Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Makes No Sense

Ok so last night I was on and our Guild Leader decided that hey we are taking a fort. So I was like ok we haven't taken a fort in awhile but Notensack wanted it so we all decided to go after it. So here we are in Caledor and we flip the zone. Now some people in region chat, now lets go to praag and flip that. We said no we are taking the fort. So we head to Fell Landing. Get down the first and second door pretty fast and prepare to go take the fort lord. We head up there and
there is no destro up there. So we take Fell Landing. So our guild leader logs off for a sec to see what the server pop is to see if destro are on. Here is the picture.


I mean destro complain about being outnumbered all the time but this picture shows that destro actually had us out numbered on the server. Now I know there are a lot of new players for destro in the lower tiers but not all of them can be new players. They had to have a lot of 40s on alts. So destro complain about being out numbered but they had more people than us on last night but yet could only muster 8 people for a fort defense.

We then flip CW and were stalled, not due to overwhelming destro but due to destro not queing for SCs. It took a hour and 15 mins for it to lock and by then we were all tired and didn't really feel like going to the city because it was so late.

Here is pictures of our zerg in CW. Now we had a lot of people on in t4 but destro still outnumbered us on the server though.


  1. I'm thinking they are focusing on the Live Event. On Iron Rock there's been a lot of action around the RvR PQ. On Iron Rock when I've been online there's typically been a zerg of Destro keeping us away from the PQ. LET ME IN SO I CAN COMPLETE MY LE TASKS!

    On the Order side there hasn't been a lot of campaign action but again, I feel it has to do with folks focusing on the event and the special, limited-time dungeon (which is a lot of fun).

  2. Yea but the first push was actually in Caledor where the live event is at. So I don't know.