Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Weapons

Well I logged on to the test server to see the weapons and here they are.  The royal ones for order.  I will post what I think later, but with out further ado.


  1. They seem pretty nice, but I don't remember exactly the stats on my staff that dropped off the Warlord PQ a few months ago.

    I will have to compare, and see.

  2. The high cost is insane tho, it'll take forever to get that many insignias

  3. From what I heard they will be lowered just like the armor was.

  4. RR 75 and up? You must be kidding. I'd bet that unless you are melee, you will keep using the crit weapons from Bastion.

  5. I finally got around to comparing my current staff which is the drop from a purple bag in Monolith Warlord City PQ called Greatstaff of the Radiant Star.

    91.4 dps
    3.4 speed
    74 int
    58 tough
    3% magic crit
    2% chance on hit to do 300 dmg
    2 talisman slots

    I like the stats better on the RvR staff better. It is wounds/int with AP/wounds regen

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