Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch Out

So last night was a very interesting night for our guild.  It was also a night that could change things for order on this server imo.  Some drama happen that I won't get into but with what was said and with what happened last night this could possibly change things for us and for order on Gorfang.  It is a growing development but for some reason I have a good feeling about this and I will go into more details as it happens.

Another thing I have been thinking about is that I want a new two hander.  I am tired of using the Gutbeaters, and yes I have the lotd weapon.  I just need the claymore of the sandstorm.  There is a good post on WHA in our forums about the dps of each weapon and how bad the Gutbeaters is compared to the others which I find wrong.  I find my dps to be higher with the Gutbeaters than with any other weapon.  But what I really want is the lotd two hander that you can get from killing the world boss or from the palace sub-bosses.

Also just throwing this out there but I am awesome.  Anyone who doesn't agree, well I will prove you wrong.


  1. The post you're talking about is actually comparing allocation of stat points and how it relates to straight DPS. While technically correct, given the criteria that he has put forth, it neglects to take into acount things like already capped strength, the rarity of melee crit for knights, and completely ignores the huge toughness on the weapon (since it doesn't relate directly to DPS). And I'm a HUGE toughness fan. I think I run around close to 800 just standing around.

  2. I want in on this drama :O