Thursday, February 4, 2010

The New Currency

Last night they told people how they will be able to get the higher up insignias on the test server.  I wasn't able to be on the vent server to ask questions due to prior obligations, but I have heard how you get them new currency.  

You start out by getting Conq. Insignias from SCs.  Then once you buy a Conq. weapon you start getting Invader Insignias then so on an so forth.  Now this system seems to be pretty interesting and I don't mind it except for one problem.  Characters who can only use great weapons are screwed over.  The reason being is that I as a knight can say buy my shield at Conq. level which is half as expensive as a great weapon.  Thus I will start being able to earn Invader Insignias faster than say a RP because they can only use staffs.  So by the time the buy there Conq. Great Weapon I will be able to buy my Invader Shield and start earning Warlord Insignias while they are just starting to earn Invader Insignias.  This is not good at all.

Here is how I propose to fix it.  I say that you have to be able to buy the weapon below that before you can buy the higher level weapon.  Which means say that I buy the Conq. Shield then I will be only able to buy the Invader Shield and not the other weapons.  Now I know it isn't perfect and that I will still be able to earn Insignias faster than someone who only has a great weapon but it would close the gap a great deal in price wise.

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  1. If you're just looking to step up through the Insignia levels to get to weapons that you can use, you can unfilter and purchase a 1h weapon at the same cost as everyone else to progress.