Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly RvR.

Well today is Tuesday a day past my weekly RvR post but that is because it was a holiday weekend.  It was Memorial Day weekend and I would like to salute and say thank you to all the soliders out there.

This past weekend I played but I didn't play for a constant time.  It was more like me hoping on for like an hour or two then logging off to do something then getting back on.  I am getting tired of running with pug warbands and ORvR isn't as fun as it used to be.  I like running around by myself.  Now that is fun.  I see a bo cap by destro and I run there.  I wait for the tic come for them and see them leave then I roam in and kill those that were afk at the bo when it ticked.  Now that is fun.

I did that a lot this weekend and I won't really join pug anymore only Alliance warbands.  I also enjoy the SC pops this weekend they were a lot of fun.  I love SCs.  I am almost RR 61 even though I didn't play that much.  I am still looking for my invader knight boots which sucks.  Oh well.  Oh another thing if you are the only healer in a SC and you do more damage then healing then that is just sad.  I can understand if there is more than one healer in the group but if you are the only healer in the whole SC please just heal.



  1. Ugh, I had someone get on my case for going DPS on my Archmage when we had 6 WP's in a scenario along with me. People just get upset when "healers" out-damage them for some reason.

    I was actually bouncing back and forth, and ended up in the top 5 for damage with equal amounts of healing. That's kinda how AM is supposed to be played...

  2. I am fine with AM being dps if there are other healers in the SC. But it is just when he is the only one in the whole SC it is just a little annoying. I mean I am not gonna send him a tell to start healing because he can play how he wants, but when he is the only one I think you should realize you should be more effective and get more RP if you just heal.

  3. I think maybe you should be able to choose to have two different specs switchable out of combat because even with my BW no spec is a cure all. Keep defense spec is different than open field, versus scenario, etc. , and its always like Murphy's law that I am in the wrong spec.