Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I logged on yesterday for the first time in a week or so. When I logged on destro had Land of the Dead locked and we were working towards getting it back. I have to say that was the most boring time I have ever had trying to lock the zone to get to the Land of the Dead.

Once we locked praag we were able to get to the land of the dead. So I went in and checked out land of the dead with my alliance warband. We got in and we go right for there warcamp to take it over. I have to say that was fun.

Once we do clear there warcamp we start doing some pqs. The pqs were interesting and they were fun. I have to say LotD is a fun time but in my opinion it kills RvR especially on our small server. So after playing LotD in my opinion we need to have a server merge now.


  1. I absolutely agree with the points above.

    I really like the zone its self. But I think Mythic still has a few things to change around to make the expansion flourish.

    I don't agree that the zone should lock for one opossing side, because it promotes rve. One side locks and pve's, the other side rve's for a couple hours and so on so forth. If Mythic is going to keep the zone lock-out system, atleast make the locking faction have to fight to keep the oppossing faction out. Maybe have the locking faction have to destroy the enemy blimp to keep them from flying into the zone?

    Another issue is talismen. The melee haste talismen are a little over the top to say the least. Not much more to say to this. I'm sure Mythic is already aware of this.

    I think having you ported back to the capital city when you die after the LOTD locks is dumb. I think you should be able to respawn to the warcamp until your blimp is destroyed.

    The challenge for Mythic is to make rvr more active in the LOTD, but yet not teir 4 campaign irrelevant.


  2. Damn it! how do you edit? lol....

    The last sentence should have read "The challenge for Mythic is to make rvr more active in the LOTD, but yet not make t-4 (rvr) content irrelevant."