Monday, August 24, 2009

Destro Sucks

Now that I got you attention I am tired of all this bickering about how destro sucks and how all order only knows how to zerg. There are good and bad players on both sides. The games is getting balanced but still not quite there. Each side has some OP classes but order has a 1 or 2 more. A couple classes need some love like SW, BG, and BO. Overall this game is getting better and better and give it time destro will get it together. There are swings in MMOs especially in a RvR game.


  1. Caan i haz a buff too?

    <3 Geia

  2. I certainly hope that Destro gets a buff, I hate being the "on top" realm. I wanna fight outnumbered.

    But honestly, 2 factions?? wow, who was the brainiac that thought THAT would be a good idea. I'd kick him in his codpiece.

    Bandaging Booboos

  3. I remember in late 2008 when Order was the outnumbered suckage and every one was quitting and re-rolling destro. its really funny to see this happening backwards now xD