Friday, April 9, 2010


How reliable are you?  When you say you are going to be there for a run or something do you actually show up when you say you are going to or do you show up 20 mins late?  Me personally when I say a time I will show up usually early and if anything maybe 5 minutes late.  I find it a pet peeve of mine when someone says they will show on a set time and they don't show up within 5 minutes of that time especially in an MMO for a dungeon run.  I can understand if something in real life gets and you are late but if you are please let someone else know that you will unless there is a death or you are in the hospital or something else grave happened to you.  So please be reliable, if you say you are going to show up please show up. 


  1. I hate that too. I don't know how many times when I was doing weekly dungeon, and LV runs someone would just not show up.

    The best part is when they try to reverse it on you after you find someone else to do the run, and blame you that they have to find another group for the week, or because of the lockout not do it all.

  2. My dad always said if you're not early you're late. I also hate when one person is holding up the entire group. They think they are 5x (or however many people are waiting) more important than everyone else.

    I usually calculate that waste of time by man hours spent waiting. ie. one person holds up a 25 man raid, x number of minutes = time wasted.