Saturday, January 30, 2010

Knight of the Blazing Sun Community

The Knight of the Blazing Sun Community IMO has really gone downhill.  There are to few knights nowadays that know what they are doing.  Instead our community is over run with people saying S/S is the way to go in RvR. 

Now I am not saying don't change your spec because I don't care what you run, but please don't give advice saying that s/s is better than a 2-hander in rvr because it is not.  Stop telling new people that knights should go s/s in a bomb group because that quite possibly could be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  To even think about being competitive in rvr with s s/s you need to be high renown with the best gear in the game otherwise it is pointless and you will be ignored.

If you want to be a tank in rvr then you want to run a 2 hander and do damage.  If you are running a s/s then you will be ignored which is not what you want.  Instead do damage, run in with a mdps and throw guard on him.  Assist him on what ever target he is on.  Stand out in battle with a 2 hander.  If you are a threat then you will get targeted which is what you want.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Follow Me

Follow me on Twitter now, name is JustBlaze7208.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok I have been an avid avoider of twitter.  I don't know I just find it stupid for some reason, but I am having more and more friends join it and they want me to join it.  I was also thinking that twitter would also increase this blog, but I just don't know if I want to do it or not.  For some reason I find twitter to be the idiot cousin of the family that no one likes but people are to afraid to tell them.  Oh well what do you guys think.

Saving Money

MMOs save me money.  Yes that is right it saves me money.  Now how does it save me money you might ask, well I will tell you.  It saves me money because by just paying 15$ a month to play WAR then I don't have to spend anywhere from 60 to 120 dollars a month on console video games.  This actually saves me a lot of money in the long run which is awesome.  So in the long run MMOs do save you money if your an avid gamer.

PS: Mass Effect 2 is awesome.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 comes out today.  I pre ordered it and once I get off of work I will be playing the heck out of it.  So that means Warhammer Online will be second.  I am not going to stop playing.  I still will play a hour or two a night until I beat Mass Effect 2.  I can't wait to get off of work to play Mass Effect 2.

Monday, January 25, 2010

E-Peen Flexing

Yea thats right I am flexing my e-peen right now.  You are probably asking yourself, Blaze why are you flexing your e-peen right now.  Well I will tell you the reason.  This is why.  Yea our guild was the guild interviewed for the Guild Spotlight on WHA.

I have been reading some of the comments left by the European Players and they have there knickers in a bunch.  Sorry I just wanted to say knickers in a post because I never thought I would.  So knickers, knickers, knickers, and knickers.  Ok now that is out of my system.  They were saying that WHA is US-centric and saying that most US guilds would not last a second on an EU server.  I think most EU guilds would not last that long on our server.  The reason being is that there is actually competition on US servers instead of people just rolling over dieing which is what is seems like is happening on the EU servers for both sides.  I just wish there was a way to test out to see who is the best.  Who has the best 6v6 or 12v12, I want to find out.  I want to find and fight tougher groups of destro.  Oh well until Mythic introduces something like that sometime it will just be going back and forth and saying we are better.  Which we are.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I am Tired

I am tired of people being idiots on the forums.
I am tired of people not knowing what they are talking about.
I am tired of people giving advice when they don't know the right spec for it.
I am tired of people not fully reading what was actually said then posting thinking they are smart.
I am tired of people taking offense to the littlest thing.
I am tired of people taking the game to seriously thinking that it is the most important thing.
I am tired of people complaining about everything.
I am tired of people getting angry when they are called out even though it is true.
And last of all I am just tired.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick Still

Haven't been able to play much because of being sick which sucks.  I was hoping to play a good bit but I haven't been able to concentrate enough on the game to do anything.  I am getting over it now but I am busy the rest of the week and won't be able to play much which makes me a sad panda.  Oh well at least Mythic threw us bone and posted some patch notes here.  They look awesome and I am excited about the new rvr weapons.  Well for now I am off hoping to get better.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So I have off today for Martin Luther King Jr. day and I am sick.  Not a good combination IMO.  I was hoping to get a good day of WAR in, instead I am laying on the couch right now watching a movie and typing this out because I can't concentrate enough to play WAR well.  Anyway this isn't what this post is about.  This post is about a challenge that I wish Mythic would introduce in WAR.  That challenge is a full on 6v6 across servers to see who actually has the best 6 man out there.

The reason this came up is really because of the Warhammer Alliance Guild Spotlight page on DROW.  We started to talk about in our vent how we don't think there is any guild on any server that could beat us in a 6v6.  I just don't think anyone could handle our melee train.  I wish Mythic would have a huge tournament one day between all the top guilds on every server.  If they did something like this it would have to be a round robin type tournament.  If they did something like this you wouldn't even need to give the winner anything because they would have bragging rights over everyone.  Well I guess a title would be pretty cool or something to go on a guild standard.

Anyway I would love to challenge all the other so called good destro guilds out there and show them how good we are.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wicked King of the Chaos is Dead.

Thats right we had the server first kill of the Chaos King whatever his name is.  Don't feel like looking it up to spell it.  Funny thing is right after we kill it 20 mins. later another group killed the king.  I would like to say thank you to Legion of Sorrow and Obliteration because they helped feel out the rest of the warband for the king fight.

Here is the roster of all who participated then SSs that I took.  Oh and I also got my shoulders while another knight who could wear it got his helm, so all in all a good night.

Blazeric - KotBS - 76 - RLH
Phec - KotBS - 80 - Legion of Sorrow
Durus - KotBS - 54 (He did not roll on any loot which is awesome of him) -RLH
Mistgun - SM - 80 - RLH
Ohka - SM - 73 - RLH
Dooger - IB - 80 - RLH
Deer - IB - 76 - RLH
Notensack - Slayer - 80 - RLH
Pallien - Slayer - 79 - Legion of Sorrow
Escher - WH - 80 - RLH
Extazy - WH - 80 - RLH
Rakija - WH - 80 - RLH
Liandel - WL - 80 - Obliteration
Rocklein - Engy - 80 - RLH
Reklus - BW - 77 - RLH
Gorsten - BW - 78 - Legion of Sorrow
Murdurus - WP - 78 - RLH
Carys - WP - 73 - RLH
Thukar - RP - 76 - RLH
Pewpewqq - RP - 79 - RLH
Marple - RP - 72 - Legion of Sorrow
Emaryn - AM - 73 - RLH
Istaflysiii - AM - 80 - RLH
Erroneous - AM - 73 - RLH

And a special thanks to Klocker from Legion of Sorrow for helping us out and to all of order for making this possible.  Here are some pics of it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

MMO's and Girl

I have a feeling that this post is going to read weird to a lot of people but for some reason I feel the need to say this.  I know this may sound weird but I feel, well for me at least, that this MMO has helped me out with girls.  Now following me with this and watch you mind be blown away just like Alderaan.  

So when I first started playing I was much confident with the ladies per se.  Ok I sucked and was shy around them.  Its not like I didn't have any lady friends it just that they were my friends in college and well they all have boyfriends.  Anyway so it isn't like I don't have interaction with them it just that I didn't know how to attract them on a different level.

As I keep on playing WAR I realize how good I am at it.  I know conceded aren't I.  I realize I was just rolling face with the groups I was in and this was before I joined my current guild RLH.  Now buy owning face online somehow at least it transfered to RL and thus made me more confident for some odd reason.  I was able to talk to other people and especially girls.  I know it is crazy right.

So nowadays I am more confident than ever around the ladies and in some weird way I think playing WAR and being a cocky S.O.B sometimes has helped it because it has made me more confident.  I know this is off the wall and probably doesn't work for anyone and you all probably think I am crazy, but hey to each his own.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


You know I am glad that Gorfang hasn't had to merge to another server.  The reason being is that then this blogs name would be idiotic.  I guess I could call it Warhammer on the Server Formerly Known as Gorfang.  Anyway just a random thought.

Tome Unlocks

So sometimes when I am bored I run around and do tome unlocks.  I was running around in Death Peak I think it is from the Dwarf t4 zone and I notice how beautiful it is to look at.  Mythic did a really nice job with making this game impressive style wise I believe.  Well here are some SSs I took that I really liked.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forum Warrior

So over the weekend I made a post on WHA calling out how all destro are terrible players and that they have no good premades and that they only know how to zerg.  Which I still stand by for the most part.  Anyway what I am getting at is that the forums have gotten to nice.  No one is flexing there epeen anymore on there.  Instead everyone is saying how good the other side is and how much they like each other and they are saying congrats for little things and such.  I am tired of it.  I want people to start calling out people for getting owned in an SC or in ORvR.  I want each side to hate each other, which they should.  I want epeen waving everywhere.  So get to it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


You know I am excited where the game is heading right now.  With what I have been reading it sounds like Mythic is starting to listen to there players and are implementing some things that players have wanted for awhile.

Mythic has basically stated that they are added something else to SCs.  Now there is some speculation as to what that is going to be, whether premade vs premade SCs (which I hope) or cross server SCs, either will be nice and hopefully add a new challenge for the players in the game.

Another thing that they are adding is RvR weapons.  I am more excited about this than anything else.  The reason being is that I get to upgrade my weapon hopefully.  All that I have heard is that they are implementing RvR weapons and that it will be nice to have good weapons that aren't from PvE.

There are some other things that I have heard but these are the 2 big ones that I am excited for the most.  I can't wait to see what they will do in January and with 1.3.4.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Perfect 6-Man

What is the perfect 6-man group.  There are many different group setups out there in the Warhammer Realm, such as the generic 2 tank, 2 healer, 1 mdps, and 1 rdps.  There is also the AoE bomb group.  The 1 tank, 2 healer, and 3 dps group or the melee train group.  I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect group setup.  Other people may disagree with that, but I really think that any group can excel with who ever it is in it.  

With that said there are group setups that I favor more than others.  I think my favorite group setup is starts with Me of course well a KotBS at least.  Then we go with another tank probably a IB.  Then the healers are a RP and a AM.  For dps my favorite to group is a WH and a Slayer.  Here are my reasons.

A KotBS because of our auras.  We are the best group tank in the whole game with our auras running.  I can make enemies in the area 10% more likely to be crit, while increase the healing doing to the group by 15%.  We support the whole group with our utility.  Plus with this single target group AoE stagger is king.

An IB because as a tank they have the best burst damage out of anyone.  They can also survive a lot longer with what they can run.  Plus the have gromil plating which is a very nice morale.  They also have an AoE snare which is very powerful.

A RP because they have great group heals and good single target heals.  They have the self rez ability which has saved our group many times before in different situations.  There ruins are also very nice to have.  They can also have very good survivability compared to an AM.

An AM because they are the best single target healer in the game imo.  They have an ap drain which doesn't make them run out of ap very often.  Plus they also have the viability to go dps if need be and they can be a force as a dps.

A WH and a Slayer because you can have the Slayer run up front and have all the enemies focus on him as the WH sneaks in the back to gank there healers.  The Slayer has the best survivability of any dps and with guard is hard to take down.  While the WH can just demolish any healer they are on if played right.

Well those are just my thoughts on it.  I like running with every class but I just have the must fun running with those classes not matter who it is.  If you feel like it post your favorite six man to run in.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch Out

So last night was a very interesting night for our guild.  It was also a night that could change things for order on this server imo.  Some drama happen that I won't get into but with what was said and with what happened last night this could possibly change things for us and for order on Gorfang.  It is a growing development but for some reason I have a good feeling about this and I will go into more details as it happens.

Another thing I have been thinking about is that I want a new two hander.  I am tired of using the Gutbeaters, and yes I have the lotd weapon.  I just need the claymore of the sandstorm.  There is a good post on WHA in our forums about the dps of each weapon and how bad the Gutbeaters is compared to the others which I find wrong.  I find my dps to be higher with the Gutbeaters than with any other weapon.  But what I really want is the lotd two hander that you can get from killing the world boss or from the palace sub-bosses.

Also just throwing this out there but I am awesome.  Anyone who doesn't agree, well I will prove you wrong.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tank Kills Across Servers

So as I said I would I compiled a list of total tank kills of the top 10 tank for order and destro across the four american servers, Gorfang, Iron Rock, Badlands, and Volkmar.  I know it is already outdated but this will give you an idea of who is being played with how many kills and so on.  Plus I was bored and decided to do it.  A couple of things, KPRR is Kills Per Renown Rank.  I would have also liked to use RP (renown points) instead of RR (renown rank), but it would have been to hard and the numbers would have been small.  Ok here it goes, I hope I did everything right.

Avg. Kill - 38868.6  Avg. RR - 75.45  Avg. KPRR - 515
Sword Masters 
Avg. Kill - 37005.6  Avg. RR - 76.025  Avg. KPRR - 487
Iron Breakers
Avg. Kill - 40854.9  Avg. RR - 76.75  Avg. KPRR - 532
Avg. Kill - 41542.2  Avg. RR - 76.675 Avg. KPRR - 542
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 28567.2  Avg. RR - 74.4  Avg. KPRR - 384
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 26431.0  Avg. RR - 72.125  Avg. KPRR - 366

Knight and Chosen
Avg. Kill - 40205.4  Avg. RR - 76.0625  Avg. KPRR - 529
Sword Masters and Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 32786.4  Avg. RR - 74.875  Avg. KPRR - 438
Iron Breakers and Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 33642.9  Avg. RR - 74.4375  Avg. KPRR - 452

Gorfang Order
Avg. Kill - 35965.6  Avg. RR - 74.5  Avg. KPRR - 482
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 36534.9  Avg. RR - 76.8  Avg. KPRR - 476
Iron Breakers
Avg. Kill - 39966.0  Avg. RR - 75.7  Avg. KPRR - 523
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 37488.8  Avg. RR - 75.7  Avg. KPRR - 495
Gorfang Destro
Avg. Kill - 30520.3  Avg. RR - 74.8  Avg. KPRR - 408
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 25411.3  Avg. RR - 71.8  Avg. KPRR - 354
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 19184.7  Avg. RR - 70.3  Avg. KPRR - 273
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 25038.8  Avg. RR - 72.3  Avg. KPRR - 346
Gorfang Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 31263.8  Avg. RR - 74  Avg. KPRR - 423

Badlands Order
Avg. Kill - 35645.3  Avg. RR - 74.1  Avg. KPRR - 481
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 38912.9  Avg. RR - 76.2  Avg. KPRR - 512
Iron Breaker
Avg. Kill - 34431.8  Avg. RR - 75.9  Avg. KPRR - 458
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 36330.0  Avg. RR - 75.4  Avg. KPRR - 482
Badlands Destro
Avg. Kill - 49310.0  Avg. RR - 77.4  Avg. KPRR - 637
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 33748.0  Avg. RR - 76.5  Avg. KPRR - 441
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 36073.0  Avg. RR - 74.4  Avg. KPRR - 485
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 39710.3  Avg. RR - 76.1  Avg. KPRR - 522
Badlands Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 35182.8  Avg. RR - 75.75  Avg. KPRR - 502

Iron Rock Order
Avg. Kill - 38157.5  Avg. RR - 75.1  Avg. KPRR - 508
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 34830.7  Avg. RR - 75.4  Avg. KPRR - 462
Iron Breakers
Avg. Kill - 44242.9  Avg. RR - 77.1  Avg. KPRR - 574
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 39410.4  Avg. RR - 76  Avg. KPRR - 519
Iron Rock Destro
Avg. Kill - 39463.2  Avg. RR - 76.2  Avg. KPRR - 518
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 27225.9  Avg. RR - 73  Avg. KPRR - 373
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 26176.3  Avg. RR - 70.6  Avg. KPRR - 371
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 30955.1  Avg. RR - 73.3  Avg. KPRR - 423
Iron Rock Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 35182.8  Avg. RR - 74.6  Avg. KPRR - 472

Volkmar Order
Avg. Kill - 45706.0  Avg. RR - 78.1  Avg. KPRR - 585
Sword Masters
Avg. Kill - 37743.7  Avg. RR - 75.7  Avg. KPRR - 499
Iron Breaker
Avg. Kill - 44778.7  Avg. RR - 78.3  Avg. KPRR - 572
Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 42742.9  Avg. RR - 77.4  Avg. KPRR - 553
Volkmar Destro
Avg. Kill - 46875.3  Avg. RR - 78.3  Avg. KPRR - 599
Black Orcs
Avg. Kill - 27883.7  Avg. RR - 76.3  Avg. KPRR - 365
Black Guards
Avg. Kill - 24389.9  Avg. RR - 73.2  Avg. KPRR - 332
Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 33016.3  Avg. RR - 75.9  Avg. KPRR - 435
Volkmar Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 37879.6  Avg. RR - 76.65  Avg. KPRR - 494

Total Server Order Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 38993.0  Avg. RR - 76.1  Avg. KPRR - 512
Total Server Destro Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 32180.1  Avg. RR - 74.4  Avg. KPRR - 433

Total Server Tank Total
Avg. Kill - 35586.6  Avg. RR - 75.25  Avg. KPRR - 473

Ok there you have it.  A few things.  No surprise that Chosen is at the top then IBs and Knights.  I am kind of surprised with how high RR Knights are.  My server is basically at the bottom of the list which makes me sad.  Destro tanks need to pick it up to catch the order tanks.  We have a commanding lead.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Knight Kills

Ok I am working on a tank kill list of who is the top tank according to kills.  I am doing a full thing on the Knights with names and all because I am a Knight, then I will later on post the server stats of kills and renown of other tanks.  Well you will see what is going on.  Here is the top 40 Knights on the servers. It goes name, kills, rr, then server.

1. Raylando - 83218 - 80 - Gorfang
2. Dilby - 81188 - 80 - Iron Rock
3. Kiddo - 73645 - 80 - Badlands
4. Stasios - 66835 - 80 - Volkmar
5. Lewd - 58052 - 80 - Volkmar
6. Whitetara - 56090 - 80 - Volkmar
7. Capri - 47874 - 80 - Volkmar
8. Darbie - 47855 - 80 - Volkmar
9. Rowdyroddy - 41994 - 79 14% - Iron Rock
10. Phec - 41752 - 80 - Gorfang
11. Onedeck - 41433 - 76 15% - Volkmar
12. Steelwind - 41336 - 78 77% - Badlands
13. Blazeric (Me) - 40053 - 75 84% - Gorfang
14. Selisonn - 39621 - 80 - Iron Rock
15. Valthorne - 38451 - 75 46% - Badlands
16. Progo - 36923 - 75 36% - Iron Rock
17. Dollxxx - 35982 - 76 65% - Badlands
18. Gov - 35610 - 80 - Volkmar
19. Faltina - 35590 - 75 90% - Iron Rock
20. Plscr - 35021 - 76 41% - Volkmar
21. Bullpin - 34512 - 76 52% - Volkmar
22. Vickster - 33832 - 75 83% - Gorfang
23. Yanyan - 33778 - 73 85% - Volkmar
24. Tsaka - 33693 - 79 3% - Badlands
25. Jarkeld - 33324 - 74 19% - Iron Rock
26. Helmthief - 31434 - 76 4% - Gorfang
27. Lordlongsword - 31021 - 74 5% - Iron Rock
28. Lugo - 29269 - 71 99% - Iron Rock
29. Chical - 28867 - 70 69% - Badlands
30. Odisey - 28593 - 76 82% - Badlands
31. Vingador - 28274 - 70 31% - Gorfang
32. Ulanii - 28068 - 72 88% - Badlands
33. Whatgetsome - 27490 - 71 74% - Gorfang
34. Paelious - 27153 - 71 37% - Iron Rock
35. Dishonorable - 26957 - 80 - Gorfang
36. Gottkrieger - 25956 - 71 24% - Badlands
37. Jaycub - 25492 - 71 - Iron Rock
38. Rennat - 23920 - 71 84% - Gorfang
39. Munhelk - 22726 - 67 64% - Gorfang
40. Ulyxes - 21862 - 64 87% - Badlands

Avg. Kills - 35645.3 Avg. RR - 74.1 Avg. KPRR - 48.1
Avg. Kills - 35965.6 Avg. RR - 74.5 Avg. KPRR - 482
Avg. Kills - 45706 Avg. RR - 78.1 Avg. KPRR - 585
Iron Rock
Avg. Kills - 38157.5 Avg. RR - 75.1 Avg. KPRR - 508
Total of all server
Avg. Kills - 38868.6 Avg. RR - 75.45 Avg. KPRR - 515

A couple disclaimers.  First off Avg. Kills is the average total kills they have.  KPRR means kill per renown rank.  I would have rather used total renown points for better accuracy but that would have been to hard.  I will do the other tanks later on just with no names.  Oh and if someone can get me the stats from the other servers that would be great then I can do a complete list.

The King is Down.

That is right the King got killed. To bad it wasn't by us it was by destro. They finally killed Karl Franz, which I was expecting to happen sooner than it did. I am more angry that we didn't kill the king first than them killing the our king. I am not angry about the gear though. I really don't think sovereign gear is that great and I don't think it will be that big of an advantage or any advantage at all over us. If the weapons were dropping than that would be a different story but they are not so ehh.
Our group did reach the destro king the other day when we push to stage 2, but we didn't get a chance to fight them because of it being bugged out due to the final boss we killed. Oh well. I am now full warlord so when we do go we will have a pretty much a full warband of fully warded players. We are a little low of rdps and healers but that isn't as important as tanks and mdps having wards. I figure after about 2 or so tries at the destro king we will have him killed.

On another note I still find it insane that mythic makes stage 2 and the palace so much easier for destro than order. Our two pqs each one basically takes about the whole time to do so we can only down one pq in that time, with a full warband, while destro can basically 6 man one instance. Also at Altdorf Palace they have champions as guards with heroes as bosses while in IC we have heroes as guards and Lords as bosses. Makes no freaking sense to me.