Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creating Alts.

Ok this will be my first offical post about Warhammer Online and it is about Alts.  I have 4 other characters than my main character.  I have a lvl 21 Warrior Priest, a lvl 7 Shadow Warrior, a lvl 8 Engineer, and a lvl 1 Slayer (only got it cause I could get it early).  

I really don't see a reason for me to create alts other than for crafting or as a mule.  The only time I play my Warrior Priest is when I need to make Talisman.  I love playing my Knight and I want to make him the best I can so I play him constantly and I feel like I am missing things when I am not on my Knight.  I want to make my Knight the best I can so I want to gain Renown Ranks to up my stats and make him awesome.

The only time I play an alt is in the morning when there is no RvR going on.  I have been playing since Dec. right after christmas and I have no other toon above 21.  I know a few players who have 3 or more toons at 40.  That is just to much lvling for me.  I mean I do like lower tier RvR but I love Tier 4.  It is just plain fun.

For everyone out there that does like alts I can see your side which is you like to experience everything that the game has to offer.  I can understand that but I want to be one of the best Knights on my server so I will stick with him.  To each his own so go out there and WAAGH!

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