Friday, May 22, 2009

Merge Us.

I am calling out to all the people that read this.  Thats right all 2 of you to please post here and kudos it.  I love my server Gorfang but we don't have enough people.  Trying to find destro is not fun.  So please make a comment and kudos this thread.


  1. Agree totally, we need more players to kill and more to group with. I'm tired of not getting any renown because of imbalanced scenarios and no WB's running. I say "Merge us Mythic!" (might have to put that on a T-shirt. LoL

  2. Agreed also, I play destruction on Gorfang and I just came back after 4 months. I gave up and started another toon on a more populated server. If a server merge happened I would play him again.