Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who Is New

So I have been slacking on telling you people (thats right I said you people) about new blogs popping up.  Mainly because I have been lazy and I just didn't think about it.  Well that is getting remedy now.  If I miss anyone just tell me and i will put you in here.

First off we have Erbse, he has been blogging for sometime and I am just now getting to him.

Then we have Keagen, who is a magus on my server and his just started up not to long ago and it is an interesting read about Maguses (I guess that is right).

We also have Vauleen from Volkmar.  They just started blogging and I like them so far.

Scary Booster is back playing WAR and he is enjoying it so far.

Last but not least My Guild Leader  decided to start up a blog and let me warn you it is NSFW.  He also tells it like it is and holds nothing back.  If he feels like calling you out he will, so enjoy reading his blog.

I am sure there are others I am missing and if so just tell me and I will put you on my awesome list to the side and you will then be famous, just like me.


  1. This lowly dok has a one I just made a few days ago at