Monday, January 11, 2010


You know I am excited where the game is heading right now.  With what I have been reading it sounds like Mythic is starting to listen to there players and are implementing some things that players have wanted for awhile.

Mythic has basically stated that they are added something else to SCs.  Now there is some speculation as to what that is going to be, whether premade vs premade SCs (which I hope) or cross server SCs, either will be nice and hopefully add a new challenge for the players in the game.

Another thing that they are adding is RvR weapons.  I am more excited about this than anything else.  The reason being is that I get to upgrade my weapon hopefully.  All that I have heard is that they are implementing RvR weapons and that it will be nice to have good weapons that aren't from PvE.

There are some other things that I have heard but these are the 2 big ones that I am excited for the most.  I can't wait to see what they will do in January and with 1.3.4.

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