Thursday, August 13, 2009


We are doing this again now. Being more active with it trying to get those weapons since it will make us better in rvr. We are on the 7th boss right now again. Our problem with him is that we have no rdps in this group so it is rough getting past the first phase sometimes. When we do we are good on the 2nd and most of the time on the third phase unless that hero puts down his aoe right where he is standing. Fourth phase we had some troubles but we only got there 3 times because of the stupid 1st phase. Those kiting heros I hate because if the server lags while you are on them or they disrupt or parry your attack then you wipe with only mdps. We were getting better at the end of the night though but it was at 12 am when we were getting good at it. Oh well we will down him tonight and work on the 8th but from what I hear with 2 tanks in the group cross guarding it shouldn't be to hard. Oh and my helm better drop from the 7th boss or else.

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