Wednesday, August 5, 2009


God I am getting tired of just joining SCs solo now because order doesn't seem to attack the healers. I like going solo queing because it is fun for the most part. Well at least last night they weren't. The guild was laughing at me in vent last night because I was getting so pissed in vent. I mean even if they were attacking a healer and we get him down to low health someone would run up and punt him away to safety and he would heal himself before we could get back to him. I swear people need to learn how not to use knockbacks and to attack the healers. Ok venting done just people need to learn how to play. Not everyone but just some of them.

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  1. The knockbacks must be the stupidiest move ever. It never failed I used to stun about 10 people in place for some aoe face melting, and some idiot would punt them all away. I never see anyone actually come from their backlines and punt them to their frontlines which is the only logical time to use punt.