Thursday, May 21, 2009

WCPI and more.

Just One More Unlock is a cool blog that helps out all you people out there that likes those tome unlocks.  Whenever I am on in the morning and nothing is going on in Orvr I like to just run around in the lower tiers and find tome unlocks and over at Just One More Unlock he helps you find these nice little tidbits through out the realm.  You should go check it out sometime espeically for all you players out there that likes to find these unlocks and get these titles.

On another note I didn't play any WAR yesterday and this is the first time I haven't played at all in a good while.  The reason was because right after work I went to a concert.  I always thought that the summer time was a good time for MMOs since school is out and all the kids in school now have time to play during the day instead of just in the evenings, but I have been talking to a lot of older players and saying that summer is the slow time.  I guess I can 

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