Saturday, January 30, 2010

Knight of the Blazing Sun Community

The Knight of the Blazing Sun Community IMO has really gone downhill.  There are to few knights nowadays that know what they are doing.  Instead our community is over run with people saying S/S is the way to go in RvR. 

Now I am not saying don't change your spec because I don't care what you run, but please don't give advice saying that s/s is better than a 2-hander in rvr because it is not.  Stop telling new people that knights should go s/s in a bomb group because that quite possibly could be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  To even think about being competitive in rvr with s s/s you need to be high renown with the best gear in the game otherwise it is pointless and you will be ignored.

If you want to be a tank in rvr then you want to run a 2 hander and do damage.  If you are running a s/s then you will be ignored which is not what you want.  Instead do damage, run in with a mdps and throw guard on him.  Assist him on what ever target he is on.  Stand out in battle with a 2 hander.  If you are a threat then you will get targeted which is what you want.


  1. I am going to go with the rest of the crowd, and say go S/S. The longer the tank is alive the longer I have guard in a bomb group.

    Your job is to absorb damage, and have all the idiot dps trying to burn you down, and getting no where.

    If they are dps the knight it means the longer I live to do damage. If the knight is trying to dps, and I die guess what?

    The knight will be taking a dirt nap soon after. Your job is to absorb damage while I dish it out as a BW.

    Before they even realize it they are dead from all my AOE.

    At least that is how my 6 man bomb groups rolled warbands on Dark Crag.

  2. if the group is smart they will target the s/s Knight last and just basically ignore him

  3. Sorry Brian, but you are astoundingly wrong. A s/s Knight is a complete waste. The only reason to use a shield is if your healers are lacking. If you have competent healers, there is zero reason to wear that shield.

    As an aside: Blaze, stop letting the forum idiots get to you. Besides, it's WAY more fun to troll them!