Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Things on the Horizon

So from what I hear the new server transfers from the Oceanic Servers are coming here to Gorfang. I am thinking this is a good thing especially for destro I hope. Maybe they can get destro to come help defend the forts that we took last night. I will explain that later. But now with these transfers there will be SCs popping all day and night long. I am excited about this because well now when I log on anytime I will be able to have fun. So I say welcome to all the new players and especially welcome to all the destro out there. When you see Run Like Hell coming you better run like hell from us or you will be dead.

Now on to the city push last night. So we go to the Shining Way first. We get there and there is no one there to defend the fort. We take it then. So we head to Butcher's Pass next. We get there and then there were a few destro from Arsenal but that is it. We take another undefended fort again. I am hoping that they let us take these just so they could see what the new city changes are. Now on to the city changes.

Well we get to the city and our usual two man group turned into a full warband because of the change to the stage 2 pq and we were hoping we would flip it to that last night. The extra people we added were from Blitz. So anyway we were able to complete the pq a total of 3 times which I find impressive since we had to get a total of 6000 points for that to happen. The funny thing is when I looked at the VP we never got above 70 vp but when I looked at the point split we were above 70% in each category except SCs but that only counts as 5% of the total VP. So I am thinking that either the VP is messed up right now or it just got extremely harder to get to stage 2.

I think that since each part of the city is instanced that when you either get so many kills or complete the pq so many times it should flip to stage 2 just in your instance. That way if you are good enough you can flip it in your instance and go on to the warlord pq and destro get kicked out but can go to a different instance to fight off order. I would have to think on it more to get the details.

Anyway welcome to the new transfer and now lets WAAAGH!!!


  1. Oh good sir. Destro does not get kicked out at any stage of the city capture now. When you head off to do the instanced PQ's, they have free reign to flip the PQ and reduce the capture time. Something to think about. ;)

  2. Yea I know that. What I meant is that they not out of the city just your city instance. I am talking about changing it a little bit from how they have it.