Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well Here You Go

I have moved on from Warhammer for awhile if not forever but I am not done blogging.  I have decided to move blogs over to Blaze's GG.  So I am still blogging but I am moving over to a more general blogging instead of focusing on one game.  I think focusing on one game is fine but you will stop eventually.  So I am still around and I just started this thing up and will keep it updated with my exploits in all things me, which I know you all wanted.  So come on over and check it out and stay for a while.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Gamertags

Ok since I have gotten a few emails about playing with me on SC2 and Halo Reach.  Here are the gamertags that I use for both of them.  In SC2 my name is JustBlaze.isawesome and my xbox live account name is JustBlaze7204.  So if anyone wants to play just hit me up with an email here or just message in game when I am on.  Right now I am mostly playing Halo Reach since it is only live for 2 weeks then I will get back to more SC2.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What I am Doing

Sorry guys I have been busy with real life and have been playing Starcraft 2 beta, and now the Halo Reach beta is out now so I haven't played at all.  I don't know when I will be back or if I will be back.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What is the most stressful thing in any MMO you have played before or for that matter any game you have played that requires co-op?  Well for me in all my MMO experience, which is just two by the way, I find the most stressful thing for me is the 7th boss of TotVL, because I am the one that has to call the colors out.  Now the first two stages are not bad for calling the colors out because you have some time to get the colors down, but when the third and fourth stage hit it gets kinda chaotic especially since I have to tank one of the adds.  I have to worry about the colors and then picking up an add as well, now that is a lot of pressure imo.  Then if someone dies on the third stage and you get to the fourth stage it adds even more because then you have to pay attention even more because the standard red to green to blue doesn't work anymore and you have to make sure two colors of the same don't touch at the end.  Its fun but still stressful.

So what are your stressful moments in any game?  It can be a story of just some fight or anything?  Lets see if I can get more than a couple comments on this.

PS I was talking to Dell Support the whole time I was typing this and they are not the sharpest tools in the shed. I told him what was wrong than had to repeat my self a couple of times just to get my point across.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I burnt the top of my bald head and it hurts.  This sucks.  Just saying.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Is everyone entitled to the end game gear in the game?  Are the casual players entitled to it?  In my opinion no casual gamers should not be able to get end game gear from any online game.  This is true for most MMOs.  WOW, FFXI, and Aion only the hardcore gamers get the end game gear and not the causals.  WAR is different and I don't know if that is a good thing or not.  Causal gamers in WAR can easily obtain Sov. Gear supposedly the best gear in the game.  They can experience the endgame content very easily especially with this new patch coming out and the new city instance.  From what I read every instance will get to stage 3 no matter what.  They are making the end game not very hard at all.

When I first came to WAR and MMOs in general I thought end game is only for the hardcore players and WAR was no exception in the beginning.  When the King was first killed I think it was 6 or so months after release and it took like 12 hours of playing just to kill him.  Now I think 12 hours is a little rough and it needed to be lowered down, but nowadays it is to accessible to all in my opinion.  I want it to feel like an accomplishment when we down the endgame instead now it is just whoever can get a warband together will down him.  I don't feel this is right and shouldn't be right.  Casuals are not entitle to easy gear but that is what they have right now.  Anyway just my 2 cents.

Oh and I was wrong in my other post about city changes.  You can bring in you warband I was just reading wrong.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New City Changes

Well yesterday Andy from Mythic release the notes from the city changes and I have to say that I like most of the things that he posted especially the Player Champions.  I find that to be pretty cool.  With that being said, I don't like that you the most you can get in there as a group is a 6 man.  I don't like that the other 3 groups will be random and you could get screwed over big time with who you get in your warband.  I just find it funny that Mythic is catering to the casual players with this new city.  I also don't like that both sides can earn high end gear from either defending or invading. I feel that the high end gear should only be earned if you invade the opposing realms city.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So with the recent addition of all these bloggers does this mean WAR is growing.  I think it does.  I think with the resurgence of these bloggers is a good sign with WAR even with the latest billing fiasco.  I hope people realize that it isn't Mythic's fault for this billing problem but the people who are in charge of billing which is a billing agency.  Anyway I still think war is growing and it is a good sign for WAR with all the new blogs popping up.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And Some More

Ok well there are two more that I missed again.  Man I am bad at this.

One is Kite Like Hell.  He is a guildy of mine that is follow in my footsteps in the blogging world and he started one as well.

Another new one is TheHealeroftru's blog.  He is a DoK on my server as well.

Man there are a lot of bloggers on my server now.  And just think when I started this blog I was the only one on our server, ahh the good ole' days. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Saw Some More

Just found 2 more WAR bloggers out there.  They are multiplying like rabbits.

Rudepox At WAR is new to the game and is playing a black orc.

Talk Nerdy to Me is a new girl blogger.  Chicken and Perle and WARbureau aren't the only ones now.  Awesomesauce.

Friday, April 9, 2010


How reliable are you?  When you say you are going to be there for a run or something do you actually show up when you say you are going to or do you show up 20 mins late?  Me personally when I say a time I will show up usually early and if anything maybe 5 minutes late.  I find it a pet peeve of mine when someone says they will show on a set time and they don't show up within 5 minutes of that time especially in an MMO for a dungeon run.  I can understand if something in real life gets and you are late but if you are please let someone else know that you will unless there is a death or you are in the hospital or something else grave happened to you.  So please be reliable, if you say you are going to show up please show up. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who Is New

So I have been slacking on telling you people (thats right I said you people) about new blogs popping up.  Mainly because I have been lazy and I just didn't think about it.  Well that is getting remedy now.  If I miss anyone just tell me and i will put you in here.

First off we have Erbse, he has been blogging for sometime and I am just now getting to him.

Then we have Keagen, who is a magus on my server and his just started up not to long ago and it is an interesting read about Maguses (I guess that is right).

We also have Vauleen from Volkmar.  They just started blogging and I like them so far.

Scary Booster is back playing WAR and he is enjoying it so far.

Last but not least My Guild Leader  decided to start up a blog and let me warn you it is NSFW.  He also tells it like it is and holds nothing back.  If he feels like calling you out he will, so enjoy reading his blog.

I am sure there are others I am missing and if so just tell me and I will put you on my awesome list to the side and you will then be famous, just like me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who Gets the Loot

So I am nearing having every single end game piece of gear.  I only need my chest and boots for me to get full sovereign, which is either 3 king runs away unless either of those drop before that.  I only need my chest and gloves to be full tyrant and well that is a crap shoot as when I will get those.

I probably won't be full tyrant for a long time if ever.  The reason is that I will always pass on the chest piece until everyone else has it in the group because I won't use it at all except maybe when I am tanking but I can tank everything right now as is so there is no point in me getting it when tyrant is awesome for healers as well as dps.

I feel like the person who will use it should always get the loot first in the group.  Like in a king run I feel like if my chest piece drops and I am the only rr 80 knight in the warband then I should be the only person rolling on it, but say my boots drop and there are other knights in the warband that can wear them then they should roll as well.  As long as you can use it when you get it then I am fine with anyone rolling on an item.

Crests have been a discussion before with people who are not even 40 getting royal crest when they drop and I feel they shouldn't get them.  The problem isn't as big now with how easy it is to earn royals, but it is still there.  I feel like to roll need on invader you have to be rr 45, warlord rr 55, and royal rr 65.  Now the reason why these renown levels is because you are getting close to being able to use the gear and thus should start collecting a little before.  

So when you are in a group do you pass on loot that you could use but it benefits someone else more than you in your group or do you just roll and don't care because hey it is something you don't have and that you want?  If it helps someone else out RvR more than me I will pass.  What about you?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello and Psssh

Hello all, how are you doing this beautiful day?  I haven't been neglecting you guys, well I kind of have, but that is because this is a busy, busy time for me, but don't worry I am still playing and I am also working on a project. I am making a nice little movie that I think you all will enjoy greatly.  This movie has inspired me to do this.  That movie is probably one of the best Warhammer Online fan made movies I have seen.  So yea that is what I am working on plus a few other small things I have rattling around in my head.

Now on to the Psssh part.  I would like to say congrats to Garwaar, Weirt, Mykiel, and Andrew (If I spelled your name wrong to bad didn't feel like looking it up so I went off the top of my head) for getting invited to Mythic Headquarters to get an interview with those guys there.  Now you may be saying but why are you saying Psssh, well I live 2 hours away and they wouldn't even need to fly me out or anything like that.  I would do a lot just to get an interview with them because whether you believe it or not I do have a lot of questions to ask them.

With that out of the way I can understand them not picking me, because I haven't been as active as usual on the blog and there is bigger than mine and probably more informative.  Oh well I may just drive down in spite of them and crash there little party.  Haha wouldn't that be something to get kicked out of Mythic Headquarters.  So if you don't hear back from me then I am in jail and did something stupid at Mythic.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunch of News

Yesterday Mythic released a bunch of news.  First off they said Gromril Plating is getting nerf to be only a self buff to IBs.  Carrie also released her monthly news letter.  Not much going in it just saying that they are changing some tints on the armor and they also announced that Marauders are dueling wielding now.  Then the last piece of news that they announced was the guilds done for testing.  Now for the all the guilds out there that got chosen congrats, but I have some problems with some of them and how they choose them.

I know some of the destro guilds they pick for this and they are good players and some of the elite guilds on there servers just like Arsenal and the other ones they pick from our server.  Now the order guilds they pick I have a problem with.  They are not the top guilds or even close to the top guilds on our server.  Now I would have loved to been picked, but I wasn't expecting it because our guild leader has had a few choice words with Andy and the other Devs. so I wasn't expecting to to participate in it but some of the other top guilds like Irony, Blitz, and even Vlos should have def. been picked over the guilds they picked.

Its not that these are bad guilds but they are zerg guilds that have the highest player base or the most people online.  These guys will get demolished by the destro guilds that have been chosen.  I want the better guilds to be chosen because they will put the best competition forth and give the best feedback because the hardcore players know the game better than anyone else.  They don't want easy mode like the zerg guilds do.

Well we will just see what happens with the city.  Only time will tell.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gromil Plating Nerf

So I know there have been a lot of complaints about Gromil Plating lately but destro should be rejoicing because they are making it self only buff in 1.3.5.  Here is the proof.

Where Is Warhammer Going

So I have been wondering lately where Warhammer is heading.  I am almost full Sovereign and I would be completed if I had gone on every possible king run but due to real life things I haven't done 3 of them.  I have my full glyph set except my back and I don't really care about the rest of the tyrant set because it is basically a tank set and not a pvp set.  The only thing I am really working for is my royal two handed weapon.  That may take awhile, but other people already have there royal weapon and now they have nothing to work for except killing people which is the fun part of the game and what I play for, but there should always be a little incentive to play.

What I think would be kool if they do is that they add an extra dungeon that requires Sovereign gear.  The dungeon won't drop gear or weapons but jewelry pieces.  It would only be accessible right after you kill the king.  Who would we fight and how many bosses I don't know I am sure Mythic and Games Workshop would know.

I also think it would be nice if they added the cap renown to 100.  For those renown ranks you wouldn't get a renown point every level instead you would get something every 5 renown ranks or so.  I am sure Mythic could think of something that would work but I am not sure what.    

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where Have I Been

So I have been neglecting all two of my readers again.  Mostly because I haven't really had anything to post about.  Sure I still play some what, but not as much as before.  I am a busy guy right now with all the things going on in my life.  Also I am on the final boss of Final Fantasy 13.  This boss fight could be one of the hardest I have faced in a long while.  I am trying to do it with the party I had setup through out the whole story.  I am using Snow, Lighting, and Vanille as my main party and I want to beat it with those three.  I just have to get lucky I guess.  Well once I do beat it, I should be playing WAR more.  I am out for now, until next time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Melee Bright Wizard

So I feel like I have been neglecting all my readers lately.  Well I actually have, but that is besides the point.  I have been playing some Warhammer off and on.  Usually for only an hour or two at a time though.  I have had more time but I am trying to beat Final Fantasy 13.  I am a little over halfway through so in another week or so I should beat it.

Anyway back to the title.  Yesterday in Altdorf I saw what I think to be a melee bright wizard.  I mean he was renown rank 43 with all primeval gear on.  He had a strength and ballistic jewelry on.  He also had a strength liniment on and had a strength taly in his soul weapon.  So I figure this is the first ever melee bright wizard out there. I can't quite figure out the ballistic jewelry, but oh well.  Here is a screenshot to prove it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still Here

I am still around just haven't had any bright ideas.  Also I have been concentrating on Final Fantasy 13 instead of WAR lately.  I will get back to playing WAR more when I beat Final Fantasy 13.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Guild Application

Guild application is up for testing now.  Here it is.

Spring is in the Air

So spring is coming upon us.  The sun is shining, birds are singing, and this is my busy time of the year.  I have so much going right now it isn't even funny.  I am an Assistant Track coach at my old high school, I play in a basketball league, and I am a youth group leader at my church.  With all this going on my WAR game play time is going to take a hit.  This kind of makes me sad since right now is the time for playing a lot because SCs are popping and I want my new two hander.  Also Final Fantasy 13 is coming out this Tuesday and I am excited for that as well.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I Want to Happen

So I have been thinking and you know what I would like to see happen with the endgame is that they would have rotating cities.  Every two months or so they would change which cities that can be invaded.  Each king encounter would be a different encounter for the realm.  There would also be different runs for the Sentinel gear that people could do.  I think this would be awesome if they could do this.  I mean it would change up the encounters and bring excitement to the endgame with it always changing.  It could introduce new Warlord PQs as well and people wouldn't complain as much of the king difficulty.

I would also like to see a new endgame encounter where it requires you to have Sovereign Gear to be able to do it.  The new endgame would drop either jewelry pieces or cloak set which is better than the LoTD set.  I would love to see this happen.     

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The New Grind

So I find that this new system for the rvr weapons is pretty good.  I actually like it a lot.  I know they are talking about changing the prices for the weapons but I don't think they are really that bad.  I mean last night I finally got my conq. weapon and finally started earning invader insignias.  So it took me a week to get to the next level and I find that fine.  I wouldn't say I am one of the hardcore players but I play more than a casual so I am somewhere in the middle leaning more closer to hardcore.  I want these weapons to be rare and I don't want everyone having them in 2 or 3 weeks after they came out.  Sure you will have the really hardcore players getting them but if you lower the cost everyone will have them which shouldn't be the case.  I feel like the cost is just fine where it is at.  It is something to strive for and to do.

There is one thing I would change though and that is that the winning side of the SC gets either 2 or 3 insignias while the losing side gets 1 or 2.  That way there is actually an incentive to win the SC instead of just sitting there afk at the entrance which I have seen done.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Beat The Game

Thats right I beat the game, which means I finally reached renown rank 80.  Yay for me, I am awesome.  I took a picture of my stats but like an idiot I forgot the screenshot at my home computer.  Now it is time for the fun part of just worrying about killing people instead of zone locks and renown.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Calling Them Out

I am calling out Warspirits right now because he just made a post on the official forums saying that he never lost today.  Well of course you don't lose when you leave the SC right away.  I mean honestly just horrible.  I call out people who lie and think they are top dog when in reality they live in there own little world.  Yes this may be a little vindictive but this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So today I was thinking about how long it will take to up each level.  I figure it will take 16 hours of total SC game play to go up to invader level insignias.  I figured this out by thinking that you will get an average of 2 conq. insignias throughout the SCs.  So that means it will take 160 SCs to get enough conq. insignias to be able to buy the conq weapon thus going up to invader insignias.  I also figured that the average SC will take about 6 mins. to complete.  So 160x6 = 960 then I divided it by 60 which comes out to 16 hrs of SC game play.  

Now this is just an estimate.  Some people will earn them faster while others will earn them slower but I figure this is about average.  This time will go up by about 30 mins or so each level.  So I figure that it will take me 84 hours and 30 mins of SC game play to get my royal two hander that I want.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Patch Day

Patch day, patch day, patch day, yay.  I love patch day.  It is always excited to see what new bugs mythic comes up with when patch day comes.  What old bugs will suddenly reappear with this new patch.  I am also excited the new weapons coming out today.  Yay time to own destro when I get off of work.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Couple of Things.

First thing first patch tomorrow as it says here.  Time to start dominating destro.  Another thing is pretty cool.  A player has live streaming of his warhammer game play.  I may try and figure this out and do it my self to show you all how uber i am.

The Homestretch

So I am on the homestretch to renown rank 80.  I was 65% of the way in to 78 starting Friday night and now I only need 60% of a renown to reach 80.  The 30% renown bonus this past weekend was nice to and it helped out a lot.  Now with me being so  close to 80 I can fell me just renown whoring for zone locks and everything else.  I haven't been doing that before but now that I am close I find myself doing this just to get to 80.  I hope to be there by next week.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Yes I ran Bilerot for the first time this weekend.  No I don't have a destro toon to 40 yet.  I ran it on my Knight. You see we went to Stage 2 Sat. and I was bored and I actually found a group that wanted to go to Bilerot and I have always wanted to run it.  So we four manned Bilerot.  Our group was RP, DPS WP, and 2 KotBS.  Yup we downed everything in Bilerot and I have to say I thought it was pretty easy to do.  I found that instance actually a lot easier than Sigmars and WBT.  But anyway it was a nice change of pace to do something I have never done before, now all I need to do is the Blood instance during a Stage 2 push when I am locked out of the king.

Friday, February 19, 2010


So I logged on last night to the test server to try out the new Ironclad sc.  I have mixed feelings about this new sc.  Sure it is compact which is nice and it is only 6v6 which again is really nice.  I think it is two compact though.  It should be only one level with one flag in the middle like Caledor Woods.  You think people complain about BWs and Sorcs before, just wait til this SC comes out.  It is way to close quarters and AoE will again be king in this SC.  I am not worried about it with our 6 mans, but other 6 mans will be destroyed by AoE.

Another thing about this SC is that WPs and DoKs will be king because of the multiple stories and being able to hide and just AoE heal from the different stories while the RPs and AMs have to be able to see there target really to heal well.

Well also on the test server I got to test out the new two hander for the rvr weapons.  I have to say I liked it a lot. It raised my dps up by 24 pts which is really nice.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Little Things

I do enjoy the little things.  The little things make it fun.  Right now the little thing that make it fun is staking people with the live event reward.  It is fun to run up to someone you just killed and throw a huge stake threw there body.  I just wish they had a flag on it with your name on it showing that you were the one who staked them.  Here are some pictures of my adventure in staking people.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell is an awesome actor and I love his old shows like Brisco County Jr., and Jack of All Trades.  I love Hulu because it has Jack of All Trades on it and I am just finishing up the series.  Also Burn Notice is also an awesome show.  Anyway just throwing that out there.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The New SCs

Well in case you haven't seen it yet here is the new SCs that are coming out, and here are my thoughts on these new SCs.

Sure these 6 SCs are better than the 6 that they purposed before, but the problem is that there are only 6 SCs the whole time, and 7 on the weekend.  Again as the saying goes "variety is the spice of life" and this saying applies here.  We need variety which is what this system right now does offer.  We don't have the same SCs over and over again like the new system is going to do.

Also here are some thoughts on what he said in his post as well.

Andy wrote:
Last week we told the community that we were going “back to the whiteboard” on how we implemented the Scenario changes in 1.3.4. We took the feedback provided by you, the community, to heart and took a long look at what we wanted to accomplish with these changes compared to what the players are asking for.

Yes you did take the feedback on the SC choices, but you didn't take the feedback on just have 6 scs the whole time.  It is going to get boring fast with only having a total of 6 scs, instead of now where there are 12 scs and varitey.

Andy wrote: Attaining “critical mass” for Scenarios to ensure that they are firing off as frequently as possible. If we put in too many Scenarios active at one time, we end up spreading out the active population to the point that there is a significant, and thereby not fun, wait for Scenarios.
Um I can barely get an SC pop with just 3 to 4 SCs open at one time, how is having 6 SCs open all the time going to make them fire off more frequently.  This confuses me.

Andy wrote: Providing you with the variety in Scenarios that you’re asking for by adding in the most asked for Scenarios from the community and re moving some of the less played ones. 
A lot of the SCs you removed were still fun.  There were only two totally worthless SCs and those were Thunder Valley and Blood of the Black Carin.  All the others were fine, those two SCs could be fixed pretty easily.

Andy wrote: Ending scores, for both the winner and the losing realm (the higher the better for the losing realm)
So you are saying I shouldn't have just tried to totally dominate in the SC then.  I should let them at least get a couple of points.  Well I say screw that I want to totally demoralize the other side, which is part of the game.  I want them to challenge us, not to just hand them the points.  I don't want an SC that just hands points to the other realm, I want SCs that make each realm work for the points.

Andy wrote: Time to completion
Hey it isn't our fault that you don't know how make some changes to the SCs so they all finish around the same time.  Like Caledor Woods, make the flag earn you points quicker, instead of it taking the whole time just to finish the SC when the other side is spawn camped.  Same thing with Maw, make it so you earn points slower when you are holding the part.  There you go problem fixed.

Andy wrote: Fun of Gameplay, i.e..; does it feed into being an AoE meatgrinder or is it more strategic with lots of room to play in?
You know I was thinking about this and Thunder Valley.  If you made Thunder Valley just like Battle for Praag then it would be an awesome SC, it would be just like Gromil Crossing since there are no flags close by the camp, but since you kept Gromil Crossing... oh that is right you didn't, instead we have Battle for Praag, which is fun but the points are so close together that it is easy to wipe them once at the flag and the spawn camp the other side while in Gromil Crossing it takes a few wipes before that.

Andy wrote: “But Andy, that’s still only 6 static Scenarios in tier 4!”

Yes, yes it is. This is where the aforementioned “critical mass” comes into play. We understand the desire for as much variety as possible, however we had to temper that with ensuring the most active Scenario environment possible for everyone.

You didn't need to change which SC pop now because you added a new way to earn weapons because of SCs.  Because of this new system coming out more SCs would have been firing off and thus would have fixed your issue.

Andy wrote: We saw the large outcry against the inclusion of Phoenix Gate, Mourkain Temple and Gates of Ekrund at the higher level tiers and the exclusion of some favorites such as Reikland Factory, Caledor Woods and Serpent’s Passage.
  They are good SCs, well except for Phoenix Gate, except that those SCs would be a 6v6 sc instead of a 12v12 sc.  If Mourkain Temple and Gates of Ekrund became 6v6 in t4 then I say let them in and they will be a blast.

Andy wrote: One thing that we didn't emphasize strongly enough in previous communications is that these Tier 4 Scenarios will be available at all times, no matter what state the campaign is in (aside from stage one of a City Siege).
Um I had no question about that.  I just wish that they were available during Stage 1 because Stage 1 can get boring.

Andy wrote: Making obsolete the need to queue for one or two specific Scenarios to “push” the campaign.
 Additionally, these Weekend Warfronts will do something that weekend events have never done before: contribute to the campaign. No longer will you be forced to pick and choose which Scenarios to queue for; all of them contribute.

This actually hurts the campaign then helps it.  If we are trying to lock a pairing we can't tell people that aren't in premades to just queue for such and such SCs now we have to tell them not to queue at all and that isn't going to happen.  

Andy wrote: So there you have it. We are extremely grateful to you, the community, for all of the feedback you’ve provided over the last few weeks regarding the Scenario changes. While we understand that everyone will react differently to this new system, we are steadfast in the belief that this is the best thing for the future of WAR. Thank you for being a part of what’s to come.
Thanks for listening to about 20% of what the community wants.  We were fine with how the SC system worked before, you just needed to fix one or two SCs instead of removing almost half the SCs. 

At least we can get new weapons now.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tank Progression

So I was thinking the other day about tank progression in MMOs.  The tanks are the ones that need the gear the most out of anyone else.  Tanks are the ones that need the gear first because they are the ones that need to progress the most so the whole group can.

Without the tanks getting gear there isn't a way for anyone else to progress in the game as far.  At least in WAR tanks need to be fully warded for every instance they do.  Well at least the main tank does.  While every other person in there can be 3/5 wards and still be able to do it.  Without the tank being fully warded it makes everything that much more difficult.

This is where I think WAR has had trouble with in the beginning and still does for new up and coming guilds.  With there random loot drop from the higher dungeons it is hard to gear up a tank.  I remember when I was in League of Light my guild was waiting on me to finally get fully warded to run LV.  We had the dps and the healers ready but not the tank.  Because I couldn't finish my set.  I know this has been a problem with other people to waiting on there tanks to get warded enough to run the instance.  Now it isn't as much of a trouble with how easy it is to get invader tokens but it still can be a problem with some guilds.

I am not sure how it is other MMOs and if you could post a comment about how important it is for tank progression in other MMOs I would appreciate it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ok guys I am back to posting, since I have basically shoveled all the snow that I can.  I haven't stopped playing WAR but I just didn't have time to post anything.

Well we downed the King again last night and we now have the first full sovereign character on Gorfang on our server.  I am also now only 2 pieces away from being full sovereign, which are the two pieces I can't wear yet so it is all good.

I did learn something else though, and that is I can't tank the king.  The reason being is that I fail at strafing.  I can tank the final boss in TotVL pretty easily, but for some reason I can't tank the king.  Oh well what can you do.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a bit it is because of the 2 ft of snow we got over the weekend and the foot we are suppose to get today.  I have been busy shoveling snow and I haven't had time to post anything.  I probably won't be able to post until Thursday.  Be patient and I will be back.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gates of Ekrund

So last night I got a Gates of Ekrund pop.  I was in Altdorf on my main standing at the Auction House not even queued up for any SCs and I get this pop.  I started busting out laughing in vent and proceeded to go in to the SC.  Now I can only speculate what  the destro in the SC were saying or thinking in that SC but I know on order they were busting out laughing.  I kind of felt bad for the destro in there but then I realized that I don't care and that this only happens once really.  So I proceeded to 2 or 3 shot every character in there which was fun.  I hope another one pops for me again some time.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The New Currency

Last night they told people how they will be able to get the higher up insignias on the test server.  I wasn't able to be on the vent server to ask questions due to prior obligations, but I have heard how you get them new currency.  

You start out by getting Conq. Insignias from SCs.  Then once you buy a Conq. weapon you start getting Invader Insignias then so on an so forth.  Now this system seems to be pretty interesting and I don't mind it except for one problem.  Characters who can only use great weapons are screwed over.  The reason being is that I as a knight can say buy my shield at Conq. level which is half as expensive as a great weapon.  Thus I will start being able to earn Invader Insignias faster than say a RP because they can only use staffs.  So by the time the buy there Conq. Great Weapon I will be able to buy my Invader Shield and start earning Warlord Insignias while they are just starting to earn Invader Insignias.  This is not good at all.

Here is how I propose to fix it.  I say that you have to be able to buy the weapon below that before you can buy the higher level weapon.  Which means say that I buy the Conq. Shield then I will be only able to buy the Invader Shield and not the other weapons.  Now I know it isn't perfect and that I will still be able to earn Insignias faster than someone who only has a great weapon but it would close the gap a great deal in price wise.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

His Thoughts

Just thought I would post this here since it is so true.  Read Grimnir Grudge blog post it is true.

Thoughts on the New Weapons

Well like I said earlier I would post my thoughts on the new weapons.  For almost every class it is a very big upgrade.  For what I want the KotBS 2-hander is freaking amazing.  I would take either the Warlord or Royal weapon over Gutbeaters any day of the week.  Both shields for the knight are awesome and they even look awesome.  You can see how each weapon looks over at at Gaarawarr Gabs.

With that being said, I know in our guild the AMs and RPs are angry.  DPS is fast out scaling healing and these weapons are going to make it a bigger difference than before.  The sandstorm staffs are still better for the healers.  They said there is changes coming to healing in 1.3.5 that will be talked in the next producers letter so that will be interesting to see when it comes out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Weapons

Well I logged on to the test server to see the weapons and here they are.  The royal ones for order.  I will post what I think later, but with out further ado.

My Thoughts on the Patch Notes

Well I posted yesterday that the patch notes where out and after looking over them there are some good things and then there are some really terrible things.  I will focus on the terrible things first just to get them out of the way.

The first and worst thing they did was get rid of way to many SCs.  As the old saying goes Variety is the Spice of Life and this goes with games.  People want variety when they are playing.  Sure these 6 SCs will be open the whole time but there will be no changes what so ever and they will get boring unless they have a weekend event every weekend that brings back one of the old SCs.  If they do that every single weekend then I think it will be ok, if not then well we will see.

Another face palm is the nerf of IBs.  Now listen people still hold the misconception that IBs are OP, well they are not.  Only thing making them that is Gromil Plating, which they do need to fix, but other than that they are fine.  They didn't need to nerf cave-in.  It was fine as is.  As someone put it in a thread on WHA, "how can mythic give 2 of the 6 tanks an AoE stagger, while continuously nerfing the other tanks CC is beyond me."  I agree with this wholeheartedly.  They need to either change our AoE CC or give the other tanks more CC.

On a good note is the weapons I hope.  I will be checking them out after work to see how good they are and will be hopefully posting some screenshots of them to show you all.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1.3.4 Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for 1.3.4.  Interesting choice in the SCs and how they are doing them.  I will be going on the test server tomorrow to see the weapons and will hopefully be able to get SS's of them and post them on here later.


I don't mind paying the money to respec to my different specs that I have.  What I am tired of is having to go back to Altdorf to respec.  It is a pain in the but to travel back to Altdorf to repec my renown points and my mastery tree for the three different specs I have.  Yes I have three differnt specs.  I have a full on tank spec for when I am main tanking an instance, I have an off tank spec for when I am the off tank in an instance, and I have my PvP spec for when I am running around in pvp.

Here is what I would wish they would do.  Give us an option on the our character screen or something to be able to switch what spec we want.  Have us be able to set up 2 or 3 different specs and when we want to change it we get out of combat pick the spec we want, it takes the 14 gold or so that it cost to respec and boom we are ready to go.  It would be so much easier if they did this, will they I doubt it but I can dream.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Knight of the Blazing Sun Community

The Knight of the Blazing Sun Community IMO has really gone downhill.  There are to few knights nowadays that know what they are doing.  Instead our community is over run with people saying S/S is the way to go in RvR. 

Now I am not saying don't change your spec because I don't care what you run, but please don't give advice saying that s/s is better than a 2-hander in rvr because it is not.  Stop telling new people that knights should go s/s in a bomb group because that quite possibly could be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  To even think about being competitive in rvr with s s/s you need to be high renown with the best gear in the game otherwise it is pointless and you will be ignored.

If you want to be a tank in rvr then you want to run a 2 hander and do damage.  If you are running a s/s then you will be ignored which is not what you want.  Instead do damage, run in with a mdps and throw guard on him.  Assist him on what ever target he is on.  Stand out in battle with a 2 hander.  If you are a threat then you will get targeted which is what you want.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Follow Me

Follow me on Twitter now, name is JustBlaze7208.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok I have been an avid avoider of twitter.  I don't know I just find it stupid for some reason, but I am having more and more friends join it and they want me to join it.  I was also thinking that twitter would also increase this blog, but I just don't know if I want to do it or not.  For some reason I find twitter to be the idiot cousin of the family that no one likes but people are to afraid to tell them.  Oh well what do you guys think.

Saving Money

MMOs save me money.  Yes that is right it saves me money.  Now how does it save me money you might ask, well I will tell you.  It saves me money because by just paying 15$ a month to play WAR then I don't have to spend anywhere from 60 to 120 dollars a month on console video games.  This actually saves me a lot of money in the long run which is awesome.  So in the long run MMOs do save you money if your an avid gamer.

PS: Mass Effect 2 is awesome.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 comes out today.  I pre ordered it and once I get off of work I will be playing the heck out of it.  So that means Warhammer Online will be second.  I am not going to stop playing.  I still will play a hour or two a night until I beat Mass Effect 2.  I can't wait to get off of work to play Mass Effect 2.

Monday, January 25, 2010

E-Peen Flexing

Yea thats right I am flexing my e-peen right now.  You are probably asking yourself, Blaze why are you flexing your e-peen right now.  Well I will tell you the reason.  This is why.  Yea our guild was the guild interviewed for the Guild Spotlight on WHA.

I have been reading some of the comments left by the European Players and they have there knickers in a bunch.  Sorry I just wanted to say knickers in a post because I never thought I would.  So knickers, knickers, knickers, and knickers.  Ok now that is out of my system.  They were saying that WHA is US-centric and saying that most US guilds would not last a second on an EU server.  I think most EU guilds would not last that long on our server.  The reason being is that there is actually competition on US servers instead of people just rolling over dieing which is what is seems like is happening on the EU servers for both sides.  I just wish there was a way to test out to see who is the best.  Who has the best 6v6 or 12v12, I want to find out.  I want to find and fight tougher groups of destro.  Oh well until Mythic introduces something like that sometime it will just be going back and forth and saying we are better.  Which we are.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I am Tired

I am tired of people being idiots on the forums.
I am tired of people not knowing what they are talking about.
I am tired of people giving advice when they don't know the right spec for it.
I am tired of people not fully reading what was actually said then posting thinking they are smart.
I am tired of people taking offense to the littlest thing.
I am tired of people taking the game to seriously thinking that it is the most important thing.
I am tired of people complaining about everything.
I am tired of people getting angry when they are called out even though it is true.
And last of all I am just tired.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick Still

Haven't been able to play much because of being sick which sucks.  I was hoping to play a good bit but I haven't been able to concentrate enough on the game to do anything.  I am getting over it now but I am busy the rest of the week and won't be able to play much which makes me a sad panda.  Oh well at least Mythic threw us bone and posted some patch notes here.  They look awesome and I am excited about the new rvr weapons.  Well for now I am off hoping to get better.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So I have off today for Martin Luther King Jr. day and I am sick.  Not a good combination IMO.  I was hoping to get a good day of WAR in, instead I am laying on the couch right now watching a movie and typing this out because I can't concentrate enough to play WAR well.  Anyway this isn't what this post is about.  This post is about a challenge that I wish Mythic would introduce in WAR.  That challenge is a full on 6v6 across servers to see who actually has the best 6 man out there.

The reason this came up is really because of the Warhammer Alliance Guild Spotlight page on DROW.  We started to talk about in our vent how we don't think there is any guild on any server that could beat us in a 6v6.  I just don't think anyone could handle our melee train.  I wish Mythic would have a huge tournament one day between all the top guilds on every server.  If they did something like this it would have to be a round robin type tournament.  If they did something like this you wouldn't even need to give the winner anything because they would have bragging rights over everyone.  Well I guess a title would be pretty cool or something to go on a guild standard.

Anyway I would love to challenge all the other so called good destro guilds out there and show them how good we are.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wicked King of the Chaos is Dead.

Thats right we had the server first kill of the Chaos King whatever his name is.  Don't feel like looking it up to spell it.  Funny thing is right after we kill it 20 mins. later another group killed the king.  I would like to say thank you to Legion of Sorrow and Obliteration because they helped feel out the rest of the warband for the king fight.

Here is the roster of all who participated then SSs that I took.  Oh and I also got my shoulders while another knight who could wear it got his helm, so all in all a good night.

Blazeric - KotBS - 76 - RLH
Phec - KotBS - 80 - Legion of Sorrow
Durus - KotBS - 54 (He did not roll on any loot which is awesome of him) -RLH
Mistgun - SM - 80 - RLH
Ohka - SM - 73 - RLH
Dooger - IB - 80 - RLH
Deer - IB - 76 - RLH
Notensack - Slayer - 80 - RLH
Pallien - Slayer - 79 - Legion of Sorrow
Escher - WH - 80 - RLH
Extazy - WH - 80 - RLH
Rakija - WH - 80 - RLH
Liandel - WL - 80 - Obliteration
Rocklein - Engy - 80 - RLH
Reklus - BW - 77 - RLH
Gorsten - BW - 78 - Legion of Sorrow
Murdurus - WP - 78 - RLH
Carys - WP - 73 - RLH
Thukar - RP - 76 - RLH
Pewpewqq - RP - 79 - RLH
Marple - RP - 72 - Legion of Sorrow
Emaryn - AM - 73 - RLH
Istaflysiii - AM - 80 - RLH
Erroneous - AM - 73 - RLH

And a special thanks to Klocker from Legion of Sorrow for helping us out and to all of order for making this possible.  Here are some pics of it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

MMO's and Girl

I have a feeling that this post is going to read weird to a lot of people but for some reason I feel the need to say this.  I know this may sound weird but I feel, well for me at least, that this MMO has helped me out with girls.  Now following me with this and watch you mind be blown away just like Alderaan.  

So when I first started playing I was much confident with the ladies per se.  Ok I sucked and was shy around them.  Its not like I didn't have any lady friends it just that they were my friends in college and well they all have boyfriends.  Anyway so it isn't like I don't have interaction with them it just that I didn't know how to attract them on a different level.

As I keep on playing WAR I realize how good I am at it.  I know conceded aren't I.  I realize I was just rolling face with the groups I was in and this was before I joined my current guild RLH.  Now buy owning face online somehow at least it transfered to RL and thus made me more confident for some odd reason.  I was able to talk to other people and especially girls.  I know it is crazy right.

So nowadays I am more confident than ever around the ladies and in some weird way I think playing WAR and being a cocky S.O.B sometimes has helped it because it has made me more confident.  I know this is off the wall and probably doesn't work for anyone and you all probably think I am crazy, but hey to each his own.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


You know I am glad that Gorfang hasn't had to merge to another server.  The reason being is that then this blogs name would be idiotic.  I guess I could call it Warhammer on the Server Formerly Known as Gorfang.  Anyway just a random thought.

Tome Unlocks

So sometimes when I am bored I run around and do tome unlocks.  I was running around in Death Peak I think it is from the Dwarf t4 zone and I notice how beautiful it is to look at.  Mythic did a really nice job with making this game impressive style wise I believe.  Well here are some SSs I took that I really liked.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forum Warrior

So over the weekend I made a post on WHA calling out how all destro are terrible players and that they have no good premades and that they only know how to zerg.  Which I still stand by for the most part.  Anyway what I am getting at is that the forums have gotten to nice.  No one is flexing there epeen anymore on there.  Instead everyone is saying how good the other side is and how much they like each other and they are saying congrats for little things and such.  I am tired of it.  I want people to start calling out people for getting owned in an SC or in ORvR.  I want each side to hate each other, which they should.  I want epeen waving everywhere.  So get to it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


You know I am excited where the game is heading right now.  With what I have been reading it sounds like Mythic is starting to listen to there players and are implementing some things that players have wanted for awhile.

Mythic has basically stated that they are added something else to SCs.  Now there is some speculation as to what that is going to be, whether premade vs premade SCs (which I hope) or cross server SCs, either will be nice and hopefully add a new challenge for the players in the game.

Another thing that they are adding is RvR weapons.  I am more excited about this than anything else.  The reason being is that I get to upgrade my weapon hopefully.  All that I have heard is that they are implementing RvR weapons and that it will be nice to have good weapons that aren't from PvE.

There are some other things that I have heard but these are the 2 big ones that I am excited for the most.  I can't wait to see what they will do in January and with 1.3.4.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Perfect 6-Man

What is the perfect 6-man group.  There are many different group setups out there in the Warhammer Realm, such as the generic 2 tank, 2 healer, 1 mdps, and 1 rdps.  There is also the AoE bomb group.  The 1 tank, 2 healer, and 3 dps group or the melee train group.  I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect group setup.  Other people may disagree with that, but I really think that any group can excel with who ever it is in it.  

With that said there are group setups that I favor more than others.  I think my favorite group setup is starts with Me of course well a KotBS at least.  Then we go with another tank probably a IB.  Then the healers are a RP and a AM.  For dps my favorite to group is a WH and a Slayer.  Here are my reasons.

A KotBS because of our auras.  We are the best group tank in the whole game with our auras running.  I can make enemies in the area 10% more likely to be crit, while increase the healing doing to the group by 15%.  We support the whole group with our utility.  Plus with this single target group AoE stagger is king.

An IB because as a tank they have the best burst damage out of anyone.  They can also survive a lot longer with what they can run.  Plus the have gromil plating which is a very nice morale.  They also have an AoE snare which is very powerful.

A RP because they have great group heals and good single target heals.  They have the self rez ability which has saved our group many times before in different situations.  There ruins are also very nice to have.  They can also have very good survivability compared to an AM.

An AM because they are the best single target healer in the game imo.  They have an ap drain which doesn't make them run out of ap very often.  Plus they also have the viability to go dps if need be and they can be a force as a dps.

A WH and a Slayer because you can have the Slayer run up front and have all the enemies focus on him as the WH sneaks in the back to gank there healers.  The Slayer has the best survivability of any dps and with guard is hard to take down.  While the WH can just demolish any healer they are on if played right.

Well those are just my thoughts on it.  I like running with every class but I just have the must fun running with those classes not matter who it is.  If you feel like it post your favorite six man to run in.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch Out

So last night was a very interesting night for our guild.  It was also a night that could change things for order on this server imo.  Some drama happen that I won't get into but with what was said and with what happened last night this could possibly change things for us and for order on Gorfang.  It is a growing development but for some reason I have a good feeling about this and I will go into more details as it happens.

Another thing I have been thinking about is that I want a new two hander.  I am tired of using the Gutbeaters, and yes I have the lotd weapon.  I just need the claymore of the sandstorm.  There is a good post on WHA in our forums about the dps of each weapon and how bad the Gutbeaters is compared to the others which I find wrong.  I find my dps to be higher with the Gutbeaters than with any other weapon.  But what I really want is the lotd two hander that you can get from killing the world boss or from the palace sub-bosses.

Also just throwing this out there but I am awesome.  Anyone who doesn't agree, well I will prove you wrong.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tank Kills Across Servers

So as I said I would I compiled a list of total tank kills of the top 10 tank for order and destro across the four american servers, Gorfang, Iron Rock, Badlands, and Volkmar.  I know it is already outdated but this will give you an idea of who is being played with how many kills and so on.  Plus I was bored and decided to do it.  A couple of things, KPRR is Kills Per Renown Rank.  I would have also liked to use RP (renown points) instead of RR (renown rank), but it would have been to hard and the numbers would have been small.  Ok here it goes, I hope I did everything right.

Avg. Kill - 38868.6  Avg. RR - 75.45  Avg. KPRR - 515
Sword Masters 
Avg. Kill - 37005.6  Avg. RR - 76.025  Avg. KPRR - 487
Iron Breakers
Avg. Kill - 40854.9  Avg. RR - 76.75  Avg. KPRR - 532
Avg. Kill - 41542.2  Avg. RR - 76.675 Avg. KPRR - 542
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 28567.2  Avg. RR - 74.4  Avg. KPRR - 384
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 26431.0  Avg. RR - 72.125  Avg. KPRR - 366

Knight and Chosen
Avg. Kill - 40205.4  Avg. RR - 76.0625  Avg. KPRR - 529
Sword Masters and Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 32786.4  Avg. RR - 74.875  Avg. KPRR - 438
Iron Breakers and Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 33642.9  Avg. RR - 74.4375  Avg. KPRR - 452

Gorfang Order
Avg. Kill - 35965.6  Avg. RR - 74.5  Avg. KPRR - 482
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 36534.9  Avg. RR - 76.8  Avg. KPRR - 476
Iron Breakers
Avg. Kill - 39966.0  Avg. RR - 75.7  Avg. KPRR - 523
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 37488.8  Avg. RR - 75.7  Avg. KPRR - 495
Gorfang Destro
Avg. Kill - 30520.3  Avg. RR - 74.8  Avg. KPRR - 408
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 25411.3  Avg. RR - 71.8  Avg. KPRR - 354
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 19184.7  Avg. RR - 70.3  Avg. KPRR - 273
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 25038.8  Avg. RR - 72.3  Avg. KPRR - 346
Gorfang Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 31263.8  Avg. RR - 74  Avg. KPRR - 423

Badlands Order
Avg. Kill - 35645.3  Avg. RR - 74.1  Avg. KPRR - 481
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 38912.9  Avg. RR - 76.2  Avg. KPRR - 512
Iron Breaker
Avg. Kill - 34431.8  Avg. RR - 75.9  Avg. KPRR - 458
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 36330.0  Avg. RR - 75.4  Avg. KPRR - 482
Badlands Destro
Avg. Kill - 49310.0  Avg. RR - 77.4  Avg. KPRR - 637
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 33748.0  Avg. RR - 76.5  Avg. KPRR - 441
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 36073.0  Avg. RR - 74.4  Avg. KPRR - 485
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 39710.3  Avg. RR - 76.1  Avg. KPRR - 522
Badlands Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 35182.8  Avg. RR - 75.75  Avg. KPRR - 502

Iron Rock Order
Avg. Kill - 38157.5  Avg. RR - 75.1  Avg. KPRR - 508
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 34830.7  Avg. RR - 75.4  Avg. KPRR - 462
Iron Breakers
Avg. Kill - 44242.9  Avg. RR - 77.1  Avg. KPRR - 574
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 39410.4  Avg. RR - 76  Avg. KPRR - 519
Iron Rock Destro
Avg. Kill - 39463.2  Avg. RR - 76.2  Avg. KPRR - 518
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 27225.9  Avg. RR - 73  Avg. KPRR - 373
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 26176.3  Avg. RR - 70.6  Avg. KPRR - 371
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 30955.1  Avg. RR - 73.3  Avg. KPRR - 423
Iron Rock Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 35182.8  Avg. RR - 74.6  Avg. KPRR - 472

Volkmar Order
Avg. Kill - 45706.0  Avg. RR - 78.1  Avg. KPRR - 585
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 37743.7  Avg. RR - 75.7  Avg. KPRR - 499
Iron Breaker
Avg. Kill - 44778.7  Avg. RR - 78.3  Avg. KPRR - 572
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 42742.9  Avg. RR - 77.4  Avg. KPRR - 553
Volkmar Destro
Avg. Kill - 46875.3  Avg. RR - 78.3  Avg. KPRR - 599
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 27883.7  Avg. RR - 76.3  Avg. KPRR - 365
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 24389.9  Avg. RR - 73.2  Avg. KPRR - 332
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 33016.3  Avg. RR - 75.9  Avg. KPRR - 435
Volkmar Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 37879.6  Avg. RR - 76.65  Avg. KPRR - 494

Total Server Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 38993.0  Avg. RR - 76.1  Avg. KPRR - 512
Total Server Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 32180.1  Avg. RR - 74.4  Avg. KPRR - 433

Total Server Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 35586.6  Avg. RR - 75.25  Avg. KPRR - 473

Ok there you have it.  A few things.  No surprise that Chosen is at the top then IBs and Knights.  I am kind of surprised with how high RR Knights are.  My server is basically at the bottom of the list which makes me sad.  Destro tanks need to pick it up to catch the order tanks.  We have a commanding lead.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Knight Kills

Ok I am working on a tank kill list of who is the top tank according to kills.  I am doing a full thing on the Knights with names and all because I am a Knight, then I will later on post the server stats of kills and renown of other tanks.  Well you will see what is going on.  Here is the top 40 Knights on the servers. It goes name, kills, rr, then server.

1. Raylando - 83218 - 80 - Gorfang
2. Dilby - 81188 - 80 - Iron Rock
3. Kiddo - 73645 - 80 - Badlands
4. Stasios - 66835 - 80 - Volkmar
5. Lewd - 58052 - 80 - Volkmar
6. Whitetara - 56090 - 80 - Volkmar
7. Capri - 47874 - 80 - Volkmar
8. Darbie - 47855 - 80 - Volkmar
9. Rowdyroddy - 41994 - 79 14% - Iron Rock
10. Phec - 41752 - 80 - Gorfang
11. Onedeck - 41433 - 76 15% - Volkmar
12. Steelwind - 41336 - 78 77% - Badlands
13. Blazeric (Me) - 40053 - 75 84% - Gorfang
14. Selisonn - 39621 - 80 - Iron Rock
15. Valthorne - 38451 - 75 46% - Badlands
16. Progo - 36923 - 75 36% - Iron Rock
17. Dollxxx - 35982 - 76 65% - Badlands
18. Gov - 35610 - 80 - Volkmar
19. Faltina - 35590 - 75 90% - Iron Rock
20. Plscr - 35021 - 76 41% - Volkmar
21. Bullpin - 34512 - 76 52% - Volkmar
22. Vickster - 33832 - 75 83% - Gorfang
23. Yanyan - 33778 - 73 85% - Volkmar
24. Tsaka - 33693 - 79 3% - Badlands
25. Jarkeld - 33324 - 74 19% - Iron Rock
26. Helmthief - 31434 - 76 4% - Gorfang
27. Lordlongsword - 31021 - 74 5% - Iron Rock
28. Lugo - 29269 - 71 99% - Iron Rock
29. Chical - 28867 - 70 69% - Badlands
30. Odisey - 28593 - 76 82% - Badlands
31. Vingador - 28274 - 70 31% - Gorfang
32. Ulanii - 28068 - 72 88% - Badlands
33. Whatgetsome - 27490 - 71 74% - Gorfang
34. Paelious - 27153 - 71 37% - Iron Rock
35. Dishonorable - 26957 - 80 - Gorfang
36. Gottkrieger - 25956 - 71 24% - Badlands
37. Jaycub - 25492 - 71 - Iron Rock
38. Rennat - 23920 - 71 84% - Gorfang
39. Munhelk - 22726 - 67 64% - Gorfang
40. Ulyxes - 21862 - 64 87% - Badlands

Avg. Kills - 35645.3 Avg. RR - 74.1 Avg. KPRR - 48.1
Avg. Kills - 35965.6 Avg. RR - 74.5 Avg. KPRR - 482
Avg. Kills - 45706 Avg. RR - 78.1 Avg. KPRR - 585
Iron Rock
Avg. Kills - 38157.5 Avg. RR - 75.1 Avg. KPRR - 508
Total of all server
Avg. Kills - 38868.6 Avg. RR - 75.45 Avg. KPRR - 515

A couple disclaimers.  First off Avg. Kills is the average total kills they have.  KPRR means kill per renown rank.  I would have rather used total renown points for better accuracy but that would have been to hard.  I will do the other tanks later on just with no names.  Oh and if someone can get me the stats from the other servers that would be great then I can do a complete list.

The King is Down.

That is right the King got killed. To bad it wasn't by us it was by destro. They finally killed Karl Franz, which I was expecting to happen sooner than it did. I am more angry that we didn't kill the king first than them killing the our king. I am not angry about the gear though. I really don't think sovereign gear is that great and I don't think it will be that big of an advantage or any advantage at all over us. If the weapons were dropping than that would be a different story but they are not so ehh.
Our group did reach the destro king the other day when we push to stage 2, but we didn't get a chance to fight them because of it being bugged out due to the final boss we killed. Oh well. I am now full warlord so when we do go we will have a pretty much a full warband of fully warded players. We are a little low of rdps and healers but that isn't as important as tanks and mdps having wards. I figure after about 2 or so tries at the destro king we will have him killed.

On another note I still find it insane that mythic makes stage 2 and the palace so much easier for destro than order. Our two pqs each one basically takes about the whole time to do so we can only down one pq in that time, with a full warband, while destro can basically 6 man one instance. Also at Altdorf Palace they have champions as guards with heroes as bosses while in IC we have heroes as guards and Lords as bosses. Makes no freaking sense to me.