Monday, February 22, 2010


Yes I ran Bilerot for the first time this weekend.  No I don't have a destro toon to 40 yet.  I ran it on my Knight. You see we went to Stage 2 Sat. and I was bored and I actually found a group that wanted to go to Bilerot and I have always wanted to run it.  So we four manned Bilerot.  Our group was RP, DPS WP, and 2 KotBS.  Yup we downed everything in Bilerot and I have to say I thought it was pretty easy to do.  I found that instance actually a lot easier than Sigmars and WBT.  But anyway it was a nice change of pace to do something I have never done before, now all I need to do is the Blood instance during a Stage 2 push when I am locked out of the king.


  1. Yeah they nerfed it. It used to be rediculous. The dogs could kick the crap outta most groups. And the bile Lord used to be super buggy.

  2. As said above, it use to be stupid hard. The greater deamon of Nurgle would eat one person, and they would have to blast their way out. Bugs ensued, and heaven forbid it was a healer... Despite that, when's the last time you ran Sigmar's or WBT on your knight? It was never hard, but now it's STUPID easy if you take geared out players.

  3. I actually ran it like 2 weeks ago because I was bored. Granted it wasn't to hard but I was tanked spec for it and the champs in there hit me harder than in bilerot when I was dps spec. Also I always found WBT to be harder than anything.