Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend RvR.

Ok I have decided to talk about my RvR experiences over the weekend every Monday since that is when I get a lot of playing done in ORvR and SCs.  Plus it will give you a little insight into what it is like on my server.

I guess I will start with Friday night.  Which I did not play because I went out with friends so I will talk about Saturday I guess.  I usually get on Saturday mornings at about 8 est or so.  That is usually the time I play on my alt since there is no RvR going on usually.  Well that morning there was some RvR going on so I hopped on my Knight and joined a group and started taking some bos in Dragonwake.  Destro actually showed up and it was a lot of fun.  There was only six of us while the destro that showed up had about 9 ro 10.  I saw my first royal crest drop too, to bad I didn't get it.  Oh well maybe next time.  

I had to log at about 2 pm est to go to a mothers day bbq but I logged back in at about 8 that night.  That is when it got interesting.  We were about to lock Chaos Waste and go to the fort.  There was some talk in region about not flipping the zone and giving destro free bags.  We had enough on that we had a shot at taking the fort.  But some people decided to unclaim a keep there with 5 mins left so the zone wouldn't flip.  Now I don't care about destro getting bags, and when a whole group of people are trying to flip a zone and 1 guild takes it upon themselves to not let if flip is wrong.  The people in my vent were outraged at them for doing this.  The guild wasn't in our alliance but I know people are in that alliance with the guild and they were furious as well.  I wish people would consider the whole realm instead of just listening to one or two people who speak up in region chat.

Sunday was a lot of fun.  We did flip Caledor to Shining Way.  We had a legimate shot at taking it on the our first fort push up the stairs.  The only problem is people decided to stand on the stairs and not push all the way up.  So people got stuck on the stairs and couldn't move all the way up.  I think people are just afraid of dieing which is just stupid.  Either we all are going to die or we will down the Fort Lord in and you will get a rez once it is done.  People need to learn not to be afraid of dieing but they are.  Well thats it for this weekend.  Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.  See you all out there.

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