Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Weapons

So mythic in the infinite wisdom decided to release new weapons for lotd. Here they are. Now these weapons are awesome but you need to get 5 funerary (sp?) mask and some type of paper thing that you get from a gold bag in downing the world boss in lotd. So basically you need to do pve to get the best weapons in the game. Also when you do have a chance to get them there is a chance that a lvl 30 or so character can get it before someone who has played the game to rr 65 or more.

This is also something hard to do since no one on our server has downed the 8th boss yet. Our guild now though is going to get more serious about it sense these weapons are being introduced and we are going to focus doing it more.

Still I wish they would make rvr weapons better. I mean come on I like to pve everyonce in a while but to grind out pve to get the best gear in the games sucks. Especially since if you make one little mistake in TotVL on some bosses then you wipe. Even if the mistake is a bug on mythics end. If mythic fixed the bugs in TotVL and made it a little bit easier than I can see it being done. But as it stands you need to complete the dungeon everytime it is up for a month and a half just to get the belt and gloves. Which is jsut insanely stupid.

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