Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly RvR.

So here is my weekly RvR post.  RvR this weekend wasn't that great for some reason.  Destro did not come out to play that much.  My thoughts on this is that they were playing on the test server.  Oh well I still had fun.  

I decided on my new color scheme.  That color scheme is rainbow.  I don't have the same color on any piece of armor.  It looks awesome in my opinion.

I bought Sims 3 the other day and I play that everyonce in a while.  I also started to watch the Legend of the Seeker.  I love the books, it is probably my favorite series next to Lord of the Rings.  The tv series is ok but it is def. not like the books.  I wish it was though because I thought it would be.  I would probably like it better if I wouldn't have read the books.  The reason being is because I watch it and find when it doesn't follow the books.  Oh well the action is good.

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  1. I never have seen more than about 15 people on test so far. I think it is people are waiting for the patch because the latest fort pop cap nerf has made taking forts less than desirable. I worked alot this weekend, but every fort we pushed we didn't even try to take. We just took our renown, and ran.