Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tome Unlocks

So sometimes when I am bored I run around and do tome unlocks.  I was running around in Death Peak I think it is from the Dwarf t4 zone and I notice how beautiful it is to look at.  Mythic did a really nice job with making this game impressive style wise I believe.  Well here are some SSs I took that I really liked.


  1. Mythic doesn't get enough credit for how cool some of the zones look. Death Peak and Cinderfall are reachable from Thunder Mountain. Unless you're a PvE player or searching for Tome Unlocks ... these zones are often never seen by many players.

  2. If you truly enjoy running around and checking out Mythics scenery you might wanna head to 'Isle of the Dead', north of Dragonwake. I don't know how I ended up there, but I did at some point. A very nice zone and would make a godly RvR zone. Sadly I don't think many people ever been to there.