Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Solo Tank LV

So our guild is running Lost Vale now pretty regularly now.  Before the change of leadership the guild had completed Lost Vale before but now those people have quit and they didn't tell the new people how to do it.  The group I am running with right now was the first of the new guys to complete it.  We completed the whole thing last week.  Actually we had completed it the week before but we didn't know that the Champions didn't despawn once you killed N'Kari so we all wiped before we could loot the body.  Anyway yah for us. 

Yesterday I started to solo tank Lost Vale.  Our guild is short on tanks right now and we are trying to get people geared up for Land of the Dead and the later stages in the City, if we ever make there.  This is basically a test run to see if I can solo tank Lost Vale, which I am pretty sure I can.  There are only two bosses I am worried about and that is the Butcher and N'Kari.  Only worried about the Butcher because of the Gnoblar and well N'Kari cause she has given us trouble with two tanks.  Anyway we only had time to down the first boss on the left side before we had to stop.  So tonight we will make a good run and hopefully complete Lost Vale or just get to N'Kari.

Our group makeup is me the Knight tank, a RP, AM, WH, BW, and a Slayer.  So we shall see how it all goes.  

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  1. How did you go solo LV? i did left wing the other night with my rr51 knight, didnt get to right wing although I was trying to work out the best strat for gorak and the butcher