Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forum Warrior

So over the weekend I made a post on WHA calling out how all destro are terrible players and that they have no good premades and that they only know how to zerg.  Which I still stand by for the most part.  Anyway what I am getting at is that the forums have gotten to nice.  No one is flexing there epeen anymore on there.  Instead everyone is saying how good the other side is and how much they like each other and they are saying congrats for little things and such.  I am tired of it.  I want people to start calling out people for getting owned in an SC or in ORvR.  I want each side to hate each other, which they should.  I want epeen waving everywhere.  So get to it.


  1. Ah yes. This reminds me of my old guild. We had a policy that encouraged people to get on WHA or the WAR official forums to taunt and ridicule our enemies after particularly dominating encounters.

    How I wish everyone embraced this. :)

  2. Ah now this is where I differ.

    This sort of thing is why I nor many others don't bother reading WHA anymore, the forums have degraded into two sides (frequently of the same dozen or so people) attempting to troll one another and any sort of discussion and community building threads are derailed by people who think they are either something special or like to hide behind anonymous characters in a computer game.

    Yes it's a competitive game against other players, but it doesn't mean you have to act like a dick.

  3. I feel it brings an extra competitiveness to the game. When you know someone and you actually hate them from the forums and you kill them then it adds an extra dimension to the game. You feel great when you prove someone wrong.

  4. You can also go into nerd rages when you get proven wrong.

    I agree with Lokax. Having fun with someone you know is one thing. Calling out "Destro, you suck, cuz we pwn'd you in 3 SCs" is nothing short of a flame post.

    The entire realm can't help that the same 8 or 9 moron level 33s keep queueing for SCs even though they keep getting rolled by the same Premades.

    The other day 2 of our low levels were getting ganked by a 6 man destro team in LOTD. In response we pulled together 6 guys to go whipe them and then do VL. As soon as we do, sure enough, there is a post of the boards calling our guild 'what-ever in the hell sounds tweenish' for sending a WB to clear a group.

    Rather then post to the obviously retarded post, we decided to pull together a 2 WB alliance camp party. The objective to camp the Destro WC in LOTD. 1 WB sits, the other roams the area and instances looking for any destro that try to portal on one of the mountains (which were camped as well). Boring as hell (and very Eve-ish), but satisfying.

    We screen shotted us jumping on their bodies every time we found them. Which was alot. Must have been their day to do VL.

    I did feel sorry for one destro group that wanted to get through, cuz that was 2 WBs on them. I even posted to try and coordinate free access to the tombs as long as they didn't summon stone the one asshat guild over.

  5. I'm with Blaze. I want hate and derision everywhere in the forums. It entertains me. I also particularly like to get the enemy big names riled up, because it's fun. Getting an officer of a giant guild that had to go the zerg route to satisfy their PvE craving to come to the forums in a tizzy and calling out for 6v6s is just too damn good to pass up.

  6. Im regularly nice to dessies on the forums, only as a tactic however to appear as a balanced personality so when i round on an individual later on my words are more hurtful. I agree with you fully, this is my 2nd job and not a hobby at all. I genuinely hate the other side and want to really p1ss them off all the time :)

    Unless ofcourse they are wiping out elite guilds who think they are above the rest of us. The type that won't res ppl from other WBs. In that instance its order players who land my cross hairs.

    Rgs Chuck Norris Lvl 57 Knight