Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What is the most stressful thing in any MMO you have played before or for that matter any game you have played that requires co-op?  Well for me in all my MMO experience, which is just two by the way, I find the most stressful thing for me is the 7th boss of TotVL, because I am the one that has to call the colors out.  Now the first two stages are not bad for calling the colors out because you have some time to get the colors down, but when the third and fourth stage hit it gets kinda chaotic especially since I have to tank one of the adds.  I have to worry about the colors and then picking up an add as well, now that is a lot of pressure imo.  Then if someone dies on the third stage and you get to the fourth stage it adds even more because then you have to pay attention even more because the standard red to green to blue doesn't work anymore and you have to make sure two colors of the same don't touch at the end.  Its fun but still stressful.

So what are your stressful moments in any game?  It can be a story of just some fight or anything?  Lets see if I can get more than a couple comments on this.

PS I was talking to Dell Support the whole time I was typing this and they are not the sharpest tools in the shed. I told him what was wrong than had to repeat my self a couple of times just to get my point across.


  1. Grinding SCs with an average of .25% of a renown point every SC is kinda frustrating.

    ToVL boss 5 I haven't beat yet.

    It's frustrating when my guildies sign up for events and don't show up.

    Running into a blitz premade is very frustrating.

  2. running into a warspirits 12 man when im solo and having him spam /lol at me is never fun.

    Nothing compares to doing LV 30+ times and not getting my boots though. Damn spider.

  3. Most stressful fight I ever had... a couple months ago I remember me and Baba were at the Order warcamp in Praag ganking people as they ran up the stairs. I guess all the people we killed sort of banded together and jumped us all at once. It turned into a huge 10+ minute fight, 2v6. We were both at like 15% health the whole time and no AP. It got to the point where if either of us fucked up once we would die. I still don't know how, but we managed to kill all of them before the hotspot lit up on the map and we got rolled :(

  4. I think the most stressful part of gaming for me was my exwife. She annoyed the heck out of me. She would tell me it was ok to play then yell at me 2 minutes later. It wouldn't make sense. She would yell for me to get her a glass of water or change the kids diapers while she was holding the baby sitting in front of the TV picking her nose. I'm glad to say she is my long gone exwife.

  5. Gorfang has been very stressful to me. I haven't found a guild that I want to join in months.

    Almost all the WB's in Orvr are private, guild, or alliance only.

    Scenarios piss me off 99% of the time.

    Gorfang doesn't even come close to the fun I had on Dark Crag, and most likely why all my blog posts are so negative these days.