Friday, May 22, 2009

RR 60

Well I finally reached  RR 60 last night.  It took me awhile to grind out those last few renown points last night and I didn't get to bed til midnight last night because I wanted to push forward and get it.  As I said earlier I will post my build now and explain why I go this way.

Here is my mastery tree build as of right now.  With this build I can main tank Lost Vale all the way up to N'Kari.  I like the damage output of this build and I do like the rank 4 morale on the conquest side.  I don't know how many times in a keep defense I have seen destro all lined up at the door or the ramp coming up to the lord room and I pop my rank 4 morale and I just see people drop like flies.  You also have to have heavens fury.  If you don't have that as a knight then you are not using your knight right.  Focus Mending is more for pve tactics because I don't usually run it when I am in RvR but I might change it up.  The auras I twist are Press the Attack, All out Assault, On your Guard, and Gather Your Resolve for RvR, and for PvE is throw in Stand Strong.  The only thing I really change for tactics between RvR and PvE is that I throw in Menace.

Here is where I stack my renown pts.  I stack it in strength again for more hitting power when I run around with my two hander.  I also stack parry because of Runefang which is an awesome tactic.  

Here is what I am wearing right now.  I go mix Conq. and Sent. because of the +66 strength stat bonuses that they give.  I would wear invader but I don't have anything but the gloves because my boots don't drop and we haven't invaded the city in a while and I only have 9 invader crests.  Now when I do get to RR 66 I will have my warlord gear to wear.  I have the boots, gloves and I will by the Jewlrey because I do have enough for that piece.  I only wear my Dark Promise gear for tanking because that is what the bonus stats is best used for though I do like the +72 wounds.  

In an earlier post I said that I would change my what color I am wearing and I am still open to suggestions here.  So leave a comment about which color I should switch to and then I will maybe make a poll if enough people do it.  And I will post a picture later on of me celebrating my RR 60 in game but I don't have the pic on this computer.


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  1. Go for Liche Purple and Chaos Black!

    You can get DyePreview from to check out any dye in the game before you wear it.