Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rotation of Players.

In the past 2 weeks on our server we have had a few big name players quit.  They have annouce that they are done on warhammer alliance forums.  It is sad to see these players go but it is part of playing an mmo, older players burn out and newer players come up and take there place.  I am sure on a bigger server it isn't as noticeable but on a smaller server like Gorfang you get to know a lot of the players in T4 because you run a lot with the same players over time.  

I hate to see a lot of the older players quit because you form bonds with them, but such is mmos.  With these older players quitting new ones come a long and take there place and the life cycle of a mmo continues.  Sooner or later none of the players who started playing WAR right when it came out will be around and a new crop of players will be in charge and will be making names for themselves in WAR.  To all the players that are done playing good luck with everything and to all the new players coming to WAR I say have fun and hope to see you out on the battlefield.


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  1. Massive account cancellation protest!!