writing this I am also contemplating leaving the game for awhile. I still find enjoyment in the game and I love hanging with the people in it, but I find it harder and harder to log in for an extended period of time. It isn't that I don't enjoy the game I do, but I just am finding more enjoyment doing other things.

So this whole entire weekend from Friday to today I may have played for 2 hours. I had fun playing but other things were calling my name such as hanging with friends outside. So I will give the new patch a chance when it comes out. If it doesn't spark my interest at least some what I may be done with WAR for a while. I will more than likely come back after the summer. So we will see what happens, who knows LotD may get me to start playing like I used to do.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Time Fun.

So it is summer time.  I like the summer very much.  Especially with the Land of the Dead coming upon us.  I am really excited about this patch coming up.  I haven't tried it out on the test server yet and I probably won't.  I want everything to be new for me when the patch comes.  I don't like getting a head start on stuff and then getting it taken away from me when it ends.  

Of course I have other plans other than playing warhammer.  My goal for this summer though is to hit 80 before I head out on vacation or at least get really close to it.   

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly RvR.

So here is my weekly RvR post.  RvR this weekend wasn't that great for some reason.  Destro did not come out to play that much.  My thoughts on this is that they were playing on the test server.  Oh well I still had fun.  

I decided on my new color scheme.  That color scheme is rainbow.  I don't have the same color on any piece of armor.  It looks awesome in my opinion.

I bought Sims 3 the other day and I play that everyonce in a while.  I also started to watch the Legend of the Seeker.  I love the books, it is probably my favorite series next to Lord of the Rings.  The tv series is ok but it is def. not like the books.  I wish it was though because I thought it would be.  I would probably like it better if I wouldn't have read the books.  The reason being is because I watch it and find when it doesn't follow the books.  Oh well the action is good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I Do.

You know what I do when I see destro, I run into the whole group without fear of dying.  Someone commented in vent the other night that I shouldn't run straight in like that and I asked why and his comment was because you will die.  I told him look I know when I run in there that I probably won't be getting heals and that I will most likely die, but if I am the first one in there people will usually focus on me.  If they are focusing on me then they aren't hitting the mdps or the healers or the rdps.  Many times we are able to focus fire people down because they are hitting me and are all group together.

I also said who cares if I die it is like only 20 silver for a respawn and that is it.  Also another comment by a healer was made that his best heal button for me was his rez button.  I found that kind of funny.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Can't Wait.

So I just watched the preview for the SWTOR and OMG I can't wait for that to come out.  No matter how much fun I am having playing war Star Wars will be my next MMO.  I will get that when it comes out.  I just can't wait for it.  Jedi all the way.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly RvR.

I was busy this whole weekend.  I coach High School track where I live and this weekend was the state track meet as well as our high school awards banquet Sunday.  So I wasn't able to play much at all this weekend.  Now that track is done I will be able to play a little bit more because I will have more free time.  Stay tune for next Monday for my update.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Boring Fort Def.

So here I am at the Stonewatch bored out of my mind doing nothing because destro decided to flip to the zone and not attack again.  I am tired of just waiting at the fort for no destro.  Oh well region chat is usually fun.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

WCPI and more.

Well it is this time of the week where I put out the blog that I like.  And Nerra Thanuwant is the blog title as well as the author of this blog.  She is from my server so I thought I would give her a shout out herre.  Her blog is quirky and fun with some stuff not suitable for children.  So kids make sure if you read it to not let your parents find out.  I suggest you go check it out it is a fun read.

Another thing on my mind is that Mythic needs to update us more.  They haven't really updated the herald at all lately.  When is the test server coming back online.  What about some of the changes are they staying or going.  Mythic keep us updated now or else.  Or else what I don't know, just do it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slowing Down.

First off I still really enjoy this game, but with saying that I need to not play as much.  I usually play 5 to 6 hours a night and sometimes all day on the weekend and that is just to much.  This is my first MMO and I knew it would be addictive but I just didn't realize how addictive it would be.  I need to slow down and get back on track with other things in my life.  I will still play, but it won't for the massive amounts of time that I am used too, at least I hope not.  There will be days when yea I will play for those 5 and 6 hours, but I don't want them to be the norm like they are now.  

The reason for this is because I realize that I have been blowing off some friends IRL as well as some of my goals IRL as well for this game.  I figure that I need to get back on track with these things because they are more important than any game right now.  I still enjoy this game a lot and won't be quitting anytime soon.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly RvR.

Well today is Tuesday a day past my weekly RvR post but that is because it was a holiday weekend.  It was Memorial Day weekend and I would like to salute and say thank you to all the soliders out there.

This past weekend I played but I didn't play for a constant time.  It was more like me hoping on for like an hour or two then logging off to do something then getting back on.  I am getting tired of running with pug warbands and ORvR isn't as fun as it used to be.  I like running around by myself.  Now that is fun.  I see a bo cap by destro and I run there.  I wait for the tic come for them and see them leave then I roam in and kill those that were afk at the bo when it ticked.  Now that is fun.

I did that a lot this weekend and I won't really join pug anymore only Alliance warbands.  I also enjoy the SC pops this weekend they were a lot of fun.  I love SCs.  I am almost RR 61 even though I didn't play that much.  I am still looking for my invader knight boots which sucks.  Oh well.  Oh another thing if you are the only healer in a SC and you do more damage then healing then that is just sad.  I can understand if there is more than one healer in the group but if you are the only healer in the whole SC please just heal.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

As Promised.

Here is my pic of me celebrating getting rr 60.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Merge Us.

I am calling out to all the people that read this.  Thats right all 2 of you to please post here and kudos it.  I love my server Gorfang but we don't have enough people.  Trying to find destro is not fun.  So please make a comment and kudos this thread.

RR 60

Well I finally reached  RR 60 last night.  It took me awhile to grind out those last few renown points last night and I didn't get to bed til midnight last night because I wanted to push forward and get it.  As I said earlier I will post my build now and explain why I go this way.

Here is my mastery tree build as of right now.  With this build I can main tank Lost Vale all the way up to N'Kari.  I like the damage output of this build and I do like the rank 4 morale on the conquest side.  I don't know how many times in a keep defense I have seen destro all lined up at the door or the ramp coming up to the lord room and I pop my rank 4 morale and I just see people drop like flies.  You also have to have heavens fury.  If you don't have that as a knight then you are not using your knight right.  Focus Mending is more for pve tactics because I don't usually run it when I am in RvR but I might change it up.  The auras I twist are Press the Attack, All out Assault, On your Guard, and Gather Your Resolve for RvR, and for PvE is throw in Stand Strong.  The only thing I really change for tactics between RvR and PvE is that I throw in Menace.

Here is where I stack my renown pts.  I stack it in strength again for more hitting power when I run around with my two hander.  I also stack parry because of Runefang which is an awesome tactic.  

Here is what I am wearing right now.  I go mix Conq. and Sent. because of the +66 strength stat bonuses that they give.  I would wear invader but I don't have anything but the gloves because my boots don't drop and we haven't invaded the city in a while and I only have 9 invader crests.  Now when I do get to RR 66 I will have my warlord gear to wear.  I have the boots, gloves and I will by the Jewlrey because I do have enough for that piece.  I only wear my Dark Promise gear for tanking because that is what the bonus stats is best used for though I do like the +72 wounds.  

In an earlier post I said that I would change my what color I am wearing and I am still open to suggestions here.  So leave a comment about which color I should switch to and then I will maybe make a poll if enough people do it.  And I will post a picture later on of me celebrating my RR 60 in game but I don't have the pic on this computer.