Monday, January 4, 2010

The King is Down.

That is right the King got killed. To bad it wasn't by us it was by destro. They finally killed Karl Franz, which I was expecting to happen sooner than it did. I am more angry that we didn't kill the king first than them killing the our king. I am not angry about the gear though. I really don't think sovereign gear is that great and I don't think it will be that big of an advantage or any advantage at all over us. If the weapons were dropping than that would be a different story but they are not so ehh.
Our group did reach the destro king the other day when we push to stage 2, but we didn't get a chance to fight them because of it being bugged out due to the final boss we killed. Oh well. I am now full warlord so when we do go we will have a pretty much a full warband of fully warded players. We are a little low of rdps and healers but that isn't as important as tanks and mdps having wards. I figure after about 2 or so tries at the destro king we will have him killed.

On another note I still find it insane that mythic makes stage 2 and the palace so much easier for destro than order. Our two pqs each one basically takes about the whole time to do so we can only down one pq in that time, with a full warband, while destro can basically 6 man one instance. Also at Altdorf Palace they have champions as guards with heroes as bosses while in IC we have heroes as guards and Lords as bosses. Makes no freaking sense to me.

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