Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Nice to Warband Leaders.

First off, before I start my rant I would like to say I am not a writer.  In fact English was my worst subject in school.  So there will be spelling errors as well as grammatical errors as well.  Ok now that I go that out of the way time to get on to my post.

I run warbands everyonce in a while.  I have toned it down some of late because of people coming up from tier 3 and coming into tier 4 thinking that they know everything and start trying to tell me what to do when I am warband leader.  Being a warband leader is stressful enough then when people start trying to tell me where to go or what to do then getting told that I am an idiot doesn't help much.  Now I can take suggestions and will take everything in to consideration but when I don't do what they want to do I get yelled at through tells.

These type of people have pushed away a lot of leaders on our server.  The only time I ever lead warbands now is either if it is through alliance or guild warbands and that everyone is on vent.  If you are not on vent you are going to get kicked from my warband.  I know people may not like it but it is the only way I will lead now because of other players not listening to orders.  

So here is my suggestion, if you are in a pug warband and the leader tells you or your group what to do, please do it.  The leader will usually knows something you don't know.  Make suggestions in warbands but if he doesn't follow what you said don't send the person tells calling him an idiot.  If your warband wipes don't send tells to the leader calling him an idiot.  Be supportive and if you don't agree with the person then just leave the warband.  This is just my two cents.    

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