Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunch of News

Yesterday Mythic released a bunch of news.  First off they said Gromril Plating is getting nerf to be only a self buff to IBs.  Carrie also released her monthly news letter.  Not much going in it just saying that they are changing some tints on the armor and they also announced that Marauders are dueling wielding now.  Then the last piece of news that they announced was the guilds done for testing.  Now for the all the guilds out there that got chosen congrats, but I have some problems with some of them and how they choose them.

I know some of the destro guilds they pick for this and they are good players and some of the elite guilds on there servers just like Arsenal and the other ones they pick from our server.  Now the order guilds they pick I have a problem with.  They are not the top guilds or even close to the top guilds on our server.  Now I would have loved to been picked, but I wasn't expecting it because our guild leader has had a few choice words with Andy and the other Devs. so I wasn't expecting to to participate in it but some of the other top guilds like Irony, Blitz, and even Vlos should have def. been picked over the guilds they picked.

Its not that these are bad guilds but they are zerg guilds that have the highest player base or the most people online.  These guys will get demolished by the destro guilds that have been chosen.  I want the better guilds to be chosen because they will put the best competition forth and give the best feedback because the hardcore players know the game better than anyone else.  They don't want easy mode like the zerg guilds do.

Well we will just see what happens with the city.  Only time will tell.

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