Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who Gets the Loot

So I am nearing having every single end game piece of gear.  I only need my chest and boots for me to get full sovereign, which is either 3 king runs away unless either of those drop before that.  I only need my chest and gloves to be full tyrant and well that is a crap shoot as when I will get those.

I probably won't be full tyrant for a long time if ever.  The reason is that I will always pass on the chest piece until everyone else has it in the group because I won't use it at all except maybe when I am tanking but I can tank everything right now as is so there is no point in me getting it when tyrant is awesome for healers as well as dps.

I feel like the person who will use it should always get the loot first in the group.  Like in a king run I feel like if my chest piece drops and I am the only rr 80 knight in the warband then I should be the only person rolling on it, but say my boots drop and there are other knights in the warband that can wear them then they should roll as well.  As long as you can use it when you get it then I am fine with anyone rolling on an item.

Crests have been a discussion before with people who are not even 40 getting royal crest when they drop and I feel they shouldn't get them.  The problem isn't as big now with how easy it is to earn royals, but it is still there.  I feel like to roll need on invader you have to be rr 45, warlord rr 55, and royal rr 65.  Now the reason why these renown levels is because you are getting close to being able to use the gear and thus should start collecting a little before.  

So when you are in a group do you pass on loot that you could use but it benefits someone else more than you in your group or do you just roll and don't care because hey it is something you don't have and that you want?  If it helps someone else out RvR more than me I will pass.  What about you?


  1. I agree with alot of what you are saying. If your no wheres near able to wear or use the loot you should be rolling on it. However if you are close to get it sure go ahead. They will probably using it soon anyway. So its not being wasted.

    As for gearing others out. I personally try to make sure people get the gear they need. Though to be honest I have almost all the gear that I need. However I generally do my best to help the guild as a whole. Not just myself.

  2. It bugs the hell out of me when a non 40 wins a warlord or a royal. I say conq (any rank) Invader (rr 40) Warlord (rr 50) Royal (RR 55). Whenever someone wins a royal or warlord I always check their gear.