Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Fix and Patch Notes.

Before I get into the patch notes I will talk about the Hot Fixes that came out yesterday.  I am happy that they lowered the officer medals cost on gear for people, but I am really angry that they made invader gear harder to get now for people on balanced servers that don't go to the city everyday or week.  On our server it is hard for any side to go to the city because of how even it is.  I know they made invader tokens easier to get in city pushes but that doesn't help us on even servers who don't go to the city, and now we can't get invader gear because of how high the crest cost now.  Anyway to see my argument just go here on the alliance forums.  

Ok on to the patch notes which can be found here.  I am happy with the new ward system that is coming out because I would have never worn the Darkpromise armor anyway and I would have because of the ward system before but now I won't have too.  I am also a little worried about the AoE changes.  They may have nerfed the ranged a little to much in my opinion but we shall see.  I have never been one to go on to the test server but I may for this patch.  I am a little disappointed that they didn't buff black guards.  I mean come on Mythic they really need to buff these guys bad.  I was in KV last night and 2 lvl 40 black guards jumped me.  I killed them both with out going below half health.  Mythic please buff these guys now.  Anyway I can't wait for the Land of the Dead to come out.

On another note I changed by picture to what I actually look like in game.  They call me the purple knight.  When I hit rr60 I will post my build, and have a change in my armor color.  So if anyone has any suggestions in what dyes I should use leave a comment and I may hold a poll in the upcoming weeks.



  1. Chaos Black - if you can find any that is ...

  2. Hey Blaze, this is Saix the BG (don't know if you remember me or not)

    But anyway, thanks for supporting bgs and their need for a buff, means alot actually tha order players care for their enemies. Been reading your entries for awhile too, they are really good. Keep up the fight man, see you out there.