Friday, February 19, 2010


So I logged on last night to the test server to try out the new Ironclad sc.  I have mixed feelings about this new sc.  Sure it is compact which is nice and it is only 6v6 which again is really nice.  I think it is two compact though.  It should be only one level with one flag in the middle like Caledor Woods.  You think people complain about BWs and Sorcs before, just wait til this SC comes out.  It is way to close quarters and AoE will again be king in this SC.  I am not worried about it with our 6 mans, but other 6 mans will be destroyed by AoE.

Another thing about this SC is that WPs and DoKs will be king because of the multiple stories and being able to hide and just AoE heal from the different stories while the RPs and AMs have to be able to see there target really to heal well.

Well also on the test server I got to test out the new two hander for the rvr weapons.  I have to say I liked it a lot. It raised my dps up by 24 pts which is really nice.

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