Thursday, February 25, 2010


So today I was thinking about how long it will take to up each level.  I figure it will take 16 hours of total SC game play to go up to invader level insignias.  I figured this out by thinking that you will get an average of 2 conq. insignias throughout the SCs.  So that means it will take 160 SCs to get enough conq. insignias to be able to buy the conq weapon thus going up to invader insignias.  I also figured that the average SC will take about 6 mins. to complete.  So 160x6 = 960 then I divided it by 60 which comes out to 16 hrs of SC game play.  

Now this is just an estimate.  Some people will earn them faster while others will earn them slower but I figure this is about average.  This time will go up by about 30 mins or so each level.  So I figure that it will take me 84 hours and 30 mins of SC game play to get my royal two hander that I want.  


  1. You forgot to calculate the time in between scenarios turning in rvr quests, or waiting for the queue. I bet in reality it will take closer to 100-125 hours. If you don't sleep you could have them in 4 days.

  2. I did, that is why I said SC game play and not total game play. I know it will take about a total week of game play to get to the royal weapon.