Monday, May 18, 2009

My Weekly RvR.

So it is Monday again and I will talk about my weekend in RvR.  Some of the time was testing out things on the PTS while other was in ORvR on Gorfang.  I will first talk about the PTS.

Most of my time on the PTS was just spent dueling different classes and I gotta say that MDPS are hitting way to hard.  I went s/s everytime I logged on toPTS and you would think I shouldn't have any problems against MDPS well I did.  Mauraders were especailly nasty to fight against.  A few times against a Maurader called Macelo I had to pop my rank 1 morale to just barely beat him which is sad.  I shouldn't get below 1/3 health when I am s/s going against a MDPS.  Also them nerfing my auras makes no sense to me.  They should have just nerfed AoE on a class by class basis not just all around.  I really hope some of these changes don't go through like the buff to MDPS.

On Gorfang the RvR was pretty good.  Nothing major really happened.  We flipped to a couple of forts that were failed attempts because people still stayed on the ramp.  I had a couple of duels with some people and that is always fun.  I really wish mythic would put dueling in.  I would do it even if there were no incentives like renown or drops.  Oh yea one thing that did tick me off was that we flipped to a fort Sunday morning but we decided not to try to take it.  If we flip a zone to a fort I want to try at least once to take even if we don't have enough people, I don't agree with flipping a zone and not do anything at the fort.  

Well until next Monday with my RvR report, go out and have fun.  And if you are on the PTS anytime this week look me up.  My name will be Blazerics or Blazeric depends if I make a new character copy or not.


  1. I saw the all around AOE nerf coming. That is what happens when people cry about something. It comes back to bite you too. It goes with the saying be careful what you wish for.

    On Magnus the same thing happens. Destruction just pushes forts for the fun of it, and also part strategy. They know for an hour they can push another zone while Order hangs out in the fort defending a fort that destro never shows up for. They also just push forts for the renown, and let it slide back after an hour for some easy renown again to push a zone to the fort again.

  2. The thing that got me was that the same guild that had a keep claimed during the Sunday morning zone flipped to fort had one claimed the other weekend and pulled it during prime time when we had enough order on to give it a try. There reasoning is that we would lose anyway and they didn't want to give destro free renown and bags.