Thursday, May 14, 2009

WCPI and More.

Well even though I am not in the WCPI yet I am still gonna post about a blog every week either new or old.  The one I am talking about here is a new blogged started just before mine.  It is called One Shard and can be found at and is written by Atoms.  As a lot of people know a lot of the Warbloggers are leaving and doing different things either blogging about different things or just stopping all together.  Anyway Atoms over at One Shard is a new blogger out there with a very well written blog that I enjoy to read.  He talks about a lot of different dealing with Warhammer.  So go check it out if you haven't yet.

On another note SCs were popping one after another last night which is great on our little server.  I was having a blast until I had to go run LV.  I even dinged 58 last night in an SC.  Once I hit renown rank 59 I will be the highest renown rank Knight on my server.  That will be awesome.  

Lost Vale went ok last night.  It took us a while to get down the Spider Boss but we finally did.  We are on the butcher now on the right side.  We haven't tried it yet that will be friday night.  Hope all goes well.


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