Monday, August 31, 2009


FIX THE BUGS MYTHIC. I am tired of getting stuck in SCs after they are finished. I am also tired of the buggy TotVL. So just fix the bugs. Still enjoy the game but they really need to fix the bugs before Aion comes out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Server Maintenance

So the servers are going down today for an extended period of time. I am hoping that with this down time for the servers they fix everyone getting stuck on everything. I haven't CTD in a while so they fixed that. Lag has been bad lately but I hope they fix it. Hopefully they fix fort lords not being attackable for us lately.

What I am thinking the main problem is that mythic didn't fix there code enough from patch to patch and that the fixes they did have for each patch come back in with each new patch. I am hoping that since it has taken them so long to fix everything that they actually fixed all the bugs in the code and that none of this will happen again, or at least as bad as it has been.

Well I can wish. Also I hope a new expansion will be announced soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Destro Sucks

Now that I got you attention I am tired of all this bickering about how destro sucks and how all order only knows how to zerg. There are good and bad players on both sides. The games is getting balanced but still not quite there. Each side has some OP classes but order has a 1 or 2 more. A couple classes need some love like SW, BG, and BO. Overall this game is getting better and better and give it time destro will get it together. There are swings in MMOs especially in a RvR game.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Armor Sets OMG mythic is redoing the armor sets for t4 armor. They posted 6 careers and they are still a work in progress. No more divers helm for darkpromise I hope for knights. I just hope I don't lose all my feathers.

New Things on the Horizon

So from what I hear the new server transfers from the Oceanic Servers are coming here to Gorfang. I am thinking this is a good thing especially for destro I hope. Maybe they can get destro to come help defend the forts that we took last night. I will explain that later. But now with these transfers there will be SCs popping all day and night long. I am excited about this because well now when I log on anytime I will be able to have fun. So I say welcome to all the new players and especially welcome to all the destro out there. When you see Run Like Hell coming you better run like hell from us or you will be dead.

Now on to the city push last night. So we go to the Shining Way first. We get there and there is no one there to defend the fort. We take it then. So we head to Butcher's Pass next. We get there and then there were a few destro from Arsenal but that is it. We take another undefended fort again. I am hoping that they let us take these just so they could see what the new city changes are. Now on to the city changes.

Well we get to the city and our usual two man group turned into a full warband because of the change to the stage 2 pq and we were hoping we would flip it to that last night. The extra people we added were from Blitz. So anyway we were able to complete the pq a total of 3 times which I find impressive since we had to get a total of 6000 points for that to happen. The funny thing is when I looked at the VP we never got above 70 vp but when I looked at the point split we were above 70% in each category except SCs but that only counts as 5% of the total VP. So I am thinking that either the VP is messed up right now or it just got extremely harder to get to stage 2.

I think that since each part of the city is instanced that when you either get so many kills or complete the pq so many times it should flip to stage 2 just in your instance. That way if you are good enough you can flip it in your instance and go on to the warlord pq and destro get kicked out but can go to a different instance to fight off order. I would have to think on it more to get the details.

Anyway welcome to the new transfer and now lets WAAAGH!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

City Siege

So this weekend was busy for me and I wasn't able to play much because of some family things I had to do. I got back on Sunday at around 4 est time. I decided to take a nap because it had been a long weekend and I needed sleep. So when I woke up I didn't know if I wanted to log on or not. Well I decided to and I am glad I did. When I logged on we were in the city and I was like holy crap.

So my guild is in an instance and I just start roaming around in different instances to see what was going on. When I got in the instance with my guild we started doing the invader pq. When we completed it I was happy because I got my Invader Helm to complete the set. I was happy and thinking this was a successful siege for me. Then it flipped to stage 2.

We go to the arena pq first. We started it and I thought it wasn't so bad to get through the first 3 stages then the lord spawned. We found out real fast that it is hard to tank that lord. So I just start to kite him around. With him be able to snare and knock him down it was to bad. We completed the pq and I won a purple bag and was stooked. I got my Warlord shield which is awesome. Then we start on the next pq well once we figured out how to do it and it was to late. Oh well it was a good run for me. Maybe next time I will get warlord gear.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Incoming Expansion

Mythic is working on an Expansion for Warhammer Online. Here is the blurb from Slashdot. This is a good thing I believe because it shows that mythic is still dedicated to the game and is willing to put money in to the game. I only hope I reach rr 80 before it comes out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Selling Accounts

So apparently in the past day 2 of the better players on our server have sold there account. I am sad to see them go. One is from Ironfist that transfered over here. He was one of the better WH on this server and the other was a Zealot who was also one of the better healers on this server and he is orginally from Gorfang. It is sad to see them go but it brings of a question. Who in there right mind would buy an account?

Buying accounts is something new to me since this is my first MMO and I never fathomed anyone buying accounts especially for the prices I see them going for. I googled selling warhammer accounts and I see them for sell. I saw one sold for 400$ and another for 300$ that is just crazy and stupid on the buyers part. Hell if that almost makes me want to do it but I am enjoying the game to much. Also if I sold it then I could never come back and the person who bought my account would never live up to my character status since I am amazing (jk).

Now back to the question who would buy an account? In my opinion a lazy idiot who wants everything handed to them. I don't begrudge the people selling them because who knows the circumstances that they needed to sell them for plus a little extra cash is always nice but still who buys them. I mean part of the MMO experience is the ride up to the level cap. Making friends a long the way and joining a guild. You don't experience everything it has to offer if you but a character almost to the maxed out level. Where is you sense of accomplishment if it is just handed to you. Oh well to each his own but I know now when I see these players on the battlefield it just won't be the same because they will never be the same caliber player as the orginial players.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


We are doing this again now. Being more active with it trying to get those weapons since it will make us better in rvr. We are on the 7th boss right now again. Our problem with him is that we have no rdps in this group so it is rough getting past the first phase sometimes. When we do we are good on the 2nd and most of the time on the third phase unless that hero puts down his aoe right where he is standing. Fourth phase we had some troubles but we only got there 3 times because of the stupid 1st phase. Those kiting heros I hate because if the server lags while you are on them or they disrupt or parry your attack then you wipe with only mdps. We were getting better at the end of the night though but it was at 12 am when we were getting good at it. Oh well we will down him tonight and work on the 8th but from what I hear with 2 tanks in the group cross guarding it shouldn't be to hard. Oh and my helm better drop from the 7th boss or else.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All the LOTD Weapons

Here are all LOTD weapons.

New Weapons

So mythic in the infinite wisdom decided to release new weapons for lotd. Here they are. Now these weapons are awesome but you need to get 5 funerary (sp?) mask and some type of paper thing that you get from a gold bag in downing the world boss in lotd. So basically you need to do pve to get the best weapons in the game. Also when you do have a chance to get them there is a chance that a lvl 30 or so character can get it before someone who has played the game to rr 65 or more.

This is also something hard to do since no one on our server has downed the 8th boss yet. Our guild now though is going to get more serious about it sense these weapons are being introduced and we are going to focus doing it more.

Still I wish they would make rvr weapons better. I mean come on I like to pve everyonce in a while but to grind out pve to get the best gear in the games sucks. Especially since if you make one little mistake in TotVL on some bosses then you wipe. Even if the mistake is a bug on mythics end. If mythic fixed the bugs in TotVL and made it a little bit easier than I can see it being done. But as it stands you need to complete the dungeon everytime it is up for a month and a half just to get the belt and gloves. Which is jsut insanely stupid.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaked 1.3.1 Patch Notes.

If you haven't seen it yet go here to Shadow War blog to see the patch notes. It looks promising if it is true. Should be interesting. Not going to post my thoughts until Mythic offically says that it is what is going to happen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


God I am getting tired of just joining SCs solo now because order doesn't seem to attack the healers. I like going solo queing because it is fun for the most part. Well at least last night they weren't. The guild was laughing at me in vent last night because I was getting so pissed in vent. I mean even if they were attacking a healer and we get him down to low health someone would run up and punt him away to safety and he would heal himself before we could get back to him. I swear people need to learn how not to use knockbacks and to attack the healers. Ok venting done just people need to learn how to play. Not everyone but just some of them.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cry Babies.

Order has turned into a bunch of cry babies lately. In TM I have never heard so much crying about people being in the Warcamp. Just get over. Stop being such little babies becasue people don't play the same as you. This infighting between us is not good. Also get over it if you are from Gorfang or Ironfist. We are all on Gorfang now so get over it. Also get over it if you are not the best. Who cares. Now Order stop being a bunch of cry babies and whining of region chat about things. That is all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Am Back.

Just got back from a week of vacation. I am glad to be back a week with the family is a little much sometimes. Especially with 2 little kids running around. I get back and apparently destro has taken two forts while order has taken zero. I still hear order outnumbers destro and now I just laugh at that now. I logged on when I get back yesterday and it showed order med and destro high. Now I know that doesn't mean that we were outnumbered until I logged in and saw just how many destro were on. Ok I hope this is true because I like being the underdog.