Friday, May 29, 2009

Boring Fort Def.

So here I am at the Stonewatch bored out of my mind doing nothing because destro decided to flip to the zone and not attack again.  I am tired of just waiting at the fort for no destro.  Oh well region chat is usually fun.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

WCPI and more.

Well it is this time of the week where I put out the blog that I like.  And Nerra Thanuwant is the blog title as well as the author of this blog.  She is from my server so I thought I would give her a shout out herre.  Her blog is quirky and fun with some stuff not suitable for children.  So kids make sure if you read it to not let your parents find out.  I suggest you go check it out it is a fun read.

Another thing on my mind is that Mythic needs to update us more.  They haven't really updated the herald at all lately.  When is the test server coming back online.  What about some of the changes are they staying or going.  Mythic keep us updated now or else.  Or else what I don't know, just do it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slowing Down.

First off I still really enjoy this game, but with saying that I need to not play as much.  I usually play 5 to 6 hours a night and sometimes all day on the weekend and that is just to much.  This is my first MMO and I knew it would be addictive but I just didn't realize how addictive it would be.  I need to slow down and get back on track with other things in my life.  I will still play, but it won't for the massive amounts of time that I am used too, at least I hope not.  There will be days when yea I will play for those 5 and 6 hours, but I don't want them to be the norm like they are now.  

The reason for this is because I realize that I have been blowing off some friends IRL as well as some of my goals IRL as well for this game.  I figure that I need to get back on track with these things because they are more important than any game right now.  I still enjoy this game a lot and won't be quitting anytime soon.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly RvR.

Well today is Tuesday a day past my weekly RvR post but that is because it was a holiday weekend.  It was Memorial Day weekend and I would like to salute and say thank you to all the soliders out there.

This past weekend I played but I didn't play for a constant time.  It was more like me hoping on for like an hour or two then logging off to do something then getting back on.  I am getting tired of running with pug warbands and ORvR isn't as fun as it used to be.  I like running around by myself.  Now that is fun.  I see a bo cap by destro and I run there.  I wait for the tic come for them and see them leave then I roam in and kill those that were afk at the bo when it ticked.  Now that is fun.

I did that a lot this weekend and I won't really join pug anymore only Alliance warbands.  I also enjoy the SC pops this weekend they were a lot of fun.  I love SCs.  I am almost RR 61 even though I didn't play that much.  I am still looking for my invader knight boots which sucks.  Oh well.  Oh another thing if you are the only healer in a SC and you do more damage then healing then that is just sad.  I can understand if there is more than one healer in the group but if you are the only healer in the whole SC please just heal.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

As Promised.

Here is my pic of me celebrating getting rr 60.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Merge Us.

I am calling out to all the people that read this.  Thats right all 2 of you to please post here and kudos it.  I love my server Gorfang but we don't have enough people.  Trying to find destro is not fun.  So please make a comment and kudos this thread.

RR 60

Well I finally reached  RR 60 last night.  It took me awhile to grind out those last few renown points last night and I didn't get to bed til midnight last night because I wanted to push forward and get it.  As I said earlier I will post my build now and explain why I go this way.

Here is my mastery tree build as of right now.  With this build I can main tank Lost Vale all the way up to N'Kari.  I like the damage output of this build and I do like the rank 4 morale on the conquest side.  I don't know how many times in a keep defense I have seen destro all lined up at the door or the ramp coming up to the lord room and I pop my rank 4 morale and I just see people drop like flies.  You also have to have heavens fury.  If you don't have that as a knight then you are not using your knight right.  Focus Mending is more for pve tactics because I don't usually run it when I am in RvR but I might change it up.  The auras I twist are Press the Attack, All out Assault, On your Guard, and Gather Your Resolve for RvR, and for PvE is throw in Stand Strong.  The only thing I really change for tactics between RvR and PvE is that I throw in Menace.

Here is where I stack my renown pts.  I stack it in strength again for more hitting power when I run around with my two hander.  I also stack parry because of Runefang which is an awesome tactic.  

Here is what I am wearing right now.  I go mix Conq. and Sent. because of the +66 strength stat bonuses that they give.  I would wear invader but I don't have anything but the gloves because my boots don't drop and we haven't invaded the city in a while and I only have 9 invader crests.  Now when I do get to RR 66 I will have my warlord gear to wear.  I have the boots, gloves and I will by the Jewlrey because I do have enough for that piece.  I only wear my Dark Promise gear for tanking because that is what the bonus stats is best used for though I do like the +72 wounds.  

In an earlier post I said that I would change my what color I am wearing and I am still open to suggestions here.  So leave a comment about which color I should switch to and then I will maybe make a poll if enough people do it.  And I will post a picture later on of me celebrating my RR 60 in game but I don't have the pic on this computer.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

WCPI and more.

Just One More Unlock is a cool blog that helps out all you people out there that likes those tome unlocks.  Whenever I am on in the morning and nothing is going on in Orvr I like to just run around in the lower tiers and find tome unlocks and over at Just One More Unlock he helps you find these nice little tidbits through out the realm.  You should go check it out sometime espeically for all you players out there that likes to find these unlocks and get these titles.

On another note I didn't play any WAR yesterday and this is the first time I haven't played at all in a good while.  The reason was because right after work I went to a concert.  I always thought that the summer time was a good time for MMOs since school is out and all the kids in school now have time to play during the day instead of just in the evenings, but I have been talking to a lot of older players and saying that summer is the slow time.  I guess I can 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Order = Epic Fail

First thing I wanna do is to say congrats to all the destro on my server.  I don't want to take anything away with what you all did last night.  You all planned and coordinated very well and played off of orders weakness which is loot.  Congrats on locking our city to stage 2 and I hope you all did get some gear from it.

Now that that is out of the way, order last night was epic fail for us.  Destro last night locked 3 zones within an hour of each other which is great planning on there part.  First fort they attempted was Stonewatch.  So KV flips and we all go to Stonewatch, I see they aren't trying to hard on the front door.  So after we wipe them outside of the fort I tell all the warband leaders to go to reikwald since that is about to flip and only live a small force there.  So my warband zones out and goes to reikwald.  The 3 other warbands decide to stay at stonewatch because if you zone out of the fort you lose your contribuation to the fort and these warbands didn't want to lose there loot.  So it is just my 3 or so groups plus another 2 groups at reikwald to defend it.  Destro shows up in force and wipes us.

After reikwald I tell my warband to head to shining way because that is about to flip in 2 minutes.  I also tell the warband leaders at stonewatch to leave and come to shining way.  Well destro sent one warband to attack stonewatch to keep those people occupied for a bit while the others attack Shining Way.  So with like 12 minutes left on the timer at Stonewatch the 4 or more warbands at Stonewatch wipe the destro outside the front door.  Destro was still on the outer door at Shining Way so I and a few others ask for help at Shining Way.  Enough time for them to get there before the Outer Door is down at Shining Way and to set up a defense.  What does order do, they stay there for there Conq. gear and I hear people saying let them take it we will go to the city and farm invader gear once they fail at the city.  So they take Shining Way just as easy as Reikwald while 4 or more warbands are at Stonewatch just chilling waiting on there loot.  

So we get to the city.  Our instance dominated destro in it.  Funny thing is our instance had all the people in it that were at the forts trying to defend each one.  I think our kill to death ratio was like 4:1.  It was an even numbers between us and destro so we didn't have more than them.  Anyway they lock the city and go to stage 2 with like 2 minutes left til it locks for us.  Now our city is at rank 3 and destro got to stage 2 of the city before order did.  Great job Order.  This is the first time I am disappointed in order on our server.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rotation of Players.

In the past 2 weeks on our server we have had a few big name players quit.  They have annouce that they are done on warhammer alliance forums.  It is sad to see these players go but it is part of playing an mmo, older players burn out and newer players come up and take there place.  I am sure on a bigger server it isn't as noticeable but on a smaller server like Gorfang you get to know a lot of the players in T4 because you run a lot with the same players over time.  

I hate to see a lot of the older players quit because you form bonds with them, but such is mmos.  With these older players quitting new ones come a long and take there place and the life cycle of a mmo continues.  Sooner or later none of the players who started playing WAR right when it came out will be around and a new crop of players will be in charge and will be making names for themselves in WAR.  To all the players that are done playing good luck with everything and to all the new players coming to WAR I say have fun and hope to see you out on the battlefield.


Monday, May 18, 2009

My Weekly RvR.

So it is Monday again and I will talk about my weekend in RvR.  Some of the time was testing out things on the PTS while other was in ORvR on Gorfang.  I will first talk about the PTS.

Most of my time on the PTS was just spent dueling different classes and I gotta say that MDPS are hitting way to hard.  I went s/s everytime I logged on toPTS and you would think I shouldn't have any problems against MDPS well I did.  Mauraders were especailly nasty to fight against.  A few times against a Maurader called Macelo I had to pop my rank 1 morale to just barely beat him which is sad.  I shouldn't get below 1/3 health when I am s/s going against a MDPS.  Also them nerfing my auras makes no sense to me.  They should have just nerfed AoE on a class by class basis not just all around.  I really hope some of these changes don't go through like the buff to MDPS.

On Gorfang the RvR was pretty good.  Nothing major really happened.  We flipped to a couple of forts that were failed attempts because people still stayed on the ramp.  I had a couple of duels with some people and that is always fun.  I really wish mythic would put dueling in.  I would do it even if there were no incentives like renown or drops.  Oh yea one thing that did tick me off was that we flipped to a fort Sunday morning but we decided not to try to take it.  If we flip a zone to a fort I want to try at least once to take even if we don't have enough people, I don't agree with flipping a zone and not do anything at the fort.  

Well until next Monday with my RvR report, go out and have fun.  And if you are on the PTS anytime this week look me up.  My name will be Blazerics or Blazeric depends if I make a new character copy or not.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Fix and Patch Notes.

Before I get into the patch notes I will talk about the Hot Fixes that came out yesterday.  I am happy that they lowered the officer medals cost on gear for people, but I am really angry that they made invader gear harder to get now for people on balanced servers that don't go to the city everyday or week.  On our server it is hard for any side to go to the city because of how even it is.  I know they made invader tokens easier to get in city pushes but that doesn't help us on even servers who don't go to the city, and now we can't get invader gear because of how high the crest cost now.  Anyway to see my argument just go here on the alliance forums.  

Ok on to the patch notes which can be found here.  I am happy with the new ward system that is coming out because I would have never worn the Darkpromise armor anyway and I would have because of the ward system before but now I won't have too.  I am also a little worried about the AoE changes.  They may have nerfed the ranged a little to much in my opinion but we shall see.  I have never been one to go on to the test server but I may for this patch.  I am a little disappointed that they didn't buff black guards.  I mean come on Mythic they really need to buff these guys bad.  I was in KV last night and 2 lvl 40 black guards jumped me.  I killed them both with out going below half health.  Mythic please buff these guys now.  Anyway I can't wait for the Land of the Dead to come out.

On another note I changed by picture to what I actually look like in game.  They call me the purple knight.  When I hit rr60 I will post my build, and have a change in my armor color.  So if anyone has any suggestions in what dyes I should use leave a comment and I may hold a poll in the upcoming weeks.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

WCPI and More.

Well even though I am not in the WCPI yet I am still gonna post about a blog every week either new or old.  The one I am talking about here is a new blogged started just before mine.  It is called One Shard and can be found at and is written by Atoms.  As a lot of people know a lot of the Warbloggers are leaving and doing different things either blogging about different things or just stopping all together.  Anyway Atoms over at One Shard is a new blogger out there with a very well written blog that I enjoy to read.  He talks about a lot of different dealing with Warhammer.  So go check it out if you haven't yet.

On another note SCs were popping one after another last night which is great on our little server.  I was having a blast until I had to go run LV.  I even dinged 58 last night in an SC.  Once I hit renown rank 59 I will be the highest renown rank Knight on my server.  That will be awesome.  

Lost Vale went ok last night.  It took us a while to get down the Spider Boss but we finally did.  We are on the butcher now on the right side.  We haven't tried it yet that will be friday night.  Hope all goes well.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Solo Tank LV

So our guild is running Lost Vale now pretty regularly now.  Before the change of leadership the guild had completed Lost Vale before but now those people have quit and they didn't tell the new people how to do it.  The group I am running with right now was the first of the new guys to complete it.  We completed the whole thing last week.  Actually we had completed it the week before but we didn't know that the Champions didn't despawn once you killed N'Kari so we all wiped before we could loot the body.  Anyway yah for us. 

Yesterday I started to solo tank Lost Vale.  Our guild is short on tanks right now and we are trying to get people geared up for Land of the Dead and the later stages in the City, if we ever make there.  This is basically a test run to see if I can solo tank Lost Vale, which I am pretty sure I can.  There are only two bosses I am worried about and that is the Butcher and N'Kari.  Only worried about the Butcher because of the Gnoblar and well N'Kari cause she has given us trouble with two tanks.  Anyway we only had time to down the first boss on the left side before we had to stop.  So tonight we will make a good run and hopefully complete Lost Vale or just get to N'Kari.

Our group makeup is me the Knight tank, a RP, AM, WH, BW, and a Slayer.  So we shall see how it all goes.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ninja'd Keeps

I know some people think that keep ninjaing is wrong and shouldn't be in the game.  Well I have to disagree.  I like it in the game and I think it should stay.  It adds an extra element to locking a zone that you have to worry about.  

The only thing I can think about ninjaing keeps and why is it bad is that if you have people hitting the outside door and some guild takes it without you knowing it.  Those it takes away a chance at loot, but you still get the medals.  

So Mythic if you do decide to make it so they can't ninja keeps anymore, make it an guild rank ability, say you have to be guild rank 30 or so to be able to prevent people from pick locking and it has to be only the inner keep not the outer keep.  

Monday, May 11, 2009

Land of the Dead.

Since everyone else is talking about I won't say much about it, but I am very excited about this new content.  Especially how they are doing the wards with not having to get the armor now to get the wards which is nice.  

Also I saw a new armor set for the Knight and it looks awesome.  It may be the soverign set or it could be the new armor set I don't know but it looks awesome.  Here is a pic of it.  

It looks awesome doesn't it.

Weekend RvR.

Ok I have decided to talk about my RvR experiences over the weekend every Monday since that is when I get a lot of playing done in ORvR and SCs.  Plus it will give you a little insight into what it is like on my server.

I guess I will start with Friday night.  Which I did not play because I went out with friends so I will talk about Saturday I guess.  I usually get on Saturday mornings at about 8 est or so.  That is usually the time I play on my alt since there is no RvR going on usually.  Well that morning there was some RvR going on so I hopped on my Knight and joined a group and started taking some bos in Dragonwake.  Destro actually showed up and it was a lot of fun.  There was only six of us while the destro that showed up had about 9 ro 10.  I saw my first royal crest drop too, to bad I didn't get it.  Oh well maybe next time.  

I had to log at about 2 pm est to go to a mothers day bbq but I logged back in at about 8 that night.  That is when it got interesting.  We were about to lock Chaos Waste and go to the fort.  There was some talk in region about not flipping the zone and giving destro free bags.  We had enough on that we had a shot at taking the fort.  But some people decided to unclaim a keep there with 5 mins left so the zone wouldn't flip.  Now I don't care about destro getting bags, and when a whole group of people are trying to flip a zone and 1 guild takes it upon themselves to not let if flip is wrong.  The people in my vent were outraged at them for doing this.  The guild wasn't in our alliance but I know people are in that alliance with the guild and they were furious as well.  I wish people would consider the whole realm instead of just listening to one or two people who speak up in region chat.

Sunday was a lot of fun.  We did flip Caledor to Shining Way.  We had a legimate shot at taking it on the our first fort push up the stairs.  The only problem is people decided to stand on the stairs and not push all the way up.  So people got stuck on the stairs and couldn't move all the way up.  I think people are just afraid of dieing which is just stupid.  Either we all are going to die or we will down the Fort Lord in and you will get a rez once it is done.  People need to learn not to be afraid of dieing but they are.  Well thats it for this weekend.  Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.  See you all out there.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Nice to Warband Leaders.

First off, before I start my rant I would like to say I am not a writer.  In fact English was my worst subject in school.  So there will be spelling errors as well as grammatical errors as well.  Ok now that I go that out of the way time to get on to my post.

I run warbands everyonce in a while.  I have toned it down some of late because of people coming up from tier 3 and coming into tier 4 thinking that they know everything and start trying to tell me what to do when I am warband leader.  Being a warband leader is stressful enough then when people start trying to tell me where to go or what to do then getting told that I am an idiot doesn't help much.  Now I can take suggestions and will take everything in to consideration but when I don't do what they want to do I get yelled at through tells.

These type of people have pushed away a lot of leaders on our server.  The only time I ever lead warbands now is either if it is through alliance or guild warbands and that everyone is on vent.  If you are not on vent you are going to get kicked from my warband.  I know people may not like it but it is the only way I will lead now because of other players not listening to orders.  

So here is my suggestion, if you are in a pug warband and the leader tells you or your group what to do, please do it.  The leader will usually knows something you don't know.  Make suggestions in warbands but if he doesn't follow what you said don't send the person tells calling him an idiot.  If your warband wipes don't send tells to the leader calling him an idiot.  Be supportive and if you don't agree with the person then just leave the warband.  This is just my two cents.    

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creating Alts.

Ok this will be my first offical post about Warhammer Online and it is about Alts.  I have 4 other characters than my main character.  I have a lvl 21 Warrior Priest, a lvl 7 Shadow Warrior, a lvl 8 Engineer, and a lvl 1 Slayer (only got it cause I could get it early).  

I really don't see a reason for me to create alts other than for crafting or as a mule.  The only time I play my Warrior Priest is when I need to make Talisman.  I love playing my Knight and I want to make him the best I can so I play him constantly and I feel like I am missing things when I am not on my Knight.  I want to make my Knight the best I can so I want to gain Renown Ranks to up my stats and make him awesome.

The only time I play an alt is in the morning when there is no RvR going on.  I have been playing since Dec. right after christmas and I have no other toon above 21.  I know a few players who have 3 or more toons at 40.  That is just to much lvling for me.  I mean I do like lower tier RvR but I love Tier 4.  It is just plain fun.

For everyone out there that does like alts I can see your side which is you like to experience everything that the game has to offer.  I can understand that but I want to be one of the best Knights on my server so I will stick with him.  To each his own so go out there and WAAGH!

Starting this off.

Ok now this is my first time blogging about anything so this is all new to me.  Let me introduce my self first I guess.  My first name is Blaze.  Yes it is my given name.  I know it is cool.  I really like my name.  I am also 23 years old and I have been playing games since the regular nintendo came out.  Now that is done time to move on.
This is my first MMO and I have to say I enjoy it very much.  As of right now I have a lvl 40 RR 56  Knight of the Blazing Sun on the server Gorfang and the Guild I am in is League of Light.  I do have a couple of alts but the only time I play them is in the morning on weekends when nothing is going on RvR wise.  

One of the main reasons I decided to start blogging is that I have had interesting things happen to me in the game and I would like to talk about them.  Another thing is that I have seen a lot of blogs start to disappear and I find that kind of sad.  I don't plan on leaving anytime soon because there is no other game out there that really interests me in the near future.

I guess I will tell you what this blog is gonna be about now.  It is mostly gonna be about war and things I have experience in the past and what I am experiencing now.  I wish I would have started this earlier but oh well it happens.  I will also talk about other things in here but it will mostly be about all things War.