Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So with the recent addition of all these bloggers does this mean WAR is growing.  I think it does.  I think with the resurgence of these bloggers is a good sign with WAR even with the latest billing fiasco.  I hope people realize that it isn't Mythic's fault for this billing problem but the people who are in charge of billing which is a billing agency.  Anyway I still think war is growing and it is a good sign for WAR with all the new blogs popping up.


  1. What probably happens was the billing department was getting lag. EA and Mythic were in huge RvR battle and Mythic was winning so EA cheated and billed everybody 16 times. They then laughed (evilly) and said, "That's right, who's your daddy!"

  2. @Scarybooster I agree, most likely.

    But yes I agree this is a good sign for WAR. Or maybe it just means that the people who subbed have even more time on their hands than before