Friday, August 14, 2009

Selling Accounts

So apparently in the past day 2 of the better players on our server have sold there account. I am sad to see them go. One is from Ironfist that transfered over here. He was one of the better WH on this server and the other was a Zealot who was also one of the better healers on this server and he is orginally from Gorfang. It is sad to see them go but it brings of a question. Who in there right mind would buy an account?

Buying accounts is something new to me since this is my first MMO and I never fathomed anyone buying accounts especially for the prices I see them going for. I googled selling warhammer accounts and I see them for sell. I saw one sold for 400$ and another for 300$ that is just crazy and stupid on the buyers part. Hell if that almost makes me want to do it but I am enjoying the game to much. Also if I sold it then I could never come back and the person who bought my account would never live up to my character status since I am amazing (jk).

Now back to the question who would buy an account? In my opinion a lazy idiot who wants everything handed to them. I don't begrudge the people selling them because who knows the circumstances that they needed to sell them for plus a little extra cash is always nice but still who buys them. I mean part of the MMO experience is the ride up to the level cap. Making friends a long the way and joining a guild. You don't experience everything it has to offer if you but a character almost to the maxed out level. Where is you sense of accomplishment if it is just handed to you. Oh well to each his own but I know now when I see these players on the battlefield it just won't be the same because they will never be the same caliber player as the orginial players.

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