Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I Want to Happen

So I have been thinking and you know what I would like to see happen with the endgame is that they would have rotating cities.  Every two months or so they would change which cities that can be invaded.  Each king encounter would be a different encounter for the realm.  There would also be different runs for the Sentinel gear that people could do.  I think this would be awesome if they could do this.  I mean it would change up the encounters and bring excitement to the endgame with it always changing.  It could introduce new Warlord PQs as well and people wouldn't complain as much of the king difficulty.

I would also like to see a new endgame encounter where it requires you to have Sovereign Gear to be able to do it.  The new endgame would drop either jewelry pieces or cloak set which is better than the LoTD set.  I would love to see this happen.     


  1. Attainable Giantslayer gear for Order? Inconceivable!

  2. I like it. Though I think you need to cycle sooner than 2 months for the city rotation. I mean most of us have very short attention spans and waiting for 2 ...... Oh a butterfly.

  3. The reason I said two months is because it may take that long to get the encounter down. Lets say you go everytime your timer is up. That is about 12 times in two months give or take. I would figure it would take 1 or 2 tries to get through the different subbosses before the king and then maybe 3 tries or so to be able to get the new king down. That is why I said 2 months, because 1 month would be two short for anyone to be able to do the king, if they did it right that is.