Monday, June 29, 2009

So Here I Am.

So Saturday there was this little event set up by both order and destro. We had a royale rumble type brawl going on as well as a 6v6 event going on as well. I had signed up for it and decided to play and see how it goes. I didn't have a 6v6 team but I formed one there with people from my alliance. The royale rumble brawl was a lot of fun. The leader would call who would go in in vent and that person would go in until all 12 people for destro and order were in there. It was the best out of 3 type thing. Order ended up losing the whole thing for that. We won one of them but lost the other two. That was fun but the real fun didn't happen until the 6v6 thing.

The 6v6 event was a ton of fun and probably the must fun I have had in a long while. My team consisted of Me as a dps spec knight, 2 bws, 1 engy, 1 rp, and 1 am. The first team we fought had 2 choppas, 1 chosen, 1 bo, 1 dok, and 1 zealot. I think we won that one in about 1 min or so, it was really fast. The 2nd fight lasted a lot longer. It was my team against 1 dok, 1 shammy, 1 zealot, 1 choppa, 1 chosen, 1 sorc I think. Basically all I did was protect the healers which is what I did, I would knock away people that were close and knock them down. Also when I saw people close together I would use my Rank 2 morale and freeze them there. I was consistently switching my guard to people that were being attack which was fun.

I also logged on Sunday for a good while and did all but 1 of the lairs and started on the TotVL. The lairs are fun and the pocket item that you can get from there which I got is insanely good. 3500 absorb for 20s is awesome. I also got a good shield for my dps spec s/s which is what I am running now. I only have 19 less strength then when I am running my dps spec 2 hander and I have a lot more survivability. I don't even have the best 1-hander for doing this either.

I may start playing more now because it is getting kind of fun again. Also it helps to have it free until August 25 because of recruit a friend so I might as well not waste it.



  1. I go through spurts on what I like about the game. Right now since I have my invader set (which I don't wear since the stats suck for a BW) I have been just wanting to do 6 man premades in scenarios.

    Keeps bore me to death now, even forts, and the city raids on a almost daily basis are getting old too. I can't get renown in any of those places like I can in a scenario for 5-10 mins of work.

  2. I'm glad you started playing more. I'm also glad that you decided to join RLH. :D You're a great addition, especially with lack of good KOTBS on our server.

    Too bad I could not participate in the 6v6. Sounded like a lot of fun. :( We really should have more events like this, though I understand they are hard to organize.

    I have really never liked the large-battle rvr campaign in this game. I just feel like another warm body being thrown into the meat grinder. My views are however biased. Previous to this game, I played WoW. I participated in high rated, competitive, arena. So naturally, I like smaller, competitive battles.