Friday, January 15, 2010

MMO's and Girl

I have a feeling that this post is going to read weird to a lot of people but for some reason I feel the need to say this.  I know this may sound weird but I feel, well for me at least, that this MMO has helped me out with girls.  Now following me with this and watch you mind be blown away just like Alderaan.  

So when I first started playing I was much confident with the ladies per se.  Ok I sucked and was shy around them.  Its not like I didn't have any lady friends it just that they were my friends in college and well they all have boyfriends.  Anyway so it isn't like I don't have interaction with them it just that I didn't know how to attract them on a different level.

As I keep on playing WAR I realize how good I am at it.  I know conceded aren't I.  I realize I was just rolling face with the groups I was in and this was before I joined my current guild RLH.  Now buy owning face online somehow at least it transfered to RL and thus made me more confident for some odd reason.  I was able to talk to other people and especially girls.  I know it is crazy right.

So nowadays I am more confident than ever around the ladies and in some weird way I think playing WAR and being a cocky S.O.B sometimes has helped it because it has made me more confident.  I know this is off the wall and probably doesn't work for anyone and you all probably think I am crazy, but hey to each his own.  

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  1. Sometimes it takes finding out what you can do great to realize that, well, you might not be so bad at other things that are perceived as 'hard'. Some people find this thing when they're 12, and breeze through school with lots of friends and success, some people catch on in their 20's.

    The thing is, a 12 year old is more likely going to be good at something trivial and have confidence towards other things equally trivial. When you catch it in your post-high school age, you're typically going to apply it to things much more important for the main chunk of your life.