Monday, January 18, 2010


So I have off today for Martin Luther King Jr. day and I am sick.  Not a good combination IMO.  I was hoping to get a good day of WAR in, instead I am laying on the couch right now watching a movie and typing this out because I can't concentrate enough to play WAR well.  Anyway this isn't what this post is about.  This post is about a challenge that I wish Mythic would introduce in WAR.  That challenge is a full on 6v6 across servers to see who actually has the best 6 man out there.

The reason this came up is really because of the Warhammer Alliance Guild Spotlight page on DROW.  We started to talk about in our vent how we don't think there is any guild on any server that could beat us in a 6v6.  I just don't think anyone could handle our melee train.  I wish Mythic would have a huge tournament one day between all the top guilds on every server.  If they did something like this it would have to be a round robin type tournament.  If they did something like this you wouldn't even need to give the winner anything because they would have bragging rights over everyone.  Well I guess a title would be pretty cool or something to go on a guild standard.

Anyway I would love to challenge all the other so called good destro guilds out there and show them how good we are.

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  1. On Karak-Norn (EU) we have regular 6v6 nights, lot of different specs and cops. Although each time the same team comes out on top we know those guys are the best on the server with the top gear (full sov, rr80, colossus weapons) (not to mention the unbalanced classes) but the level of ability is great mainly due to the time spent playing together on DAoC.