Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What I Do.

You know what I do when I see destro, I run into the whole group without fear of dying.  Someone commented in vent the other night that I shouldn't run straight in like that and I asked why and his comment was because you will die.  I told him look I know when I run in there that I probably won't be getting heals and that I will most likely die, but if I am the first one in there people will usually focus on me.  If they are focusing on me then they aren't hitting the mdps or the healers or the rdps.  Many times we are able to focus fire people down because they are hitting me and are all group together.

I also said who cares if I die it is like only 20 silver for a respawn and that is it.  Also another comment by a healer was made that his best heal button for me was his rez button.  I found that kind of funny.

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