Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Order = Epic Fail

First thing I wanna do is to say congrats to all the destro on my server.  I don't want to take anything away with what you all did last night.  You all planned and coordinated very well and played off of orders weakness which is loot.  Congrats on locking our city to stage 2 and I hope you all did get some gear from it.

Now that that is out of the way, order last night was epic fail for us.  Destro last night locked 3 zones within an hour of each other which is great planning on there part.  First fort they attempted was Stonewatch.  So KV flips and we all go to Stonewatch, I see they aren't trying to hard on the front door.  So after we wipe them outside of the fort I tell all the warband leaders to go to reikwald since that is about to flip and only live a small force there.  So my warband zones out and goes to reikwald.  The 3 other warbands decide to stay at stonewatch because if you zone out of the fort you lose your contribuation to the fort and these warbands didn't want to lose there loot.  So it is just my 3 or so groups plus another 2 groups at reikwald to defend it.  Destro shows up in force and wipes us.

After reikwald I tell my warband to head to shining way because that is about to flip in 2 minutes.  I also tell the warband leaders at stonewatch to leave and come to shining way.  Well destro sent one warband to attack stonewatch to keep those people occupied for a bit while the others attack Shining Way.  So with like 12 minutes left on the timer at Stonewatch the 4 or more warbands at Stonewatch wipe the destro outside the front door.  Destro was still on the outer door at Shining Way so I and a few others ask for help at Shining Way.  Enough time for them to get there before the Outer Door is down at Shining Way and to set up a defense.  What does order do, they stay there for there Conq. gear and I hear people saying let them take it we will go to the city and farm invader gear once they fail at the city.  So they take Shining Way just as easy as Reikwald while 4 or more warbands are at Stonewatch just chilling waiting on there loot.  

So we get to the city.  Our instance dominated destro in it.  Funny thing is our instance had all the people in it that were at the forts trying to defend each one.  I think our kill to death ratio was like 4:1.  It was an even numbers between us and destro so we didn't have more than them.  Anyway they lock the city and go to stage 2 with like 2 minutes left til it locks for us.  Now our city is at rank 3 and destro got to stage 2 of the city before order did.  Great job Order.  This is the first time I am disappointed in order on our server.



  1. I think Destro uses that strategy on every server. They know with the fort being 30 secs away from the Order KV warcamp they don't have a chance of taking it. They just use it to get people to stand around for an hour. When I played on Magnus know one would even show up to attack so you sat their for an hour for no contribution, or loot. In the meantime they are locking up other zones, and setting up defenses so when you leave Stonewatch they have bo's defended, and your warcamps blocked, and going the pve route usually doesn't work either.

    I am just glad that I switched back to Dark Crag. The best part is most zones lock with skirmish, and most keep timers never get below 1.5 hrs.

    Our city pushes happen almost every night, and most people get their invader gear sets before they even hit rank 40. The problem is most people are bored of IC so once we get their most people don't even go. Even destro doesn't bother. I think the other day we farmed adell 25+ times in a city PQ for 4 hours since we got to stage 3.

  2. It's clear Order did not have the best communication that night. I think we can learn from this by trying to work together better. It's been too long since we flipped to a fortress on purpose and captured it (since 1.2?), and Destro has obviously taken advantage of our disorganization.

  3. Happens on my server (minus the 3 fort pushes! crazy). Its usually the guild groups that follow the commands of the leader but the PuG's on both sides will generally take the path of least resistance.

    The other day order unlocked the orc fort for attack at the same time destro unlocked Shining way. You would think this would lead to two locked forts and a massive fight over the last teir.... this isnt what happened.

    My guild (24 people) stayed in the orc fort to slow order down so they couldnt simply take the fort and head over to shiining way and wipe the destro there (we fully expected to get rolled). Somehow the capped order wiped on us + lord and the destro managed to fail to cap the completely empty shining way!

    The lesson. People enjoy pugging because its little effort and investment but PuG's in RvR just cant get things done (reliably)! Every guild needs an alliance that can feild 12+ players in a cohesive manner.