Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ninja'd Keeps

I know some people think that keep ninjaing is wrong and shouldn't be in the game.  Well I have to disagree.  I like it in the game and I think it should stay.  It adds an extra element to locking a zone that you have to worry about.  

The only thing I can think about ninjaing keeps and why is it bad is that if you have people hitting the outside door and some guild takes it without you knowing it.  Those it takes away a chance at loot, but you still get the medals.  

So Mythic if you do decide to make it so they can't ninja keeps anymore, make it an guild rank ability, say you have to be guild rank 30 or so to be able to prevent people from pick locking and it has to be only the inner keep not the outer keep.  


  1. If they made Pick Lock a 30s cast time instead of 30s duration it would make a lot more sense, and the mdps would actually have to engage the champs guarding the door for a change. This would deter most attempts at upgraded keeps, and alert the guild that had it claimed.

    I gave you a WCPI nod. Cheers!

  2. Nice blog. I added you to WAR Underground.

  3. I am against the ninja of keeps. It goes against the grain of upgrading keeps, and the whole of idea of keep taking, and defense.